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  Kentucky Derby

1875 - Present
1-1/4 miles for 3 year olds at Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1875 Aristides (USA) ch.c. 1872 Leamington (GB) - Sarong (USA) by Lexington (USA) A9
1876 Vagrant (USA) br.g. 1873 Virgil (USA)- Lacy (USA) by Scythian (GB) A13
1877 Baden-Baden (USA) ch.c. 1874 Australian (GB) - Lavender (USA) by Wagner (USA) 12-b
1878 Day Star (USA) ch.c. 1875 Star Davis (USA) - Squeeze'Em (USA) by Lexington (USA) 4-m
1879 Lord Murphy (USA) b.c. 1876 Pat Malloy (USA) - Wenonah (USA) by Capt. Elgee (USA) A10
1880 Fonso (USA) ch.c. 1877 King Alfonso (USA) - Weatherwitch (GB) by Weatherbit (GB) 24
1881 Hindoo (USA) b.c. 1878 Virgil (USA) - Florence (USA) by Lexington (USA) 24
1882 Apollo (USA) ch.g. 1879 Lever (USA) - Rebecca T. Price (USA) by The Colonel (USA) A15
1883 Leonatus (USA) b.c. 1880 Longfellow (USA) - Semper Felix (USA) by Phaeton (GB) 12-b
1884 Buchanan (USA) ch.c. 1881 Buckden (GB) - Mrs. Grigsby (USA) by Wagner (USA) 2-f
1885 Joe Cotton (USA) ch.c. 1882 King Alfonso (USA) - Inverness (GB) by Macaroni (GB) 12
1886 Ben Ali (USA) br.c. 1883 Virgil (USA) - Ulrica (USA) by Lexington (USA) 11
1887 Montrose (USA) b.c. 1884 Duke of Montrose (USA) - Patti (USA) by Billet (GB) A23
1888 MacBeth II (USA) b.g. 1885 MacDuff (USA) - Agnes (USA) by Gilroy (USA) A24
1889 Spokane (USA) ch.c. 1886 Hyder Ali (USA) - Interpose (USA) by Intruder (GB) 9-a
1890 Riley (USA) b.c. 1887 Longfellow (USA) - Geneva (USA) by War Dance (USA) A1
1891 Kingman (USA) b.c. 1888 Glengarry (GB) - Patricia (USA) by Vauxhall (USA) 23-b
1892 Azra (USA) b.c. 1889 Reform (USA) - Albia (USA) by Alarm (USA) A1
1893 Lookout (USA) ch.c. 1890 Troubadour (USA) - Christina (USA) by King Alfonso (USA) A13
1894 Chant (USA) b.c. 1891 Falsetto (USA) - Addie C. (USA) by King Alfonso (USA) A3
1895 Halma (USA) blk.c. 1892 Hanover (USA) - Julia L. (USA) by Longfellow (USA) 4-r
1896 Ben Brush (USA) b.c. 1893 Bramble (USA) - Roseville (USA) by Reform (USA) A1
1897 Typhoon (USA) ch.c. 1894 Top Gallant (GB) - Dolly Varden (USA) by Glenelg (USA) A18
1898 Plaudit (USA) br.c. 1895 Himyar (USA) - Cinderella (GB) by Blue Ruin (GB) or Tomahawk (GB) 21-a
1899 Manuel (USA) b. c. 1896 Bob Miles (USA) - Espanita (USA) by Alarm (USA) 4-r
1900 Lieutenant Gibson (USA) br. c. 1897 G. W. Johnson (USA) - Sophia Hardy (USA) by Glengarry (GB) A13
1901 His Eminence (USA) b. c. 1898 Falsetto (USA) - Patroness (USA) by Pat Malloy (USA) 12
1902 Alan-A-Dale (USA) ch. c. 1899 Halma (USA) - Sudie McNairy (USA) by Enquirer (USA) A16
1903 Judge Himes (USA) ch. c. 1900 Esher (GB) - Lullaby (USA) by Longfellow (USA) A36
