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  Dixie Stakes (Dixie Handicap)

1870 - Present
Now 1-1/8 miles for 3 years old and up on the turf at Pimlico race course, Baltimore, Maryland

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1870Preakness (USA)b.c. 1867Lexington (USA) - Bay Leaf (USA) by Yorkshire (GB)9
1871Harry Bassett (USA)ch.c. 1868 Lexington (USA) - Canary Bird (USA) by Albion (GB)24
1872Hubbard (USA)ch.c. 1869Planet (USA) - Minnie Mansfield (USA) by Glencoe (GB)9 - c
1873Tom Bowling (USA)b.c. 1870 Lexington (USA) - Lucy Fowler (USA) by Albion (GB)A28
1874Vandalite (USA)b.f. 1871Vandal (USA) - Vesperlight (USA) by Childe Harold (USA)18
1875Tom Ochiltree (USA)b.c. 1872 Lexington (USA) - Katona (USA) by Voucher (USA)A7
1876Vigil (USA)b.c. 1873Virgil (USA) - Regan (USA) by Lexington (USA)5 - a
1877King Faro (USA)b.c. 1874Phaeton (GB) - Keno (USA) by Knight Of St. George (IRE)A34
1878Duke of Magenta (USA)b.c. 1875 Lexington (USA) - Magenta (USA) by Yorkshire (GB)A11
1879Monitor (USA)ch.g. 1876 Glenelg (USA) - Minx (USA) by Lexington (USA)12 - b
1880Grenada (USA)br.c. 1877 King Alfonso (USA) - Mattie Gross (USA) by Lexington (USA)A20
1881Crickmore (USA)b.c. 1878Catesby (USA) - Belle Meade (USA) by Jack Malone (USA)A10
1882Monarch (USA)b.g. 1879Monarchist (USA) - Kith (USA) by Australian (GB)4 - r
1883George Kinney (USA)b.c. 1880 Bonnie Scotland (GB) - Kathleen (USA) by Lexington (USA)4 - r
1884Loftin (USA)b.c. 1881Monarchist (USA) - Lilly Babbit (USA) by Victory (USA)A9
1885East Lynne (USA)ch.f. 1882Springbok (USA) - Easter Planet (USA) by Planet (USA)A16
1886The Bard (USA)b.c. 1883Longfellow (USA) - Brademante (USA) by War Dance (USA)12 - b
1887Hanover (USA)ch.c. 1884Hindoo (USA) - Bourbon Belle (USA) by Bonnie Scotland (GB)21
1888Taragon (USA)ch.c. 1885Stratford (USA) - Tara (USA) by Blarneystone (USA)A24
1889 - 1901 No Race
1902Adelaide Prince (USA)b.f. 1899 Tournament (USA) - Ben-My-Chree (GB) by Galopin (GB)1 - s
1903Colonsay (USA) ch.c. 1900Inverness (GB) - Black Cap (GB) by Royal Hampton (GB)6 - e
1904The Southerner (USA)br.c. 1901The Commoner - Vie (USA) by Virgil (USA)4 - r
1905 - 1923 No Race (see below for Dixie Handicap at Laurel Park race course)
1924Chacolet (GB)b.f. 1918 St. Amant (GB) - Martial Note (GB) by Carbine (NZ)1 - n
1925Sarazen (USA)ch.g. 1921High Time (USA) - Rush Box (USA) by Box (USA)20
1926Sarazen (USA)ch.g. 1921High Time (USA) - Rush Box (USA) by Box (USA)20
1927Mars 2 (USA)b.c. 1923Man o' War (USA) - Christmas Star (USA) by Star Shoot (IRE)2 - c
1928Mike Hall (USA)b.g. 1924Hourless (USA) - Clonakilty (USA) by Catmint (GB)16 - c
1929Diavolo (USA)ch.c. 1925Whisk Broom (USA) - Vexatious (USA) by Peter Pan (USA)3 - n
1930Sandy Ford (USA)b.g. 1926Sand Mole (USA) - Inquiry (USA) by Ampelion (GB)3 - l
1931Paul Bunyan (USA)br.c. 1926Paul Weidel (USA) - Audrey Austin (USA) by Migraine (USA)12 - b
