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  Coaching Club of America Oaks Stakes

1917 - Present
Filly equivalent of the Belmont Stakes
1 1/8 miles* for 3 year old fillies at Saratoga Springs New York

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1917 Wistful ch.f. 1914 Star Shoot (IRE) - Witfull (USA) by Mirthful (USA) 23-b
1918 Rose d'Or br.f. 1915 Garry Herrmann (USA) - Golden Rose (USA) by Goldfinch (GB) 5-i
1919 Polka Dot ch.f. 1916 Celt (USA) - Network (USA) by Eon (USA) 3-n
1920 Cleopatra b.f. 1917 Corcyra (USA) - Gallice (USA) by Gallinule (GB) 3-j
1921 Flambette (FR) b.f. 1918 Durbar II (FR) - La Flambee (FR) by Ajax (FR) 17-b
1922 Prudish br.f. 1919 Peter Pan (USA) - Polly Flinders (USA) by Burgomaster (USA) 21-a
1923 How Fair (USA) br/b.f. 1920 Fair Play (USA) - Hour Hand (FR) by Ethelbert 4-i
1924 Princess Doreen (USA) b.f. 1921 Spanish Prince (GB) - Lady Doreen (USA) by Ogden (GB) 9-g
1925 Florence Nightingale br.f. 1922 Man o' War (USA) - The Nurse (USA) by Yankee (USA) 23-b
1926 Edith Cavell b.f. 1923 Man o' War (USA) - The Nurse (USA) by Yankee (USA) 23-b
1927 Nimba b.f. 1924 War Cloud (GB) - Martha Snow (IRE) by Sir Martin (USA) 19-c
1928 Bateau b.f. 1925 Man o' War (USA) - Escuina (FR) by Ecouen (FR) 9-e
1929 Sweet Verbena blk.f. 1926 Negofol (FR) - Oktibbena (USA) by Rock Sand (GB) 16-h
1930 Snowflake ch.f. 1927 Mad Hatter (USA) - Snowdrop (GB) by Cicero (GB) 16-g
1931 Tambour b.f. 1928 General Thatcher (USA) - Castanet (USA) by Frizzle (FR) A26
1932 Top Flight dk.br.f. 1929 Dis Donc (FR) - Flyatit (USA) by Peter Pan (USA) 4-m
1933 Edelweiss b.f. 1930 Chicle (FR) - Helvetia (USA) by Hourless (GB) 8-h
1934 Lady Reigh ch.f. 1931 Reigh Count (USA) - Laughing Lady (USA) by Superman (USA) 14
1935 Black Helen b.f. 1932 Black Toney (USA) - La Troienne (FR) by Teddy (FR) 1-s
1936 High Fleet ch.f. 1933 Jack High (USA) - Armada (USA) by Man o' War (USA) 22-b
1937 Dawn Play br.f. 1934 Clock Tower (USA) - Gun Play (USA) by Man o' War (USA) 3
1938 Creole Maid b.f. 1935 Pharamond (GB) - Baton Rouge (USA) by Man o' War (USA) 4-n
1939 War Plumage br.f. 1936 On Watch (USA) - War Feathers (USA) by Man o' War (USA) 16-h
1940 Damaged Goods dk.b.f. 1937 Jacopo (GB) - Perjury (USA) by Chatterton (USA) 1-L
1941 Level Best ch.f. 1938 Equipoise (USA) - Speed Boat (USA) by Man o' War (USA) 1-o
1942 Vagrancy dk.b.f. 1939 Sir Gallahad III (FR) - Valkyr (USA) by Man o' War (USA) 13-c
1943 Too Timely ch.f. 1940 Discovery (USA) - On Hand (USA) by On Watch (USA) 22-c
1944 Twilight Tear b.f. 1941 Bull Lea (USA) - Lady Lark (USA) by Blue Larkspur (USA) 23-b
1945 Elpis br.f. 1942 Blue Larkspur (USA) - Faucille d'Or (FR) by Sardanapale (FR) 14-a
1946 Hypnotic ch.f. 1943 Hypnotist (GB) - Valkyr (USA) by Man o' War (USA) 13-c
1947 Harmonica ch.f. 1944 Snark (USA) - Port-Hole (USA) by Man o' War (USA) 16-a
1948 Scattered ch.f. 1945 Whirlaway (USA) - Imperatrice (USA) by Caruso (USA) 2-s
1949 Wistful ch.f. 1946 Sun Again (USA) - Easy Lass (USA) by Blenheim (GB) 7-e
1950 Next Move br.f. 1947 Bull Lea (USA) - Now What (USA) by Chance Play (USA) 20
1951 How br.f. 1948 Princequillo (IRE) - The Squaw (FR) by Sickle (GB) 9-h
1952 Real Delight b.f. 1949 Bull Lea (USA) - Blue Delight (USA) by Blue Larkspur (USA) 9-c