1904 Elwood (USA) b. c. 1901 Free Knight (USA) - Petticoat (USA) by Alarm (USA) 5-g
1905 Agile (USA) b. c. 1902 Sir Dixon (USA) - Alpena (USA) by King Alfonso (USA) 24
1906 Sir Huon (USA) b. c. 1903 Falsetto (USA) - Ignite (USA) by Woodlands (GB) 5-g
1907 Pink Star (USA) b. c. 1904 Pink Coat (USA) - Mary Malloy (USA) by Pat Malloy (USA) A3
1908 Stone Street (USA) b. c. 1905 Longstreet (USA) - Stone Nellie (USA) by Stonehenge (GB) 15
1909 Wintergreen (USA) b. c. 1906 Dick Welles (USA) - Winter (USA) by Exile (USA) 4-o
1910 Donau (USA) b. c. 1907 Woolsthorpe (GB) - Al Lone (USA) by Albert (GB) 4-r
1911 Meridian (USA) b. c. 1908 Broomstick (USA) - Sue Smith (USA) by Masetto (GB) 20
1912 Worth (USA) br. c. 1909 Knight of the Thistle (GB) - Miss Hanover (USA) by Hanover (USA) 6-a
1913 Donerail (USA) b. c. 1910 McGee (GB) - Algie M. (USA) by Hanover (USA) A22
1914 Old Rosebud (USA) b. g. 1911 Uncle (USA) - Ivory Bells (USA) by Himyar (USA) 6-a
1915 Regret (USA) ch. f. 1912 Broomstick (USA) - Jersey Lightning (USA) by Hamburg (USA) A1
1916 George Smith (USA) bl. c. 1913 Out of Reach (GB) - Consuelo (GB) by Bradwardine (GB) 10-d
1917 Omar Khayyam (GB) ch. c. 1914 Marco (GB) - Lisma (GB) by Persimmon (GB) 9-h
1918 Exterminator (USA) ch. g. 1915 McGee (GB) - Fair Empress (USA) by Jim Gore (USA) A1
1919 Sir Barton (USA) ch. c. 1916 Star Shoot (IRE) - Lady Sterling (USA) by Hanover (USA) 9-g
1920 Paul Jones (USA) br. g. 1917 Sea King (GB) - May Florence (USA) by Hamburg (USA) 24
1921 Behave Yourself (USA) b. c. 1918 Marathon (USA) - Miss Ringlets (USA) by Handball (USA) A27
1922 Morvich (USA) br. c. 1919 Runnymede (USA) - Hymir (USA) by Dr. Leggo (USA) 1-o
1923 Zev (USA) br. c. 1920 The Finn (USA) - Miss Kearney (USA) by Planudes (GB) 23-b
1924 Black Gold (USA) bl. c. 1921 Black Toney (USA) - Useeit (USA) by Bonnie Joe (USA) 4-r
1925 Flying Ebony (USA) bl. c. 1922 The Finn (USA) - Princess Mary (USA) by Hessian (USA) 5-i
1926 Bubbling Over (USA) ch. c. 1923 North Star III (GB) - Beaming Beauty(USA) by Sweep (USA) 8-h
1927 Whiskery (USA) br. c. 1924 Whisk Broom (USA) - Prudery (USA) by Peter Pan (USA) 21-a
1928 Reigh Count (USA) ch. c. 1925 Sunreigh (GB) - Contessina by Count Schomberg (IRE) 2-e
1929 Clyde Van Dusen (USA) ch. g. 1926 Man o' War (USA) - Uncle's Lassie (USA) by Uncle (USA) A4
1930 Gallant Fox (USA) b. c. 1927 Sir Gallahad III (FR) - Marguerite (USA) by Celt (USA) 4-n
1931 Twenty Grand (USA) b. c. 1928 St. Germans (GB) - Bonus (USA) by All Gold (GB) 5-g
1932 Burgoo King (USA) ch. c. 1929 Bubbling Over (USA) - Minawand (USA) by Lonawand (GB) 23-a
1933 Brokers Tip (USA) br. c. 1930 Black Toney(USA) - Forteresse (FR) by Sardanapale (FR) 12-c
