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  Ashland Stakes (Ashland Oaks)

1879 - Present
1 -1/16 miles for 3 year old fillies, Keeneland race course, Lexington, Kentucky

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1879Peru (USA)b.f. 1876Glengarry (GB) - Optima (USA) by Knight of St. George (IRE)A21
1880Lavacca (USA)b.f. 1877King Alfonso (USA) - Luileme (USA) by Lexington (USA)A13
1881Lucy May (USA)ch.f. 1878Buckden (GB) - Georgia Bowman (USA) by Lexington (USA)A29
1882Issie (USA)ch.f. 1879King Alfonso (USA) - Miss Carter (USA) by Sovereign (GB)9 - a
1883Vera (USA)b.f. 1880 King Alfonso (USA) - Veritas (USA) by Lexington (USA)9 - c
1884Highflight (USA)ch.f. 1881King Ban (GB) - Hira (USA) by Lexington (USA)2 - a
1885Ida Hope (USA)b.f. 1882King Alfonso (USA) - Austria (USA) by Australian (GB)A13
1886**Pure Rye (USA)b.f. 1883Billet (GB) - Mary Clark (USA) by Lexington (USA)4 - r
1886**Mary Ann (USA)b.f. 1883Longfellow (USA) - Ella Jackson (USA) by Lightning (USA)A20
1887Florimore (USA)br.f. 1884Longfellow (USA) - Florac (USA) by Mickey Free (IRE)1 - o
1888Hypocrite (USA) br.f. 1885Longfellow (USA) - Hypatia (USA) by Waverly (USA)12 - b
1889Jewel Ban (USA)ch.f. 1886King Ban (GB) - Jewel (USA) by War Dance (USA)12 - b
1890Camilia (USA)ch.f. 1887Warwick (USA) - Genova (USA) by Springbok (USA)23 - b
1891Ethel (USA)ch.f. 1888Springbok (USA) - Lavena (USA) by Planet (USA)6 - a
1892Unadilla (USA)dkb.f. 1889Rossington (GB) - Stephanie (USA) by Powhattan (USA)6 - b
1893Monrovia (USA)b.f. 1890Strathmore (USA) - Leap Frog (USA) by Frogtown (USA)9 - a
1894Queenlike (USA)b.f. 1891Kinglike (USA) - Pouponne (USA) by Macaroon (GB)A3
1895Hessie (USA)ch.f. 1892Hanover (USA) - Lida Stanhope (USA) by Waverly (USA)A16
1896Myrtle Harkness (USA)b.f. 1893Strathmore (USA) - Pappoose (USA) by Leamington (GB)4 - r
1897 - 1911 No Race
1912Sprite (USA)b.f. 1909 Waterboy (USA) - Fairie Queen (USA) by Faustus (USA)2 - e
1913Gowell (USA)ch.f. 1910Ort Wells (USA) - Responsive (USA) by Mirthful (USA)23 - b
1914Bronzewing (USA)ch.f. 1911 Stalwart (USA) - Miss Dolly (USA) by St. George (GB)A1
1915Waterblossom (USA)b.f. 1912 Waterboy (USA) - Basseting (USA) by Bassetlaw (GB)12 - b
1916Mandy Hamilton (USA)b.f. 1913John o'Gaunt (GB) - My Sweetheart (GB) by Galeazzo (GB)32
1917Star Maid (USA)b.f. 1914Star Shoot (IRE) - Coy Maid (USA) by Kingston (USA)10 - c
1918Violet Bonnie (USA)ch.f. 1915Transvaal (USA) - Mary Day (USA) by Peep-o-day (GB)40
1919Regalo (USA)b.f. 1916 Sweep (USA) - Lady Strathmore (USA) by Strathmore (USA)23 - b
1920Clintonville (USA)b.f. 1917Transvaal (USA) - Maid Militant (USA) by Rainbow (USA)A12
1921Pongee (USA)br.f. 1918Rock View (USA) - Centre Shot (USA) by Sain (GB)14 - a
1922Miss Joy (USA)b.f. 1919 Peter Quince (USA) - Proud Daisy (GB) by Pride (GB)1 - j
1923Anna M. Humphrey (USA)ch.f. 1920Peter Quince (USA) - Eden Hall (USA) by Armeath (IRE)A1