1932Gallant Knight (USA)br.c. 1927 Bright Knight (GB) - Ethel Gray (USA) by Hessian (USA)2 - s
1933Stepenfetchit (USA)ch.c. 1929The Porter (USA) - Sobranje by Polymelus (GB)2 - e
1934Equipoise (USA)ch.c. 1928Pennant (USA) - Swinging (USA) by Broomstick (USA)5 - j
1935Only One (USA)ch.c. 1931Lucullite (USA) - Orissa (USA) by Purchase (USA)9 - e
1936Dark Hope (USA)br.g. 1929Traumer (ger) - Dinahmeur by Allumeur (FR)2 - m
1937Calumet Dick (USA)b/br.c. 1932Gallant Fox (USA) - Martha Snow (IRE) by Sir Martin (USA)19 - c
1938Pompoon (USA)b.c. 1934Pompey (USA) - Oonagh (USA) by Friar Rock (USA)1 - o
1939Sir Damion (USA)b.c. 1934Sir Gallahad Iii (FR) - Ommiad (USA) by Omar Khayyam (GB)1 - n
1940Honey Cloud (USA)ch.g. 1934High Cloud (USA) - Honey Pot (USA) by Sir Martin (USA)23 - b
1941Haltal (USA)b.c. 1937 The Porter (USA) - False Modesty (USA) by Whisk Broom (USA)21 - a
1942Whirlaway (USA)ch.c. 1938Blenheim (GB) - Dustwhirl (USA) by Sweep (USA)8 - h
1943Riverland (USA)b.g. 1938Coldstream (USA) - Edith A. (USA) by Mount Beacon (GB)1 - t
1944Sun Again (USA)ch.c. 1939Sun Teddy (USA) - Hug Again (USA) by Stimulus (USA)9 - f
1945Rounders (IRE)ch.c. 1939Colorado Kid (IRE) - Short Run (GB) by Foxlaw (GB)4 - e
1946Armed (USA)br.g. 1941Bull Lea (USA) - Armful (USA) by Chance Shot (USA)3 - o
1947Assault (USA)ch.c. 1943Bold Venture (USA) - Igual (USA) by Equipoise (USA)4 - c
1948Fervent (USA)ch.c. 1944Blenheim (GB) - Hug Again (USA) by Stimulus (USA)9 - f
1949Chains (USA)b.g. 1945Firethorn (USA) - Handcuff (USA) by Whichone (USA)3 - d
1950Loser Weeper (USA)ch.c. 1945Discovery (USA) - Outdone (USA) by Pompey (USA)8 - d
1951County Delight (USA)b.c. 1947 Count Fleet (USA) - Matriarch (USA) by Sir Gallahad (FR)1 - n
1952Alerted (USA)b.c. 1948 Bull Lea (USA) - Hastily Yours (USA) by John P. Grier (USA)12 - g
1953Royal Vale (GB)b.c. 1948 Kingsway (GB) - Cora Deans (GB) by Coronach (GB)9 - e
1954Straight Face (USA)b.g. 1950 Count Fleet (USA) - Expression (USA) by The Porter (USA)12
1955St. Vincent 2 (GB)ch.g. 1951Ocean Swell (GB) - Light Of Day (GB) by Hyperion (GB)22 - a
1956Chevation (USA)ch.c. 1951 Alibhai (GB) - Fairy Chant (USA) by Chance Shot (USA)1 - c
1957Akbar Khan (GB)ch.c. 1952Tehran (GB) - Hastra (GB) by Hyperion (GB)14 - f
1958Pop Corn (USA)b.c. 1954Nirgal (FR) - Boomdeay (USA) by Amphitheatre (USA)5 - j
1959One-Eyed King (USA)b.c. 1954Nasrullah (GB) - Siama (USA) by Tiger (USA)4 - l
1960Shield Bearer (USA)b.g. 1955 Roman Bout (USA) - Rea`s Girl (USA) by Unbreakable (USA)1 - n
1961Hunterıs Rock (USA)bl.g. 1958Hunterıs Moon (FR) - Rocky Wes (USA) by Piping Rock (GB)2 - d
1962Wise Ship (USA)b.g. 1957 Sky Ship (USA) - Worldly Wise (USA) by Bimelech (USA)6 - a
1963Cedar Key (USA)b/br.c. 1960 Fair Ruler (USA) - Military Lady (USA) by Goya (FR)11 - g
1964Will I Rule (USA)ch.g. 1960Amarullah (USA) - Blue Ethel (USA) by Blue Swords (USA)8 - k
1965*Or et Argent (FR)b.g. 1961 Buisson D`or (FR) - Argentanaise (FR) by Warrior (FR)4 - h