1934 Cavalcade (USA) br. c. 1931 Lancegaye (GB) - Hastily (GB) by Hurry On (GB) 12-g
1935 Omaha (USA) ch. c. 1932 Gallant Fox (USA) - Flambino (USA) by Wrack (GB) 17-b
1936 Bold Venture (USA) ch. c. 1933

St. Germans (GB) - Possible (USA) by Ultimus (USA)

1937 War Admiral (USA) br. c. 1934 Man o' War (USA) - Brushup (USA) by Sweep (USA) 11-g
1938 Lawrin (USA) br. c. 1935 Insco (USA) - Margaret Lawrence (USA)by Vulcain (FR) 4-m
1939 Johnstown (USA) b. c. 1936 Jamestown (USA) - La France (USA) by Sir Gallahad III (FR) 17-b
1940 Gallahadion (USA) b. c. 1937 Sir Gallahad III (FR) - Countess Time (USA) by Reigh Count (USA) 4-e
1941 Whirlaway (USA) ch. c. 1938 Blenheim (GB) - Dustwhirl (USA) by Sweep (USA) 8-h
1942 Shut Out (USA) ch. c. 1939 Equipoise (USA) - Goose Egg (USA) by Chicle (FR) 16-g
1943 Count Fleet (USA) br. c. 1940 Reigh Count (USA) - Quickly (USA) by Haste (USA) 6-a
1944 Pensive (USA) ch. c. 1941 Hyperion (GB) - Penicuik (GB) by Buchan (GB) 1-p
1945 Hoop, Jr. (USA) b. c. 1942 Sir Gallahad III (FR) - One Hour (USA) by Snob II (FR) 9-a
1946 Assault (USA) ch. c. 1943 Bold Venture (USA) - Igual (USA) by Equipoise (USA) 4-c
1947 Jet Pilot (USA) ch. c. 1944 Blenheim (GB) - Black Wave (USA) by Sir Gallahad (FR) 13-c
1948 Citation (USA) b. c. 1945 Bull Lea (USA) - Hydroplane (GB) by Hyperion (GB) 3-l
1949 Ponder (USA) dk.b.c. 1946 Pensive (USA) - Miss Rushin (USA) by Blenheim (GB) 23
1950 Middleground (USA) ch. c. 1947 Bold Venture (USA) - Verguenza (USA) by Chicaro (USA) 4-m
1951 Count Turf (USA) b. c. 1948 Count Fleet (USA) - Delmarie (USA) by Pompey (USA) 22-b
1952 Hill Gail (USA) dk.b.c. 1949 Bull Lea (USA) - Jane Gail (USA) by Blenheim (GB) 11-c
1953 Dark Star (USA) br. c. 1950 Royal Gem (AUS) - Isolde (USA) by Bull Dog (FR) 3-n
1954 Determine (USA) gr. c. 1951 Alibhai (GB) - Koubis (USA) by Mahmoud (FR) 5-j
1955 Swaps (USA) ch .c. 1952 Khaled (GB) - Iron Reward (USA) by Beau Pere (GB) A4
1956 Needles (USA) b. c. 1953 Ponder (USA) - Noodle Soup (USA) by Jack High (USA) 5-e
1957 Iron Liege (USA) b. c. 1954 Bull Lea (USA) - Iron Maiden (USA) by War Admiral (USA) A4
1958 Tim Tam (USA) dk.b. c. 1955 Tom Fool (USA) - Two Lea (USA) by Bull Lea (USA) 23-b
1959 Tomy Lee (GB) b. c. 1956 Tudor Minstrel (IRE) - Auld Alliance (GB) by Brantome (FR) 1-n
1960 Venetian Way (USA) ch. c. 1957 Royal Coinage (USA) - Firefly (USA) by Papa Redbird (USA) 4-m
1961 Carry Back (USA) br. c. 1958 Saggy (USA) - Joppy (USA) by Star Blen (USA) 24
1962 Decidedly (USA) gr. c. 1959 Determine (USA) - Gloire Fille (USA) by War Glory (USA) 17-b
1963 Chateaugay (USA) ch. c. 1960 Swaps (USA) - Banquet Bell (USA) by Polynesian (USA) 16-h
1964 Northern Dancer (CAN) b. c. 1961 Nearctic (CAN) - Natalma (USA) by Native Dancer (USA) 2-d
