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  Kenner (Miller) Stakes

1870 - 1942 (Discontinued)
1-3/16 miles handicap race (at last running) for 3 year olds at Saratoga race course, Saratoga Springs, New York

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1870Enquirer (USA)b.c. 1867Leamington (GB) - Lida (USA) by Lexington (USA)A18
1871Harry Bassett (USA)ch.c. 1868 Lexington (USA) - Canary Bird (USA) by Albion (GB)24
1872Joe Daniels (USA)ch.c. 1869 Australian (GB) - Dolly Carter (USA) by Glencoe (GB)9 - a
1873The Ill-Used (GB)b.c. 1870Breadalbane (GB) - Ellermire (GB) by Chanticleer (ire)18 - a
1874Stampede (USA)ch.c. 1871War Dance (USA) - Dolly Morgan (USA) by Revenue (USA)4 - r
1875*Ozark (USA)br.c. 1872Pat Malloy (USA) - Sunny South (GB) by Birdcatcher (GB)7 - a
1875*Milner (USA)ch.c. 1872Leamington (GB) - mare (USA) by Lexington (USA)A2
1876Charley Howard (USA)b.c. 1873 Lexington (USA) - Canary Bird (USA) by Albion (GB)24
1877Bazil (USA)b.g. 1874 Melbourne Jr. (USA) - Nellie Grey (USA) by Lexington (USA)A35
1878Duke of Magenta (USA)b.c. 1875 Lexington (USA) - Magenta (USA) by Yorkshire (GB)A11
1879Falsetto (USA)br.c. 1876Enquirer (USA) - Farfaletta (USA) by Australian (GB)4 - r
1880Luke Blackburn (USA)b.c. 1877Bonnie Scotland (GB) - Nevada (USA) by Lexington (USA)12 - b
1881Hindoo (USA)b.c. 1878Virgil (USA) - Florence (USA) by Lexington (USA)24
1882Boatman (USA)b.g. 1879Bonnie Scotland (GB) - Valerian (USA) by Vandal (USA)6
1883George Kinney (USA)b.c. 1880 Bonnie Scotland (GB) - Kathleen (USA) by Lexington (USA)4 - r
1884Powhattan (USA)b.c. 1881Glenelg (USA) - Florence (USA) by Australian (GB)4 - r
1885Irish Pat (USA)ch.c. 1882Pat Malloy (USA) - Ethel (USA) by Leamington (GB)3
1886Elkwood (USA)ch.c. 1883Eolus (USA) - Minnie Andrews (USA) by Victory (USA)9 - c
1887Swarthmore (USA)ch.c. 1884Stampede (USA) - Blossom (USA) by Pat Malloy (USA)20
1888Los Angeles (USA)ch.f. 1885 Glenelg (USA) - La Polka (USA) by Lexington (USA)23 - b
1889Long Dance (USA)b.c. 1886 Longfellow (USA) - La Galatea (USA) by War Dance (USA)A1
1890English Lady (USA)ch.f. 1887 Miser (USA) - Bonny Lass (USA) by Buckden (GB)A30
1891Vallera (USA)ch.c. 1888 Springbok (USA) - Valasco (USA) by Pat Malloy (USA)9 - c
1892Ronald (USA)ch.c. 1889Rossington (GB) - Secret (USA) by Longfellow (USA)A3
1893Stowaway (USA)ch.c. 1890 Spendthrift (USA) - Carrie Phillips (USA) by Pat Malloy (USA)1 - o
1894 - 1900 No Race
1901Baron Pepper (USA)ch.c. 1898Kantaka (GB) - Bonnie Lassie (USA) by Bonnie Brown (GB)1
1902Cunard (USA)ch.c. 1899Goldfinch (GB) - Lucania (USA) by Sir Modred (NZ)6 - a
1903Injunction (USA)ch.c. 1900St. Leonards (USA) - Prohibition (USA) by Rayon d'Or (FR)10