1965*Flag (USA)ch.c. 1960Princequillo (IRE) - Rain Cloud (GB) by Nimbus (GB)9 - c
1966Knightly Manner (USA)b.c. 1961Round Table (USA) - Courtesy (USA) by Nasrullah (GB)1 - n
1967War Censor (USA)b.c. 1963Gallant Man (GB) - Blue Norka (USA) by Blue Swords (USA)9 - f
1968High Hat (USA)ch.c. 1964Oh Johnny (USA) - First Formal (USA) by Rippey (USA)9
1969Czar Alexander (GB)b.c. 1965Pampered King (GB) - War Ribbon (GB) by Anwar (GB)22 - d
1970Fort Marcy (USA)b.g. 1964 Amerigo (GB) - Key Bridge (USA) by Princequillo (IRE)2 - n
1971Chompion (USA)b.c. 1965 Tompion (USA) - Mahratta (USA) by Mahmoud (FR)5 - j
1972Onandaga 2 (USA)ch.c. 1966Ribot (GB) - Red Pippin (USA) by Royal Charger (GB)4 - m
1973Laplander 3 (USA)b.g. 1967Assemblyman (USA) - Reindeer (USA) by Polynesian (USA)3 - i
1974London Company (USA)b.c. 1970 Tom Rolfe (USA) - Bolero`s A-go-go (USA) by Bolero (USA)5 - i
1975Bemo (USA)b.g. 1970Maribeau (USA) - Arctica (USA) by Arctic Prince (GB)13 - c
1976Barcas (USA)ch.c. 1971Sailor (USA) - Goofed (USA) by Court Martial (GB)17 - b
1977Improviser (USA)ch.g. 1972Speak John (USA) - Minim (FR) by Chanteur (FR)1 - l
1978Bowl Game (USA)b.g. 1974 Tom Rolfe (USA) - Around The Roses (USA) by Round Table (USA)26
1979The Very One (USA)b.f. 1975 One For All (USA) - Veruschka (FR) by Venture (GB)9 - f
1980Marquee Universal (IRE)ch.c. 1976Home Guard (USA) - Papillio (IRE) by Pampered King (GB)1 - w
1981El Barril (CHI)ch.c. 1976Tantoul (USA) - Llallagua (chi) by Le Petit Roi (arg)8 - c
1982Robsphere (USA)b/br.g. 1977Roberto (USA) - Stratosphere (USA) by Zenith (USA)10 - a
1983Khatango (USA)b.c. 1979Nijinsky (CAN) - Penny Flight (USA) by Damascus (USA)3 - o
1984Persian Tiara (GB)ch.f. 1980Persian Bold (IRE) - Tarara Girl (GB) by Major Portion (GB)4 - i
1985Nassipour (USA)ch.c. 1980Blushing Groom (FR) - Alama (IRE) by Aureole (GB)9 - c
1986Uptown Swell (USA)b/br.c. 1982Master Derby (USA) - Sophisticate (USA) by Vaguely Noble (IRE)13
1987Akabir (USA)b/br.c. 1981Riverman (USA) - Lypatia (FR) by Lyphard (USA)4 - i
1988Kadial (IRE)b.c. 1983Niniski (USA) - Khadaeen (FR) by Lyphard (USA)5 - e
1989Coeur de Lion (FR)gr.c.1984Crystal Palace (FR) - Marie De Solesmes (FR) by Sassafras (FR)7 - d
1990Two Moccasins (USA)ch.c.1986Apalachee (USA) - Gaytimer (USA) by Te Vega (USA)16 - g
1991Double Booked (USA)b/br.c. 1985 Mari`s Book (USA) - Flowing Bowl by Damascus (USA)2 - o
1992Sky Classic (CAN)ch.c. 1987 Nijinsky (CAN) - No Class (CAN) by Nodouble (USA)23 - b
1993Lure (USA)b.c.1989 Danzig (USA) - Endear (USA) by Alydar (USA)3 - o
1994Paradise Creek (USA)b/br.c. 1989 Irish River (FR) - North Of Eden (IRE) by Northfields (USA)3 - h
1995The Vid (USA)ch.c. 1990World Appeal (USA) - Siren Song (USA) by Rising Market (USA)21
1996Gold and Steel (FR)b.c. 1992Shining Steel (GB) - Horphaly (FR) by Pharly (FR)9 - f
1997Ops Smile (USA)gr.c. 1992 Caveat (USA) - Northern Sting (USA) by Northern Jove (CAN)2 - o
1998Yagli (USA)ch.c. 1993 Jade Hunter (USA) - Nijinsky`s Best (USA) by Nijinsky (CAN)8-f
