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  Monmouth Oaks

1871 - Present
1-1/16 miles three year old fillies, Monmouth Park, Oceanport New Jersey

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1871Salina (USA)b.f. 1868 Lexington (USA) - Lightsome (USA) by Glencoe (GB)12 - b
1872Woodbine (USA)ch.f. 1869Kentucky (USA) - Fleur Des Champs (GB) by Newminster (GB)4
1873Lizzie Lucas (USA)gr.f. 1870Australian (GB) - Eagless (USA) by Glencoe (GB)4 - r
1874Regardless (USA)b.f. 1871Eclipse (GB) - Barbarity (ire) by Simoon (ire)32
1875Ascension (USA)ch.f. 1872 Australian (GB) - Lilly Ward (USA) by Lexington (USA)6 - a
1876Patience (GB)b.f. 1873 Parmesan (GB) - Patronage (GB) by The Prime Minister (GB)2 - n
1877Zoo-Zoo (USA)b.f. 1874Australian (GB) - Mazurka (USA) by Lexington (USA)4 -
1878 No Race
1879Ferida (USA)b.f. 1876 Glenelg (USA) - La Henderson (USA) by Lexington (USA)4 - r
1880Nancy (USA)br.f. 1877 Macaroon (GB) - Dawdle (USA) by Saunterer (GB)20
1881Thora (USA)b.f. 1878 Longfellow (USA) - Susan Ann (USA) by Lexington (USA)A5
1883Hiawasse (USA)br.f. 1879 Saxon (GB) - Vandalite (USA) by Vandal (USA)18
1884Duchess (USA)br.f. 1881 Kingfisher (USA) - Lady Blessington (USA) by Eclipse (GB)4 - r
1885Wanda (USA)ch.f. 1882Mortemer (FR) - Minnie Minor (USA) by Lexington (USA)A4
1886Dew Drop (USA)b.f. 1883Falsetto (USA) - Explosion (USA) by Hampton Court (GB)4 - r
1887Firenze (USA)b.f. 1884Glenelg (USA) - Florida (USA) by Virgil (USA)24
1888Los Angeles (USA)ch.f. 1885 Glenelg (USA) - La Polka (USA) by Lexington (USA)23 - b
1889Senorita (USA)b.f. 1886 Prince Charlie (GB) - Gondola (USA) by Virgil (USA)A31
1890Her Highness (USA)ch.f. 1887 St. Blaise (GB) - Princess (GB) by King Tom (GB)11 - g
1891Nellie Bly (USA)b.f. 1888 Stratford (USA) - Maumee (USA) by Vauxhall (USA)15 - d
1892Yorkville Belle (USA)ch.f. 1889Miser (USA) - Thora (USA) by Longfellow (USA)A5
1893Augusta Belle b.f. 1890 King Alfonso (USA) - Bertha B. (USA) by Buckden (GB)12 - b
1894 - 1945 No Race
1946Dorothy Brown (USA)br.f. 1943 Brown King (chi) - Dorothy B. (USA) by Diavolo (USA)4 - r
1947First Flight (USA)b.f. 1944 Mahmoud (FR) - Fly Swatter (USA) by Dis Donc (FR)8 - c
1948Compliance (USA)br.f. 1945 Requested (USA) - Marsh Fire (USA) by Under Fire (GB)23 - b
1949Adile (USA)gr.f. 1946 Mahmoud (FR) - Furlough (USA) by Man o' War (USA)25
1950Siama (USA)b.f. 1947Tiger (USA) - China Face (USA) by Display (USA)4 - m
1951Ruddy (USA)b.f. 1948 Devil Diver (USA) - Blade Of Time (USA) by Sickle (GB)8 - h
1952La Corredora (USA)b.f. 1949 Little Beans (USA) - Nellie Mowlee (USA) by Mowlee (USA)12 - b
1953Grecian Queen (USA)b/br.f. 1950 Heliopolis (GB) - Qbania (USA) by Questionnaire (USA)9
1954Evening Out (USA)br.f. 1951 Shut Out (USA) - Evening Belle (USA) by Eight Thirty (USA)22 - b