1965 Lucky Debonair (USA) b. c. 1962 Vertex (USA) - Fresh As Fresh (USA) by Count Fleet (USA) 3-d
1966 Kauai King (USA) dk.b/br.c.1963 Native Dancer (USA) - Sweep In (USA) by Blenheim (GB) A4
1967 Proud Clarion (USA) b. c. 1964 Hail To Reason (USA) - Breath O'Morn (USA) by Djeddah (FR) 1-t
1968 Forward Pass (USA)** b. c. 1965 On-And-On (USA) - Princess Turia (USA) by Heliopolis (GB) 9-c
1969 Majestic Prince (USA) ch. c. 1966 Raise A Native (USA) - Gay Hostess (USA) by Royal Charger (GB) 4-d
1970 Dust Commander (USA) ch. c. 1967 Bold Commander (USA) - Dust Storm (USA) by Windy City (GB) 3-j
1971 Canonero (USA) b. c. 1968 Pretendre (GB) - Dixieland (USA) by Nantallah (USA) 4-n
1972 Riva Ridge (USA) b. c. 1969 First Landing (USA) - Iberia (USA) by Heliopolis (GB) 1-k
1973 Secretariat (USA) ch. c. 1970 Bold Ruler (USA) - Somethingroyal (USA) by Princequillo (IRE) 2-s
1974 Cannonade (USA) b. c. 1971 Bold Bidder (USA) - Queen Sucree (USA) by Ribot (GB) 2-d
1975 Foolish Pleasure (USA) b. c. 1972 What A Pleasure (USA) - Fool-Me-Not (USA) by Tom Fool (USA) 14-b
1976 Bold Forbes (USA) dkb/br.c.1973 Irish Castle (USA) - Comely Nell (USA) by Commodore M. (USA) 9-f
1977 Seattle Slew (USA) dkb/br.c.1974 Bold Reasoning (USA) - My Charmer (USA) by Poker (USA) 13-c
1978 Affirmed (USA) ch. c. 1975 Exclusive Native (USA) - Won't Tell You (USA) by Crafty Admiral (USA) 23-b
1979 Spectacular Bid (USA) gr. c. 1976 Bold Bidder (USA) - Spectacular (USA) by Promised Land (USA) 2-d
1980 Genuine Risk (USA) ch. f. 1977 Exclusive Native (USA) - Virtuous (USA) by Gallant Man (GB) 1-n
1981 Pleasant Colony (USA) dkb/br.c.1978 His Majesty (USA) - Sun Colony (USA) by Sunrise Flight (USA) 5-a
1982 Gato Del Sol (USA) gr. c. 1979 Cougar (CHI) - Peacefully (USA) by Jacinto (USA) A1
1983 Sunny's Halo (CAN) ch. c. 1980 Halo (USA) - Mostly Sunny (CAN) by Sunny (USA) 4-m
1984 Swale (USA) dkb/br.c.1981 Seattle Slew (USA) - Tuerta (USA) by Forli (ARG) 1-n
1985 Spend A Buck (USA) b. c. 1982 Buckaroo(USA) - Belle de Jour (USA) by Speak John (USA) 1-s
1986 Ferdinand (USA) ch. c. 1983 Nijinsky (CAN) - Banja Luka (USA) by Double Jay (USA) 13-c
1987 Alysheba (USA) b. c. 1984 Alydar (USA) - Bel Sheba (USA) by Lt. Stevens (USA) 20
1988 Winning Colors (USA) ro. f. 1985 Caro (IRE) - All Rainbows (USA) by Bold Hour (USA) 23-b
1989 Sunday Silence (USA) dkb/br.c.1986 Halo (USA) - Wishing Well (USA) by Understanding (USA) 3-e
1990 Unbridled (USA) b. c. 1987 Fappiano (USA)- Gana Facil (USA) by Le Fabuleux (FR) 1-r
1991 Strike the Gold (USA) ch. c. 1988 Alydar (USA) - Majestic Gold (USA) by Hatchet Man (USA) 16-d
1992 Lil E. Tee (USA) b. c. 1989 At The Threshold (USA) - Eileen's Moment (USA) by For the Moment (USA) 23-b