1924Rinkey (USA)b.f. 1921Pennant (USA) - Ballet (USA) by Ben Brush (USA)14
1925Little Visitor (USA)b. f. 1922Sweep (USA) - Margaret Hastings (USA) by Hastings (USA) 16 - e
1926Florence Mills (USA)b. f. 1923Sir John Johnson (USA) - Water K. (USA) by Waterboy (GB) 19 - b
1927Mary Jane (USA)ch. f. 1924Pennant (USA) - Bourbon Lass (USA) by Bourbon Beau (USA) 21
1928Reverie's Gal (USA)ch. f. 1925High Time (USA) - Reveries (FR) by Rabelais (FR) 10 - d
1929Rose of Sharon (USA)br. f. 1926Light Brigade (GB) - Rosa Mundi (USA) by Plaudit (USA) 4 - m
1930Thistle Ann (USA)ch. f. 1927Sir John Johnson (USA) - Even Money (USA) by Fair Play (USA)27 - a
1931Plumage (USA)b. f. 1928Ballot (USA) - Glyn (USA) by Delhi (USA)21
1932Parfait (USA)ch. f. 1929Pomme-de-Terre (GB) - Sherbert (GB) by Sunstar (GB) 22 - b
1932 - 1935 No Race
1936Myrtlewood (USA)b.f. 1932Blue Larkspur (USA) - Frizeur (FR) by Sweeper (FR)13 - c
1937Drowsy (USA)gr.f. 1934Royal Minstrel (GB) - Lazy Susan (USA) by St. Germans (GB)9 - b
1938 - 1939 No Race
1940June Bee (USA)ch.f. 1937Jean Valjean (USA) - Princess Pan (USA) by Pagan Pan (USA)7 - c
1941Valdina Myth (USA)b.f. 1938 Sortie (USA) - Sweep Myth (USA) by Sweep (USA)21 - a
1942The Swallow (GB)b.f. 1939Blenheim (GB) - Polly Play (USA) by My Play (USA)21 - a
1943Valdina Marl (USA)br.f. 1940Teddy`s Comet (USA) - Lady Marlboro (USA) by Sweep (USA)23 - b
1944Harriet Sue (USA)b.f. 1941Bull Lea (USA) - Bay Servant by Black Servant (USA)5 - f
1945Come and Go (USA)ch.f. 1942 Epithet (USA) - Set Fast (USA) by Upset (USA)4 - m
1946Sweet Caprice (USA)bl.f. 1943Zacaweista (USA) - Richmond Rose (USA) by Victorian (USA)2 - o
1947Cosmic Missile (USA)b.f. 1944 Roman (USA) - Misty Isle (USA) by Sickle (GB)4 - m
1948Bewitch (USA)br.f. 1945Bull Lea (USA) - Potheen (USA) by Wildair (USA)8 - c
1949Tall Weeds (USA)b.f. 1946Haltal (USA) - Starweed (GB) by Phalaris (GB)1 - l
1950Wondring (USA)dkb.f. 1947Pensive (USA) - Sub Rosa (USA) by Balladier (USA)2 - o
1951Sickle`s Image (USA)br.f. 1948Sickletoy (USA) - Ariel Image (USA) by Ariel (USA)13
1952* Free For Me (USA)br.f. 1949Free For All (USA) - Judy L. (USA) by Firethorn (USA)16 - c
1952* Real Delight (USA)b.f. 1949Bull Lea (USA) - Blue Delight (USA) by Blue Larkspur (USA)9 - c
1953Cerise Reine (USA)ch.f. 1950Requested (USA) - Cherrydale (USA) by Whiskaway (USA)4 - n
1954Jenjay (USA)b.f. 1951Brookfield (USA) - Genevra M. (USA) by Percentage (USA)11
1955Insouciant (USA)b.f. 1952Nasrullah (IRE) - Gala Belle (USA) by Sir Gallahad (FR)10 - c
1956Doubledogdare (USA)b.f. 1953Double Jay (USA) - Flaming Top (USA) by Omaha (USA)8 - f
1957Jota Jota (USA)br.f. 1954Double Jay (USA) - Hopefully (USA) by Challenger (GB)19 - c
1958Ramadel (USA)b.f. 1955Wine List (USA) - Petrose Girl (USA) by Petrose (USA)A1
1959Hidden Talent (USA)b.f. 1956Dark Star (USA) - Dangerous Dame (GB) by Nasrullah (IRE)21 - a
1960Tingle (USA)b.f. 1957Spy Song (USA) - Stone Cold (USA) by Devil Diver (USA)24