1955Misty Morn (USA)b.f. 1952Princequillo (ire) - Grey Flight (USA) by Mahmoud (FR)5 - f
1956Levee (USA)ch.f. 1953 Hill Prince (USA) - Bourtai (USA) by Stimulus (USA)9 - f
1957Romanita (USA)b.f. 1954Roman (USA) - Mablen (USA) by Blenheim (GB)9 - e
1958A Glitter (USA)br.f. 1955 Khaled (GB) - A Gleam (USA) by Blenheim (GB)23 - b
1959Royal Native (USA)ch.f. 1956 Royal Charger (GB) - Native Gal (USA) by Sir Gallahad (FR)23 - b
1960Teacation (USA)b.f. 1957 Quibu (ARG) - Teaching (USA) by Education (USA)A13
1961My Portrait (USA)b.f. 1958 Olympia (USA) - Me (USA) by Challenge Me (USA)8 - f
1962Firm Policy (USA)b.f. 1959Princequillo (ire) - White Cross (USA) by Revoked (USA)8 - g
1963Lamb Chop (USA)ch.f. 1960Bold Ruler (USA) - Sheepsfoot (USA) by Count Fleet (USA)14 - f
1964Miss Cavandish (USA)ch.f. 1961 Cavan (GB) - New Weapon (USA) by Bold Venture (USA)4 - m
1965Summer Scandal (USA)ch.f. 1962 Summer Tan (USA) - Go-modern (USA) by Watling Street (GB)6 - a
1966Natashka (USA)b/br.f. 1963Dedicate (USA) - Natasha (USA) by Nasrullah (ire)13 - c
1967Quillo Queen (USA)b.f. 1964Princequillo (ire) - Spar Maid (USA) by Spartan Valor (USA)3 - c
1968Dark Mirage (USA)b/br.f. 1965Persian Road (GB) - Home By Dark (USA) by Hill Prince (USA)9 - b
1969Gallant Bloom (USA)b.f. 1966Gallant Man (GB) - Multiflora (USA) by Beau Max (USA)4 - d
1970Kilts n Kapers (USA)ch.f. 1967 National (USA) - Scotch Verdict (USA) by Alsab (USA)2 - c
1971Forward Gal (USA)ch.f. 1968 Native Charger (USA) - Forward Thrust (USA) by Jet Action (USA)9 - e
1972Summer Guest (USA)ch.f. 1969 Native Charger (USA) - Cee Zee (USA) by Heliopolis (GB)4 - m
1973Desert Vixen (USA)b/br.f. 1970In Reality (USA) - Desert Trial (USA) by Moslem Chief (USA)2 - c
1974Honky Star (USA)b.f. 1971 Bupers (USA) - Glimmer Star (ire) by Hard Ridden (GB)10 - b
1975Aunt Jin (USA)ch.f. 1972 Vitriolic (USA) - Ribolera (USA) by Ribot (GB)2 - o
1976Revidere (USA)ch.f. 1973 Reviewer (USA) - Quillesian (USA) by Princequillo (ire)4 - m
1977Small Raja (USA)b.f. 1974 Raja Baba (USA) - Small Loaf (USA) by Pia Star (USA)2 - c
1978Sharp Belle (USA)gr.f. 1975 Native Charger (USA) - Sleek Dancer (USA) by Northern Dancer (CAN)9 - f
1979Burn`s Return (USA)ch.f. 1976 Big Burn (USA) - Girl Returns (USA) by El Gallo (GB)11 - f
1980Rose Of Morn (USA)b.f. 1977 First Landing (USA) - Fire Tail (USA) by Prince John (USA)2 - g
1981Prismatical (USA)b.f. 1978Distinctive (USA) - Princess Buddir (USA) by Bagdad (USA)5 - e
1982Christmas Past (USA)gr.f. 1979Grey Dawn (FR) - Yule Log (USA) by Bold Ruler (USA)9 - c
1983Quixotic Lady gr.f. 1980 Quadratic (USA) - Lady Dulcinea (USA) by Nantallah (USA)21 - a
1984Life`s Magic (USA)b.f. 1981Cox`s Ridge (USA) - Fire Water (USA) by Tom Rolfe (USA)4 - m