1953 Grecian Queen dk.b.f. 1950 Heliopolis (GB) - Qbania (USA) by Questionnaire (USA) 9-a
1954 Cherokee Rose b.f. 1951 Princequillo (IRE) - The Squaw (FR) by Sickle (GB) 9-h
1955 High Voltage gr.f. 1952 Ambiorix (FR) - Dynamo (USA) by Menow (USA) 8-c
1956 Levee ch.f. 1953 Hill Prince (USA) - Bourtai (USA) by Stimulus (USA) 9-f
1957 Willamette b.f. 1954 Doswell (USA) - Sister Union (USA) by Blenheim (GB) 9-e
1958 A Glitter br.f. 1955 Khaled (GB) - A Gleam (USA) by Blenheim (GB) 23-b
1959 Resaca b.f. 1956 Middleground (USA) - Retama (USA) by Brazado (USA) 3-d
1960 Berlo br.f. 1957 Heliopolis (GB) - Faberose (USA) by Rosemont (USA) 5-j
1961 Bowl of Flowers ch.f. 1958 Sailor (USA) - Flower Bowl (USA) by Alibhai (GB) 4-d
1962 Bramalea dkb/br.f. 1959 Nashua (USA) - Rarelea (USA) by Bull Lea (USA) 12-c
1963 Lamb Chop ch.f. 1960 Bold Ruler (USA) - Sheepsfoot (USA) by Count Fleet (USA) 14-f
1964 Miss Cavandish ch.f. 1961 Cavan (GB) - New Weapon (USA) by Bold Venture (USA) 4-m
1965 Marshua b.f. 1962 Nashua (USA) - Emardee (USA) by Heliopolis (GB) 16-a
1966 Lady Pitt ch.f. 1963 Sword Dancer (USA) - Rock Drill (USA) by Whirlaway (USA) 20-b
1967 Quillo Queen b.f. 1964 Princequillo (IRE) - Spar Maid (USA) by Spartan Valor (USA) 3-c
1968 Dark Mirage dkb/br.f. 1965 Persian Road (GB) - Home By Dark (USA) by Hill Prince (USA) 9-b
1969 Shuvee ch.f. 1966 Nashua (USA) - Levee (USA) by Hill Prince (USA) 9-f
1970 Missile Belle ch.f. 1967 Missile (USA) - River Princess (USA) by Princequillo (IRE) 5-i
1971 Our Cheri Amour b.f. 1968 Porterhouse (USA) - For Love (USA) by Blue Prince (USA) 4-o
1972 Summer Guest ch.f. 1969 Native Charger (USA) - Cee Zee (USA) by Heliopolis (GB) 4-m
1973 Magazine b.f. 1970 Prince John (USA) - Day Line (USA) by Day Court (GB) 4-m
1974 Chris Evert ch.f. 1971 Swoon's Son (USA) - Miss Carmie (USA) by T.V. Lark (USA) 23-b
1975 Ruffian dk b/br.f.1972 Reviewer (USA) - Shenanigans (USA) by Native Dancer (USA) 8-c
1976 Revidere ch.f. 1973 Reviewer (USA) - Quillesian (USA) by Princequillo (IRE) 4-m
1977 Our Mims b.f. 1974 Herbager (FR) - Sweet Tooth (USA) by On-and-On (USA) 9-c
1978 Lakeville Miss b.f. 1975 Rainy Lake (USA) - Hew (USA) by Blue Prince (USA) 9-c
1979 Davona Dale b.f. 1976 Best Turn (USA) - Royal Entrance (USA) by Tim Tam (USA) 3-L
1980 Bold 'n Determined b.f. 1977 Bold and Brave (USA) - Pidi (USA) by Determine (USA) 6-a
1981 Wayward Lass dkb/br.f. 1978 Hail the Pirates (USA) - Young Mistress (USA) by Third Martini (USA) 25
1982 Christmas Past gr.f. 1979 Grey Dawn (FR) - Yule Log (USA) by Bold Ruler (USA) 9-c
1983 High Schemes chf. 1980 High Echelon (USA) - Sweetly Scheming (USA) by Creme dela Creme (USA) 18
1984 Class Play ch.f. 1981 Stage Door Johnny (USA) - Flying Buttress (USA) by Exclusive Native (USA) 23-b
1985 Mom's Command ch.f. 1982 Top Command (USA) - Star Mommy (USA) by Pia Star (USA) 5-j
1986 Valley Victory (IRE) b.f. 1983 Welch Chanter (IRE) - Passing Glory (IRE) by Majority Blue (GB) 22-d
1987 Fiesta Gal b.f. 1984 Alleged (USA) - Proud Pattie (USA) by Noble Commander (USA) 2-s
1988 Goodbye Halo ch.f. 1985 Halo (USA) - Pound Foolish (USA) by Sir Ivor (USA) 8-h
1989 Open Mind ch.f. 1986 Deputy Minister (CAN) - Stage Luck (USA) by Stage Door Johnny (USA) A29
1990 Charon ch.f. 1987 Mo Exception (USA) - Double Wiggle (USA) by Sir Wiggle (USA) 2-n