1961Goldflower (USA)ch.f. 1958Greek Song (USA) - Fulvous (USA) by Spy Song (USA)23 - b
1962Windy Miss (USA)gr.f. 1959Windy City (GB) - Ray Count Miss (USA) by Reigh Count (USA)10 - c
1963Sally Ship (USA)br.f. 1960Turn-to (IRE) - Nut Brown Maid (GB) by Nasrullah (IRE)3 - c
1964Blue Norther (USA)ch.f. 1961 Windy City (GB) - Perfect Gem (USA) by Royal Gem (aus)3 - n
1965*Terentia (USA)b.f. 1962Bold Ruler (USA) - Romanita (USA) by Roman (USA)9 - e
1965*Bright Bauble (USA)b.f. 1962Jet Jewel (USA) - Sophia (IRE) by His Highness (GB)6 - f
1966Justakiss (USA)b.f. 1963Irish Lancer (USA) - Log House (USA) by Cosmic Bomb (USA)12 - b
1967Dun-Cee (USA)dkb.f. 1964Dunce (USA) - Self Control (USA) by Better Self (USA)A29
1968Miss Swapsco (USA)dkb.f. 1965Cohoes (USA) - Soaring (USA) by Swaps (USA)12 - c
1969Double Delta (USA)b.f. 1966Delta Judge (USA) - Bantu (USA) by Double Jay (USA)14 - f
1970Gay Missile (USA)b.f. 1967Sir Gaylord (USA) - Missy Baba (USA) by My Babu (FR)3 - l
1971You All (USA)b.f. 1968Nashua (USA) - Honey Dear (USA) by Counterpoint (USA)8 - f
1972Barely Even (USA)b.f. 1969 Creme Dela Creme (USA) - Dodge Me (USA) by The Doge (USA)10 - d
1973Raging Whirl (USA)gr.f. 1970Dancing Dervish (USA) - Roman Banditti by Roman Sandal (USA)1 - g
1974*Winged Wishes (USA)b.f. 1971Winged T. (USA) - Ardent Wish (USA) by Ardan (FR)4
1974*Maud Muller (USA)ch.f. 1971 Graustark (USA) - Primonetta (USA) by Swaps (USA)16 - h
1975Sun and Snow (USA)gr.f. 1972Hawaii (saf) - Alpine Peak (USA) by Olympia (USA)1 - o
1976Optimistic Gal (USA)dkb.f. 1973Sir Ivor (USA) - Hopes Ahead (USA) by Traffic Judge (USA)9 - f
1977Sound Of Summer (USA)gr.f. 1974Drone (USA) - Summer Mark (USA) by Summer Tan (USA)9 - e
1978Mucchina (USA)dkb.f. 1975Limit To Reason (USA) - Harrow On The Hill (USA) by Thinking Cap (USA)1 - l
1979Candy Eclair (USA)gr.f. 1976Northern Jove (CAN) - Candy`s Best (USA) by Candy Spots (USA)1 - a
1980*Flos Florum (USA)ch.f. 1977Forli (arg) - Broadway Melody (GB) by Tudor Melody (GB)12 - g
1980 *Sugar and Spice (USA)b.f. 1977Key To The Mint (USA) - Sweet Tooth (USA) by On-and-on (USA)9 - c
1981Truly Bound (USA)b.f. 1978In Reality (USA) - Natashka (USA) by Dedicate (USA)13 - c
1982Blush With Pride (USA)ch.f. 1979Blushing Groom (FR) - Best In Show (USA) by Traffic Judge (USA)8 - f
1983Princess Rooney (USA)gr.f. 1980Verbatim (USA) - Parrish Princess (USA) by Drone (USA)1 - s
1984Enumerating (USA)b.f. 1981Turn And Count (USA) - Figuration (USA) by Bolinas Boy (USA)5 - i
1985Koluctoo`s Jill (USA)b.f. 1982Koluctoo Bay - Jill The Queen (USA) by Clem Pac (USA)10 - c
1986Classy Cathy (USA)dkb.f. 1983Private Account (USA) - Trestle (USA) by Tom Rolfe (USA)9 - e
1987Chic Shirine (USA)b.f. 1984Mr. Prospector (USA) - Too Chic (USA) by Blushing Groom (FR)13 - d
1988Willa on the Move (USA)b.f. 1985Assert (IRE) - Willamae (CAN) by Tentam (USA)A1
1989Gorgeous (USA)dkb.f. 1986Slew O` Gold (USA) - Kamar (CAN) by Key To The Mint (USA)14 - c
