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1880 - 1910 (Discontinued)
1-1/4 miles handicap race for 3 year olds at Sheepshead Bay race course, New York

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1880Luke Blackburn (USA)b.c. 1877Bonnie Scotland (GB) - Nevada (USA) by Lexington (USA)12 - b
1881Hindoo (USA)b.c. 1878Virgil (USA) - Florence (USA) by Lexington (USA)24
1882Runnymede (USA)br.c. 1879Billet (GB) - Mercedes (USA) by Melbourne Jr. (USA)23 - b
1883Barnes (USA)b.c. 1880 Billet (GB) - Mercedes (USA) by Melbourne Jr. (USA)23 - b
1884Young Duke (USA)b.g. 1881Duke Of Magenta (USA) - Hortense (USA) by Knight Of Kars (GB)4 - b
1885*Joe Cotton (USA)ch.c. 1882 King Alfonso (USA) - Inverness (GB) by Macaroni (GB)12
1885*Pardee (USA)ch.c. 1882Alarm (USA) - Sister Of Mercy (USA) by War Dance (USA)12 - b
1886Inspector B (USA)b.c. 1883 Enquirer (USA) - Colossa (USA) by Colossus (USA)21
1887Hanover (USA)ch.c. 1884Hindoo (USA) - Bourbon Belle (USA) by Bonnie Scotland (GB)21
1888Defense (USA)bl.c. 1885Rayon d'Or (FR) - Presto (GB) by Pretender (GB)2 - d
1889Salvator (USA)ch.c. 1886Prince Charlie (GB) - Salina (USA) by Lexington (USA)12 - b
1890Burlington (USA)bl.c. 1887 Powhattan (USA) - Invercauld (USA) by St. Albans (GB)9 - b
1891Portchester (USA)b/br.c. 1888Falsetto (USA) - Semper Vive (USA) by Waverly (USA)12 - b
1892Charade (USA)br.c. 1889Charaxus (GB) - Ada Belle (USA) by Eolus (USA)5 - f
1893Sir Walter (USA)b.c. 1890Midlothian (GB) - La Scala (USA) by Joe Hooker (USA)4- r
1894Dobbins (USA)ch.c. 1891 Mr. Pickwick (GB) - Thora (USA) by Longfellow (USA)A5
1895Keenan (USA)ch.c. 1892 Lisbon (USA) - Patrimony (USA) by Pat Malloy (USA)6-a
1896Margrave (USA)ch.c. 1893 St. Blaise (GB) - Lady Margaret (USA) by The Ill-used (GB)4 - r
1897Buddha (USA)gr.c. 1999 The Bard (USA) - Empress (USA) by Narragansett (USA)15 - d
1898Handball (USA)ch.c. 1895 Hanover (USA) - Keepsake (USA) by Onondaga (USA)12 - b
1899Filon d'Or (USA)ch.g. 1896Rayon d'Or (FR) - Fides (USA) by The Ill-used (GB)5 - f
1900McMeekin (USA)b.c. 1897Fonso (USA) - Daisy Rose (USA) by Esher (GB)4 - r
1901Watercolor (USA)bl.f. 1898Watercress (USA) - Sabrina (USA) by Norfolk (USA)22 - b
1902Major Daingerfield (USA)br.c. 1899 Handspring (USA) - Mon Droit (USA) by Falsetto (USA)2 - u
1903Shorthose (USA)br.c. 1900Atheling (GB) - Miss Glennon by Springbok (USA)23 - b
1904Ort Wells (USA)ch.c. 1901King Eric (USA) - Tea's Over (USA) by Hanover Usa)9 - a
1905Sysonby (USA)b.c. 1902Melton (GB) - Optime (GB) by Orme (GB)9 - h
1906Accountant (USA)br.c. 1903Filigrane (USA) - Reckon by Pizarro (GB)5 - a
1907Peter Pan (USA)b.c. 1904Commando (USA) - Cinderella (GB) by Hermit (GB)2 - o
1908Colin (USA)br.c. 1905Commando (USA) - Pastorella (GB) by Springfield (GB)19 -b
1909Hilarious (USA)ch.c. 1906 Voter (GB) - Harpsichord (GB) by Amphion (GB)2 - f
1910The Turk (USA)b/br.c. 1907 Heno (USA) - Gracelle by Ben Ali (USA)9 - a

*Joe Cotton and Pardee dead-heated in 1885

Important spring handicap for three-year olds. Discontinued when Sheepshead Bay race course was closed and dismantled.

1 mile 1880 - 1902
1-1/4 miles 1903 - 1910

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