1904 - 1916 No Race
1917Omar Khayyam (GB)ch.c. 1914Marco (GB) - Lisma (GB) by Persimmon (GB)9 - h
1918Enfilade (FR)b.f. 1915Ramrod (FR) - La Rille (FR) by Macdonald (FR)7 - d
1919Milkmaid (USA)b.f. 1916 Peep O`day (GB) - Nell Olin (USA) by Wagner (GB)2 - c
1920Man o' War (USA)ch.c. 1917Fair Play (USA) - Mahubah (USA) by Rock Sand (GB)4 - c
1921Prudery (USA)br.f. 1918Peter Pan (USA) - Polly Flinders (USA) by Burgomaster (USA)21 - a
1922Sweep By (USA)br.c. 1919Sweep (USA) - Iridescence (USA) by Peter Pan (USA)2 - d
1923Martingale (USA)b.c. 1920 Martinet (GB) - Lady Irma (USA) by Sempronius (GB)A1
1924Klondyke (USA)ch.g. 1921Whisk Broom (USA) - Cresson (USA) by All Gold (GB)4 - m
1925Stirrup Cup (USA)b.g. 1922Broomstick (USA) - Cafe Au Lait (USA) by Meddler (GB)5 - i
1926Rock Star (USA)ch.c. 1924Trap Rock (USA) - Star Emerald by Sunstar (GB)29
1927Brown Bud (USA)br.c. 1924 Brown Prince (GB) - June Rose (USA) by Myram (FR)2 - o
1928Reigh Count (USA)ch.c. 1925Sunreigh (GB) - Contessina (GB) by Count Schomberg (IRE)2-e
1929Marine (USA)b.c. 1926Man o' War (USA) - Damaris (GB) by Sunstar (GB)1 - m
1930Whichone (USA)br.c. 1927 Chicle (FR) - Flying Witch (USA) by Broomstick (USA)2 - d
1931Mate (USA)ch.c. 1928Prince Pal (USA) - Killashandra (USA) by Ambassador (GB)22 - a
1932Dark Secret (USA)b.c. 1929Flying Ebony (USA) - Silencia (USA) by King James (USA)2 - h
1933War Glory (USA)ch.c. 1930 Man o' War (USA) - Annette K. by Harry Of Hereford (GB)11 - g
1934Discovery (USA)ch.c. 1931Display (USA) - Ariadne (USA) by Light Brigade (GB)23 - b
1935St. Bernard (USA)b.c. 1932 Bull Dog (FR) - Eager Cissy (GB) by Cicero (GB)13 - a
1936Granville (USA)b.c. 1933 Gallant Fox (USA) - Gravita (USA) by Sarmatian (FR)2 - e
1937Rex Flag (USA)ch.c. 1934Omar Khayyam (GB) - Pennant Queen (USA) by Pennant (USA)14 - f
1938Bull Lea (USA)br.c. 1935Bull Dog (FR) - Rose Leaves (USA) by Ballot (USA)9 - f
1939Hash (USA)b.c. 1936Questionnaire (USA) - Delicacy by Chicle (FR)A13
1940Your Chance (USA)ch.g. 1937 Chance Shot (USA) - Evening (USA) by St. James (USA)22 - b
1941War Relic (USA)ch.c. 1938 Man o' War (USA) - Friar`s Carse (USA) by Friar Rock (USA)1 - o
1942Buckskin (USA)b.c. 1939Swashbuckler (USA) - Becuma (USA) by Achtoi (GB)1 - g

*Ozark and Milner dead-heated in 1875

Many champions contested this race. Between 1920 and 1930 run as the Miller Stakes, in honor of Andrew Miller

Until 1887 run as a weight-for-age race, after that run with penalties and allowances

2 miles 1870 - 1889
1-3/4 miles 1893, 1902, 1903
1-3/8 miles 1901
1-3/16 miles 1902 - 1942

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