1991 Lite Light b.f. 1988 Majestic Light (USA) - Printing Press (USA) by In Reality (USA) 1-s
1992 Turnback the Alarm f. 1989 Darn That Alarm (USA) - Boomie's Girl E. (USA) by Figonero (ARG) 16-a
1993 Sky Beauty b.f. 1990 Blushing Groom (FR) - Maplejinsky (USA) by Nijinsky (CAN) 1-g
1994 Two Altazano dkb/br.f.1991 Manzotti (USA) - Purita U. (USA) by Topsider (USA) 16-c
1995 Golden Bri ch.f. 1992 Gold Alert (USA) - Princess Bri (CAN) by Briartic (CAN) 1-c
1996 My Flag ch.f. 1993 Easy Goer (USA) - Personal Ensign (USA) by Private Account (USA) 6-a
1997 Ajina f. 1994 Strawberry Road (AUS) - Winglet (USA) by Alydar (USA) 13-c
1998 Banshee Breeze b.f. 1985 Unbridled (USA) - Banshee Winds (USA) by Known Fact (USA) 8-h
1999 On a Soapbox b.f. 1996 Mi Cielo (USA) - Makin a Statement (USA) by Stage Door Johnny (USA) 5-f
2000 Jostle dkb/br.f. 1997 Brocco (USA) - Moon Drone (USA) by Drone (USA) 23
2001 Tweedside b.f. 1998 Thunder Gulch (USA) - Twitchet (USA) by Roberto (USA) 1-s
2002 Jilbab dkb/br.f. 1999 A.P. Indy (USA) - Headline (GB) by Macchiavellian (USA) 9 - f
2003 Spoken Fur gr.f. 2000 Notebook (USA) - Siberian Fur (USA) by Siberian Express (USA) 4 - j
2004 Ashado dkb/br.f. 2001 Saint Ballado (CAN) - Goulash (USA) by Mari's Book (USA) 16 - g
2005 Smuggler b.f. 2002 Unbridled (USA) - Inside Information (USA) by Private Account (USA) 5 - f
2006 Wonder Lady Anne L. b.f. 2003 Real Quiet (USA) - Ancho (CAN) by Wild Zone (USA) 9 - e
2007 Octave gr.f. 2004 Unbridled's Song (USA) - Belle Nuit (USA) by Dr. Carter (USA) 3 - e
2008 Music Note (USA) b.f. 2005 A.P. Indy (USA) - Note Musicale (GB) by Sadler's Wells (USA) 4 - k
2009 Funny Moon ch.f. 2006 Malibu Moon (USA) - Fun Crowd (USA) by Easy Goer (USA) 4 - f
2010 Devil May Care (USA) ch.f. 2007 Malibu Moon (USA) - Kellis Ransom (USA) by Red Ransom (USA) 4 - m
2011 It's Tricky b.f. 2008 Mineshaft (USA) - Catboat (USA) by Tale of the Cat (USA) 8 - g
2012 Questing (GB) b.f. 2009 Hard Spun (USA) - Chercheuse (USA) by Seeking the Gold (USA) 13 - c
2013 Princess of Sylmar (USA) ch.f. 2010 Majestic Warrior (USA) - Storm Dixie (USA) by Catienus (USA) 22 - d

*Distances for the C.C.A. Oaks:
at 1 1/8 miles in 1917,
at 1 1/4 miles in 1918,
at 1 3/8 miles from 1919 to 1941,
at 1 1/2 miles in 1942 and 1943,
at 1 3/8 miles form 1944 to 1958,
at 1 1/4 miles from 1959 to 1970,
at 1 1/2 miles from 1971 to 1989,
at 1 1/4 miles from 1989 to 1997,
at 1 1/2 miles from 1998 to 2000

The C.C.A. Oaks was always run at Belmont Park except from 1963 to 1967, when it was run at Aqueduct, while Belmont Park was being rebuilt. It was called the "American Oaks" (since the Belmont was the American equivalent for the Epsom Derby), and named for the Coaching Club, an organization of well-to-do mostly New York upper crust types who shared an interest in coaching among their equestrian fun. Many members of the original Coaching Club were also members of the American Jockey Club, including August Belmont II, son of the founder of Belmont Park, William Vanderbilt, and others.
In 2010 the New York Racing Association made the decision to move this race from its long, historic association with Belmont Park to the opening week at Saratoga Springs meeting.

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