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  Metropolitan Handicap

1891 - Present
1 mile (8 furlongs) for 3 yo and up at Belmont Park, New York

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1891Tristan (USA)b.c. 1885 Glenelg (USA) - Traviata (USA) by Tom Bowling (USA)9 - c
1892Pessara (USA)b.c. 1888Pizarro (GB) - Sister Monica (USA) by Springbok (USA)23 - b
1893Charade (USA)br.c. 1889Charaxus (GB) - Ada Belle (USA) by Eolus (USA)5 - f
1894Ramapo (USA)ch.c. 1890 Pontiac (GB) - Annie F. (USA) by Galway (USA)40
1895 No Race
1896Counter Tenor (USA)ch.c. 1892 Falsetto (USA) - Pearl Thorn (USA) by Pat Malloy (USA)4 - r
1897Voter (GB)ch.c. 1894 Friar`s Balsam (GB) - Mavourneen (GB) by Barcaldine (IRE)1 - g
1898Bowling Brook (GB)b.c. 1895 Ayrshire (GB) - Vacation (USA) by Tom Ochiltree (USA)23 - b
1899Filigrane (USA)b.c. 1896Galore (GB) - Fillette (USA) by Kingfisher (USA)5 - f
1900Ethelbert (USA)b.c. 1896 Eothen (GB) - Maori (GB) by Poulet (FR)23 - a
1901Banastar (USA)ch.c. 1895 Farandole (USA) - Blessing (USA) by Onondaga (USA)6
1902Arsenal (USA)ch.c. 1899 Lamplighter (USA) - Hannarinda (USA) by Hanover (USA)12 - b
1903Gunfire (USA)b.c. 1899Hastings (USA) - Royal Gun (GB) by Royal Hampton (GB)5 - i
1904Irish Lad (USA)b/br.c. 1900 Candlemas (GB) - Arrowgrass (USA) by Bramble (USA)A22
1905*Race King (USA)ch.c. 1901 Tenny (USA) - Orderlette (USA) by Order (GB)24
1905*Sysonby (USA)b.c. 1902Melton (GB) - Optime (GB) by Orme (GB)9 - h
1906Grapple (USA)b.c. 1902 Woolsthorpe (GB) - Embrace (USA) by St. Blaise (GB)4 - m
1907Glorifier (USA)ch.c. 1902 Hastings (USA) - Glory (USA) by The Ill-used (GB)4 - f
1908Jack Atkin (USA)b.c. 1904 Sain (GB) - El Salado (USA) by Emperor Of Norfolk (USA)20
1909King James (USA)b.c. 1905 Plaudit (USA) - Unsightly (USA) by Pursebearer (GB)12 - b
1910Fashion Plate (USA)ch.c. 1906 Woolsthorpe (GB) - Fashionable (USA) by Richmond (IRE)12 - b
1911 No Race
1912 No Race
1913Whisk Broom (USA)ch.c. 1907Broomstick (USA) - Audience (USA) by Sir Dixon (USA)4-m
1914Buskin (USA)b.g. 1910Hamburg (USA) - Slippers (USA) by Meddler (GB)21 - a
1915Stromboli (USA)ch.g. 1911 Fair Play (USA) - St. Priscilla (USA) by Rayon d'Or (FR)2 - n
1916The Finn (USA)bl. c. 1912Ogden (GB) - Livonia (USA) by Star Shoot (IRE)4
1917Ormesdale (USA)ch.c. 1913 Ormondale (USA) - Madchen (USA) by Knight Of The Thistle (GB)A6
1918Trompe La Mort (FR)ch.c. 1915 Verwood (FR) - Marsa (FR) by Adam (FR)5 - i
1919Lanius (IRE)ch.c. 1915 Llangibby (GB) - Southern Belle (GB) by Ayrshire (GB)5 - h
1920Wildair (USA)b.c. 1917Broomstick (USA) - Verdure (USA) by Peter Pan (USA)19 - b
1921Mad Hatter (USA)br.c. 1916Fair Play (USA) - Madcap (USA) by Rock Sand (GB)4 - r
1922Mad Hatter (USA)br.c. 1916Fair Play (USA) - Madcap (USA) by Rock Sand (GB)4 - r
1923Grey Lag (USA)ch.c. 1918Star Shoot (IRE) - Miss Minnie (USA) by Meddler (GB)13 -b