1999Middlesex Drive (USA)ch.c. 1995 Pine Bluff (USA) - York Woods by Mining (USA)13 - c
2000Quiet Resolve (USA)b.g. 1995Affirmed (USA) - Quiet Cleo (CAN) by No Louder (CAN)2 - h
2001Hap (USA)ch.c. 1996 Theatrical (IRE) - Committed (USA) by Hagley (USA)1 - k
2002Strut the Stage (USA)ch.c. 1998Theatrical (IRE) - Ruby Ransom (CAN) by Red Ransom (CAN)13 - c
2003Dr. Brendler (USA)b.g.1998Distant View (USA) - Lady Of Vision (IRE) by Vision (USA)20 - a
2004Mr. O'Brien (IRE)ch.g. 1999Mukaddamah (USA) - Laurel Delight (GB) by Presidium (GB)1 - s
2005Cool Conductor (USA)b.c. 2001Stravinsky (USA) - Verinha (BRZ) by Baronius (BRZ)4 - b
2006Better Talk Now (USA)b/br.g. 1999 Talkin Man (CAN) - Bendita (USA) by Baldski (USA)1 - l
2007Remarkable News (VEN)ch.c. 2002Chayim (USA) - Unreachable (VEN) by Alhajras (USA)5 - f
2008Pays to Dream (USA)b.g. 2004High Yield (USA) - Changing Ways (USA) by Time For A Change (USA)22 - b
2009Parading (USA)ch.c. 2003 Pulpit (USA) - On Parade (USA) by Storm Cat (USA)6 - a
2010Strike a Deal (USA)b.c. 2004Smart Strike (USA) - Shag (USA) by Dixieland Band (USA)8 - g
2011Paddy o'Prado (USA)gr.c. 2007El Prado (IRE) - Fun House (USA) by Prized (USA)8 - d
2011Paddy O'Prado (USA)gr.c. 2007El Prado (IRE) - Fun House (USA) by Prized (USA)8 - d
2012Hudson Steele (USA)dkb.g. 2007Johannesburg (USA) - Strike the Sky (USA) by Smart Strike (USA)8 - c
2013Skyring (USA)b.c. 2009English Channel (USA) - Violet Lady (USA) by Seattle Slew (USA)19

*Run in two divisions in 1965
The oldest race still run in the Mid-Atlantic states, the Dixie Stakes has been contested, and won, by some of America's most notable horses. A race called the Dixie Handicap, held between 1915 and 1918 at Maryland's Laurel Park, is sometimes considered a version of the Dixie Stakes, although it is not noted as such in the American Racing Manual. A version held between 1902 and 1904 at Benning, Washington D.C. is included in the Manual as part of this race.
1870 - 1888: Held at Pimlico race course, Baltimore, Maryland. Called the Dinner Party Stakes in 1870, and the Reunion Stakes between 1872 and 1888
1902 - 1904: Held at Benning, Washington D.C. for 3 year-olds
[1915 - 1918: Held at Laurel Park race course, Maryland. Called Dixie Handicap at 1-3/16 m.]
1924 - Present: Reintroduced at Pimlico

2 miles 1870 - 1888
1-3/4 miles 1902 - 1904; disc. until 1924
1-3/16 miles 1924 - 1952
1-1/8 miles 1953 - 1954
1-3/8 miles 1955 - 1959
1-1/2 miles 1960 - 1990
1-1/8 miles 1991 - Present
Dixie Handicap at Laurel Park
1915The Finn (USA)bl.c. 1912Ogden (GB) - Livonia (USA) by Star Shoot (IRE)4
1916Short Grass (USA)b.c. 1908Laveno (GB) - Outburst (IRE) by Enthusiast (IRE)1 - o
1917Ticket (USA)b.g. 1914Ballot (USA) - Princess Orna (USA) by Ornamaent (USA)9 - c
1918Cudgel (USA)b.c. 1914Broomstick (USA) - Eugenia Burch (USA) by Ben Strome (GB)4 - a

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