1993 Sea Hero (USA) b. c. 1990 Polish Navy (USA) - Glowing Tribute (USA) by Graustark (USA) 1-s
1994 Go For Gin (USA) b. c. 1991 Cormorant (USA) - Never Knock (USA) by Stage Door Johnny (USA) 1-s
1995 Thunder Gulch (USA) ch. c. 1992 Gulch (USA) - Line of Thunder (USA) by Storm Bird (CAN) 11-d
1996 Grindstone (USA) dkb/br.c.1993 Unbridled (USA) - Buzz My Bell (USA) by Drone (USA) 1-c
1997 Silver Charm (USA) gr. c. 1994 Silver Buck (USA) - Bonnie's Poker (USA) by Poker (USA) 3-l
1998 Real Quiet (USA) b. c. 1995 Quiet American (USA) - Really Blue (USA) by Believe It (USA) 4-d
1999 Charismatic (USA) ch. c. 1996 Summer Squall (USA) - Bali Babe (USA) by Drone (USA) 10-a
2000 Fusaichi Pegasus (USA) b. c. 1997 Mr. Prospector (USA) - Angel Fever (USA) by Halo (USA) 8-c
2001 Monarchos (USA) gr/ro.c. 1998

Maria's Mon (USA) - Regal Band (USA) by Dixieland Band (USA)

2002 War Emblem (USA) dkb/br.c.1999 Our Emblem (USA) - Sweetest Lady (USA) by Lord At War (ARG) 20-b
2003 Funny Cide (USA) ch.g. 2000 Distorted Humor (USA) - Belle's Good Cide (USA) by Slewacide (USA) 6-d
2004 Smarty Jones (USA) ch.c. 2001 Elusive Quality (USA) - I'll Get Along (USA) by Smile (USA) 1-s
2005 Giacomo (USA) gr.c. 2002 Holy Bull (USA) - Set Them Free (USA) by Stop the Music (USA) 2-d
2006 Barbaro (USA) b.c. 2003 Dynaformer (USA) - La Ville Rouge (USA) by Carson City (USA) 16 - h
2007 Street Sense (USA) dkb/b..c. 2004 Street Cry (IRE) - Bedazzle (USA) by Dixieland Band (USA) 22 - b
2008 Big Brown (USA) b..c. 2005 Boundary (USA) - Mien (USA) by Nureyev (USA) 5 - h
2009 Mine That Bird (USA) b. g. 2006 Birdstone (USA) - Mining My Own (USA) by Smart Strike (CAN) 23 - b
2010 Super Saver (USA) b. c. 2007 Maria's Mon (USA) - Supercharger (USA) by A.P. Indy (USA) 1 - s
2011 Animal Kingdom (USA) ch. c. 2008 Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) - Dalicia (GER) by Acatenango (GER) 1 - h
2012 I'll Have Another (USA) ch. c. 2009 Flower Alley (USA) - Arch's Gal Edith (USA) by Arch (USA) 23 - b
2013 Orb (USA) b. c. 2010 Malibu Moon (USA) - Lady Liberty (USA) by Unbridled (USA) 8 - c

Distances for the Kentucky Derby:
     run at 1 1/2 miles from 1875-1895
     run at 1 1/4 miles from 1896-present

**In the 1968 Kentucky Derby, Dancer's Image crossed the finish line first, but when his blood test showed evidence of the drug Butazolidin, which was at the time, an illegal race-day medication in Kentucky, he was disqualified and placed second behind runner-up Forward Pass. A lengthy legal battle ensued, the end result that Forward Pass was awarded the victory and winner's purse.

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