1924Laurano (USA)br.c. 1921Peter Pan (USA) - Passan (USA) by Hamburg (USA)19 - b
1925Sting (USA)b.c. 1921Spur (USA) - Gnat (USA) by Voter (GB)2 - h
1926Sarazen (USA)ch.g. 1921High Time (USA) - Rush Box (USA) by Box (USA)20
1927Black Maria (USA)bl. f. 1923Black Toney (USA) - Bird Loose (FR) by Sardanapale (FR)14 - a
1928Nimba (USA)b.f. 1924War Cloud (GB) - Martha Snow (IRE) by Sir Martin (USA)19 - c
1929Petee-Wrack (USA)b.c. 1925Wrack (GB) - Marguerite (USA) by Celt (USA)4 - n
1930Jack High (USA)ch.c. 1926John P. Grier (USA) - Priscilla (USA) by Star Shoot (GB)5 - c
1931Questionnaire (USA)b.c. 1927Sting (USA) - Miss Puzzle (USA) by Disguise (USA)2 - o
1932Equipoise (USA)ch.c. 1928Pennant (USA) - Swinging (USA) by Broomstick (USA)5 - j
1933Equipoise (USA)ch.c. 1928Pennant (USA) - Swinging (USA) by Broomstick (USA)5 - j
1934Mr. Khayyam (USA)b.c. 1930Omar Khayyam (GB) - Alice Foster (USA) by Pataud (FR)5 - g
1935King Saxon (USA)b.c. 1931Saxon (USA) - Poltova (USA) by George Smith (USA)5 - d
1936Good Harvest (USA)ch.g. 1932Epinard (FR) - Blossom (USA) by John P. Grier (USA)4 - r
1937Snark (USA)b/br.c. 1933Boojum (USA) - Helvetia (USA) by Hourless (GB)8 - h
1938Danger Point (USA)ch.c. 1934 Stimulus (USA) - Risk (USA) by Sir Gallahad (FR)2 - n
1939Knickerbocker (USA)ch.c. 1936 Teddy (FR) - Warrior Lass (USA) by Man o' War (USA)1 - k
1940Third Degree (USA)b.c. 1936Questionnaire (USA) - Panache (USA) by Broomstick (USA)1 - l
1941Eight Thirty (USA)ch.c. 1936Pilate (USA) - Dinner Time (USA) by High Time (USA)11 - g
1942Attention (USA)b.c. 1938Equipoise (USA) - Fizzaz (USA) by Bubbling Over (USA)8 - f
1943Devil Diver (USA)b.c. 1939St. Germans (GB) - Dabchick (USA) by Royal Minstrel (GB)13 - c
1944Devil Diver (USA)b.c. 1939St. Germans (GB) - Dabchick (USA) by Royal Minstrel (GB)13 - c
1945Devil Diver (USA)b.c. 1939St. Germans (GB) - Dabchick (USA) by Royal Minstrel (GB)13 - c
1946Gallorette (USA)ch.f. 1942Challenger (GB) - Gallette (USA) by Sir Gallahad (FR)17 - b
1947Stymie (USA)ch.c. 1941Equestrian (USA) - Stop Watch (USA) by On Watch (USA)1 - h
1948Stymie (USA)ch.c. 1941Equestrian (USA) - Stop Watch (USA) by On Watch (USA)1 - h
1949Loser Weeper (USA)ch.c. 1945Discovery (USA) - Outdone (USA) by Pompey (USA)8 - d
1950Greek Ship (USA)br.c. 1947Heliopolis (GB) - Boat (USA) by Man o' War (USA)14 - f
1951Casemate (USA)ch.c. 1947Case Ace (USA) - Ky. Flash (USA) by Sun Teddy (USA)4 - m
1952Mameluke (USA)ch.c. 1948Mahmoud (FR) - Schwester (USA) by Pennant (USA)5 - j
1953Tom Fool (USA)b.c. 1949Menow (USA) - Gaga (USA) by Bull Dog (FR)3 - j
1954Native Dancer (USA)gr.c. 1950Polynesian (USA) - Geisha (USA) by Discovery (USA)5 - f
1955High Gun (USA)br.c. 1951 Heliopolis (GB) - Rocket Gun (USA) by Brazado (USA)1 - h
1956Midafternoon (USA)b.c. 1952 Billings (USA) - Mideau (USA) by Bull Dog (FR)4 - m