1990Go For Wand (USA)b.f. 1987Deputy Minister (CAN) - Obeah (USA) by Cyane (USA)2 - f
1991Do It With Style (USA)gr.f. 1988Pancho Villa (USA) - Flip`s Little Girl (USA) by Flip Sal (USA)22 - d
1992Prospectors Delite (USA)ch.f. 1989Mr. Prospector (USA) - Up The Flagpole (USA) by Hoist The Flag (USA)1 - s
1993Lunar Spook (USA)gr.f. 1990Silver Ghost (USA) - Rafael Luna (USA) by Idle Minds 4 - r
1994Inside Information (USA)b.f. 1991Private Account (USA) - Pure Profit (USA) by Key To The Mint (USA)5 - f
1995Urbane (USA)dkb.f. 1992Citidancer (USA) - Dumfries Pleasure (USA) by Pleasant Colony (USA)17 - b
1996My Flag (USA)ch.f. 1993 Easy Goer (USA) - Personal Ensign (USA) by Private Account (USA)6 - a
1997Glitter Woman (USA)b.f. 1994Glitterman (USA) - Carols Folly (USA) by Taylor`s Falls (USA)12 - b
1998Well Chosen (USA)ch.f. 1995Deputy Minister (CAN) - Chosen Lady (USA) by Secretariat (USA)4 - c
1999Silverbulletday (USA)b.f. 1996 Silver Deputy (CAN) - Rokeby Rose (USA) by Tom Rolfe (USA)1 - c
2000Rings A Chime (USA)dkb.f. 1997Metfield (USA) - Outofthebluebell (USA) by Red Ryder (USA)11
2001Fleet Renee (USA)dkb.f. 1998Seattle Slew (USA) - Darien Miss (USA) by Mr. Leader (USA)9 - f
2002Take Charge Lady (USA)b.f. 1999Dehere (USA) - Felicita (USA) by Rubiano (USA)22 - c
2003Elloluv (USA)b.f. 2000Gilded Time (USA) - Currency Quest (USA) by Cryptoclearance (USA)8 - h
2004Madcap Escapade (USA)b.f. 2001Hennessy (USA) - Sassy Pants (USA) by Saratoga Six (USA)23 - b
2005Sis City (USA)b.f. 2002Slew City Slew (USA) - Smart Sis by Beau Genius (CAN)16 - c
2006Bushfire (USA)b.f. 2003Louis Quatorze (USA) - Traki Traki (USA) by Mo Power (USA)5 - d
2007Christmas Kid (USA)b.f. 2004Lemon Drop Kid (USA) - Christmas Gift (USA) by Green Desert (USA)9 - c
2008Little Belle (USA)b.f. 2005A.p. Indy (USA) - Dubai Belle (USA) by Mr. Prospector (USA)1 - s
2009Hooh Why (USA)ch.f. 2006Cloud Hopping (USA) - Magic Merger (USA) by Corporate Report (USA)9
2010Evening Jewel (USA)b.f. 2007Northern Afleet (USA) - Jewel Of The Night (USA) by Giant`s Causeway (USA)16 - g
2011Lilacs And Lace (USA)ch.f. 2008Flower Alley (USA) - Refinement (USA) by Seattle Slew (USA)6 - a
2012Karlovy Vary (USA)b.f. 2009Dynaformer (USA) - The Right Pew (USA) by Pulpit (USA)9 - f
2013Emollient (USA)b.f. 2010Empire Marker (USA) - Soothing Touch (USA) by Touch Gold (USA)2 - d

**1886 Dead heat, stakes divided
*Run in two divisions: 1952, 1965, 1974, 1980
Run for fillies and mares 3 years and older 1936 to 1939
Run as an overnight allowance purse in 1932

Run as the Ashland Oaks at the old Lexington Course to 1932
Re-introduced at the inauguration of the Keeneland race course in 1936 as the Ashland Stakes
Run at Churchill Downs, Kentucky 1943 - 45

1-1/2 miles 1879-1882
1-1/4 miles 1883-1889
1 mile 1890-1932
1-1/16 miles 1936-1940
3/4 miles 1941-1973
7/8 miles 1974-1980
1-1/16 miles 1981-Present

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