1985Golden Horde (USA)b/br.f. 1982 Czaravich (USA) - Queen Of The Clan (USA) by Chieftain (USA)5 - g
1986Fighter Fox (USA)ch.f. 1983 Private Account (USA) - Lucy Belle (USA) by Raise A Native (USA)4 - e
1987Without Feathers (USA)ch.f. 1984 Brave Shot (GB) - Damerelle (USA) by King`s Bishop (USA)14 - f
1988Maplejinsky (USA)b.f. 1985Nijinsky (CAN) - Gold Beauty (USA) by Mr. Prospector (USA)1 - g
1989Dream Deal (USA)ch.f. 1986 Sharpen Up (GB) - Likely Exchange (USA) by Terrible Tiger (USA)9 - f
1990Pampered Star (USA)b.f. 1987 Star De Naskra (USA) - Pacara (ARG) by Dorileo (ARG)3 - h
1991Fowda (USA)ch.f. 1988 Strawberry Road (aus) - Al Balessa (USA) by Rare Performer (USA)8 - c
1992Diamond Duo (USA)ch.f. 1989 Badger Land (USA) - Diamonds `n Dust (USA) by Bob`s Dusty (USA)8 - f
1993Jacody (USA)b/br.f. 1990 Lost Code (USA) - Jacolina (USA) by Smiling Jack (USA)A1
1994Two Altazano (USA)b/br.f. 1991 Manzotti (USA) - Purita U. (USA) by Topsider (USA)16 - c
1995Kathie`s Colleen (CAN)ch.f. 1992 Woodman (USA) - Royal Colleen (CAN) by Viceregal (CAN)9 - d
1996Top Secret (USA)b/br.f. 1993 Afleet (CAN) - Half Secret (USA) by Upper Nile (USA)23 - b
1997Blushing K. D. (USA)ch.f. 1994Blushing John (USA) - Lilac Garden (USA) by Roberto (USA)19 - b
1998Kirby`s Song (CAN)b.f. 1995 Sultry Song (USA) - Impulsive Lady (USA) by Strike The Anvil (USA)A5
1999Silverbulletday (USA)b.f. 1996 Silver Deputy (CAN) - Rokeby Rose (USA) by Tom Rolfe (USA)1 - c
2000Spain (USA)b.f. 1997 Thunder Gulch (USA) - Drina (USA) by Regal And Royal (USA)9 - f
2001Unbridled Elaine (USA)gr.f. 1998 Unbridled`s Song (USA) - Carols Folly (USA) by Taylor`s Falls (USA)12 - b
2002Magic Storm (USA)b/br.f. 1999 Storm Cat (USA) - Foppy Dancer (USA) by Fappiano (USA)16 - h
2003 No Race
2004Capeside Lady (USA)b.f. 2001 Cape Town (USA) - Gray Lady Type (USA) by Zen (USA)2 - n
2005Flying Glitter (USA)b/br.f. 2002 Glitterman (USA) - American Flier (USA) by Quiet American (USA)2 - h
2007Talkin About Love (USA)ch.f. 2004 Not For Love (USA) - She`s Jane (USA) by Northern Idol (USA)16 - c
2008Maren`s Meadow (CAN)b.f. 2005 Meadowlake (USA) - Gold Liaka (USA) by Yukon (USA)2 - n
2009Just Jenda (USA)ch.f. 2006 Menifee (USA) - Liberty School (USA) by Pine Bluff (USA)6 - f
2010No Such Word (USA)b.f. 2007 Canadian Frontier (USA) - Muskoka Ice (USA) by It`s Freezing (USA)6 - e
2011Savvy Supreme (USA)b.f. 2008 Distorted Humor (USA) - Outsource (USA) by Storm Bird (CAN)1 - c

Run from 1870 -1890 at Monmouth Park near Long Branch, New Jersey; run 1890 - 1893 at the newer Monmouth Park, opened in 1890, nearby. Run at Jerome Park (New York) in 1891
Revived in 1946 at the new Monmouth Park racecourse near Oceanport, New Jersey.
1-1/2 miles 1871-1877
1-1/4 miles 1879-1883
1-1/16 miles 1946-Present

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