1957Traffic Judge (USA)ch.c. 1952Alibhai (GB) - Traffic Court (USA) by Discovery (USA)3 - n
1958Gallant Man (GB)b.c. 1954Migoli (GB) - Majideh (GB) by Mahmoud (FR)5 - e
1959Sword Dancer (USA)ch.c. 1956Sunglow (USA) - Highland Fling (USA) by By Jimminy (USA)1 - o
1960Bald Eagle (USA)b.c. 1955Nasrullah (IRE) - Siama (USA) by Tiger (USA)4 - m
1961Kelso (USA)br.g. 1957Your Host (USA) - Maid Of Flight (USA) by Count Fleet (USA)20
1962Carry Back (USA)br.c. 1958Saggy (USA) - Joppy (USA) by Star Blen (USA)24
1963Cyrano (USA)b.g. 1959 Tom Fool (USA) - Douce France (FR) by Rodosto (FR)1 - m
1964Olden Times (USA)b.c. 1958Relic (USA) - Djenne (FR) by Djebel (FR)20-a
1965Gun Bow (USA)b.c. 1960 Gun Shot (USA) - Ribbons And Bows (USA) by War Admiral (USA)1 - k
1966Bold Lad (USA)ch.c. 1962Bold Ruler (USA) - Misty Morn (USA) by Princequillo (IRE)5 - f
1967Buckpasser (USA)b.c. 1963Tom Fool (USA) - Busanda (USA) by War Admiral (USA)1 - s
1968In Reality (USA)b.c. 1964Intentionally (USA) - My Dear Girl (USA) by Rough`n Tumble (USA)21-a
1969Arts and Letters (USA)ch.c. 1966Ribot (GB) - All Beautiful (USA) by Battlefield (USA)1 - c
1970Nodouble (USA)ch.c. 1965Noholme (AUS) - Abla-jay (USA) by Double Jay (USA)A1
1971Tunex (USA)ch.g. 1966 Vertex (USA) - Tunefully (USA) by Crafty Admiral (USA)1 - n
1972Executioner (USA)ch.c. 1968 The Axe (USA) - Mae East (USA) by Centime (USA)4 - c
1973Tentam (USA)b/br.c. 1969Intentionally (USA) - Tamerett (USA) by Tim Tam (USA)2 - f
1974Arbees Boy (USA)b/br.c. 1970 Handsome Boy (USA) - Lovely Ann (USA) by Flaming Fleet (USA)2 - f
1975Gold and Myrrh (USA)b/br.c. 1971 Damascus (USA) - Helio Deb (USA) by Heliopolis (GB)9 - f
1976Forego (USA)b.g. 1970Forli (ARG) - Lady Golconda (USA) by Hasty Road (USA)9 - f
1977Forego (USA)b.g. 1970Forli (ARG) - Lady Golconda (USA) by Hasty Road (USA)9 - f
1978Cox`s Ridge (USA)b.c. 1974Best Turn (USA) - Our Martha (USA) by Ballydonnell (IRE)12 - b
1979State Dinner (USA)b.c. 1975Buckpasser (USA) - Silver Bright (USA) by Barbizon (USA)A1
1980Czaravich (USA)ch.c. 1976 Nijinsky (CAN) - Black Satin (GB) by Linacre (IRE)42
1981Fappiano (USA)b.c. 1977Mr. Prospector (USA) - Killaloe (USA) by Dr. Fager (USA)16 - a
1982Conquistador Cielo (USA)b.c. 1979Mr. Prospector (USA) - K D Princess (USA) by Bold Commander (USA)8 - h
1983Star Choice (USA)b.c. 1979 In Reality (USA) - Some Swinger (USA) by Tirreno (ARG)5 - c
1984Fit to Fight (USA)b.c. 1979Chieftain (USA) - Hasty Queen (USA) by One Count (USA)1 - o
1985Forzando (GB)b.c. 1981 Formidable (USA) - Princely Maid (GB) by King`s Troop (IRE)1 - t
1986Garthorn (USA)b/br.c. 1980 Believe It (USA) - Garden Verse (USA) by Cyane (USA)2 - f
1987Gulch (USA)b.c. 1984 Mr. Prospector (USA) - Jameela (USA) by Rambunctious (USA)A4
1988Gulch (USA)b.c. 1984 Mr. Prospector (USA) - Jameela (USA) by Rambunctious (USA)A4
1989Proper Reality (USA)b/br.c. 1985In Reality (USA) - Proper Princess (USA) by Nodouble (USA)4 - m
1990Criminal Type (USA)ch.c. 1985Alydar (USA) - Klepto (USA) by No Robbery (USA)23 - b
1991In Excess (IRE)b/br.c. 1987 Siberian Express (USA) - Kantado (IRE) by Saulingo (GB)4 - n
1992Dixie Brass (USA)b/br.c. 1989Dixieland Band (USA) - Petite Diable (USA) by Sham (USA)15 - d
1993Ibero (ARG)b/br.c. 1987 Cinco Grande (USA) - Iberienne (ARG) by Treviglio (ARG)1 - e
1994Holy Bull (USA)gr.c. 1991Great Above (USA) - Sharon Brown (USA) by Al Hattab (USA)16 - g
1995You and I (USA)b/br.c. 1991 Kris S. (USA) - La Chaposa (per) by Ups (per)3 - b
1996Honour and Glory (USA)b.c. 1993 Relaunch (USA) - Fair To All (USA) by Al Nasr (FR)16 - a
1997Langfuhr (CAN)b.c. 1992 Danzig (USA) - Sweet Briar Too (CAN) by Briartic (CAN)2-n
1998Wild Rush (USA)b.c. 1994 Wild Again (USA) - Rose Park (USA) by Plugged Nickle (USA)1-w
1999Sir Bear (USA)b/br.g. 1993 Sir Leon (USA) - Spicy Pearl (USA) by Bet Big (USA)1 - n
2000Yankee Victor (USA)b/br.c. 1996 Saint Ballado (CAN) - Highest Carol (USA) by Caro (IRE)13 - c
2001Exciting Story (USA)ch.c. 1997Diablo (USA) - Appealing Story (USA) by Valid Appeal (USA)9 - f
2002Swept Overboard (USA)gr.c. 1997 End Sweep (USA) - Sheer Ice (USA) by Cutlass (USA)8 - f
2003Aldebaran (USA)b.c. 1998 Mr. Prospector (USA) - Chimes Of Freedom (USA) by Private Account (USA)8 - f
2004Pico Central (BRZ)b/br.c. 1999 Spend A Buck (USA) - Sheila Purple (brz) by Purple Mountain (USA)16-h
2005Ghostzapper (USA)b.c. 2000 Awesome Again (CAN) - Baby Zip (USA) by Relaunch (USA)23 - b
2006Silver Train (USA)b/br.c. 2002 Old Trieste (USA) - Ridden In Thestars (USA) by Cormorant (USA)4 - m
2007Corinthian (USA)ch.c. 2003 Pulpit (USA) - Multiply (USA) by Easy Goer (USA)5 - h
2008Divine Park (USA)b.c. 2004 Chester House (USA) - High In The Park (USA) by Ascot Knight (CAN)1 - c
2009Bribon (FR)ch.g. 2003 Mark Of Esteem (IRE) - Rowat Arazi (GB) by Arazi (USA)9 - c
2010Quality Road (USA)b.c. 2006 Elusive Quality (USA) - Kobla (USA) by Strawberry Road (AUS)13 - c
2011Tizway (USA)dkb.c. 2005 Tiznow (USA) - Bethany (USA) by Dayjur (USA)A1
2012Shackleford (USA)ch.c. 2008 Forestry (USA) - Oatsee (USA) by Unbridled (USA)2 - f
2012Sahara Sky (USA)dkb/br..c. 2008 Pleasant Tap (USA) - Seeking the Sky (USA) by Storm Cat (USA)6 - f

*Dead Heat

Now part of the "New York Handicap Triple," the third race in the series for older thoroughbreds that includes the Suburban Handicap and the Brooklyn Handicap, now all run at Belmont Park

Run at Morris Park race track, New York, prior to 1905;
Run at Aqueduct race track (New York) in 1960-1967 and 1969; Run at Belmont Park 1906-Present, except for the years at Aqueduct

1-1/8 miles until 1897.
1 mile (8 furlongs) 1898 - Present

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