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  Phoenix Stakes (Phoenix Hotel Stakes)

1831 - Present
3/4 mile (6 furlongs) for 3 YO and upwards at Keeneland race course, Lexington, Kentucky

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1831 McDonough (USA) b.c. 1828Bertrand (USA) - Diomed Mare (USA) by Darnaby's Diomed (USA)--
1832 Virginia (USA) b.f. 1829Saxe Weimer (USA) - Buzzard Mare by Buzzard (GB)--
1833 Antoinette (USA) b.f. 1830Snowstorm (USA) - Miss Dowden (USA) by Buzzard (GB)--
1834 Adam (USA) ch.c. 1831Brunswick (USA) - Phoebe (USA) by Prince Richard (USA)--
1835Scarlet (USA)ch.c. 1832Waxey (USA) -- Rosemary (USA) by Tiger (USA) 20
1836 Houston (USA) b.c. 1833Columbus (USA) - Diomed Mare by Kennedy's Diomed (USA)--
1837Trumpator coltb.c. 1834Trumpator (USA) - unknown --
1838 Mary Brennan (USA) b.f. 1835Richard Singleton (USA) - Hamlintonian Mare (USA) by Davis' Hamlintonian (USA)--
1839 Minstrel (USA) b.f. 1836Medoc (USA) - Lucy Alexander (USA) by Buford's Alexander (USA)--
1840 Berthune (USA) b.c. 1837Sidi Hamet (USA) - Susette (USA) by Aratus (USA)A24
1841 Zenith (USA) b.c. 1838American Eclipse (USA) - Belle Anderson (USA) by Sir William Of Transport (USA)A2
1842 Rocket (USA) b.c. 1839Sir Leslie (USA) - Lancess (USA) by Lance (USA)4
1843 Rothschild (USA) b.c. 1840Zinganee (GB) - Kate (USA) by Tiger (USA)--
1844 Ann Harrod (USA) ch.f. 1841Hickory John (USA) - King William Mare (USA) by King William (USA) --
1845 Brown Kitty (USA) br.f. 1842Birmingham (USA) - Mare By Tiger (USA) by Tiger--
1846 Ann Hughes (USA) br.f. 1843Envoy (GB) - Lucretia (USA) by Bertrand (USA)A35
1847 Jack Pryor (USA) ch.c. 1844American Eclipse (USA) - Yarico (USA) by Sumpter (USA)A34
1848 Doubloon (USA) ch.c. 1845Margrave (GB) - Picayune (USA) by Medoc (USA)A13
1849 Bob Snell (USA) c. 1846Grey Eagle (USA) - Blinkey (USA) by Muckle John (USA)--
1850 Magic (USA) b.f. 1847Yorkshire (GB) - Magnolia (USA) by Glencoe (GB)4 - m
1851 Goldpin (USA) b.f. 1848Boston (USA) - Goldwire (GB) by Whalebone (USA)1
1852 Star Davis (USA) b.c. 1849 - 1876 Glencoe (GB) - Margaret Wood (USA) by Priam (GB)A1
1853 Lexington (USA) b.c. 1850Boston (USA) - Alice Carneal (USA) by Sarpedon 12 - b
1854 Charley Ball (USA) ch.c. 1851Wagner (USA) - Magnolia (USA) by Glencoe (GB)4 - m
1855 Balloon (USA) b.f. 1852Yorkshire (GB) - Heraldry (GB) by Herald (USA)A1
1856 Parachute (USA) ch.f. 1853Yorkshire (GB) - Heraldry (GB) by Herald (USA)A1
1857 Bonnie Lassie (USA) b.f. 1854Glencoe (GB) - Magdalen (USA) by Medoc (USA)A3
1858 Captain Travis (USA) b.c. 1855Yorkshire (GB) - Margaret Wood (USA) by Priam (GB)A1
1859 Satellite (USA) ch.c. 1856Albion (GB) - Levianthan Mare (USA) by Leviathan (GB)9-c
1860 Solferino (USA) b.c. 1857Yorkshire (GB) - St. Mary (USA) by Hamlet (USA)1 - o
1861 Lilly Ward (USA) ch.f. 1858Lexington (USA) - Laura (USA) by Leviathan (GB)6 - a
1862 Blackbird (USA) bl.c. 1859Albion (GB) - Penola (USA) by Ainderby (GB)24
1864U. S. Grant (USA)br.c. 1861Lexington (USA) - Amanda Morehead (USA) by Glencoe (GB)--
1865Goldring (USA)ch.g. 1862Ringgold (USA) - Anna Farris (USA) by Altorf --
1866Norway (USA)b.c. 1863Lexington (USA) - Novice (USA) by Glencoe (USA)A2
1867Phoenix Belle (USA)ch.f. 1864Australian (USA) - Dolly Carter (USA) by Glencoe (GB)9 - a
1868Crossland (USA)b.c. 1865Lexington (USA) - Albion Mare (USA) by Albion (GB)A13
1869Pompey Payne (USA)b.c. 1866Vandal (USA) - Magnetta (USA) by Mahomet (USA)A11
1870Enquirer (USA)b.c. 1867Leamington (GB) - Lida (USA) by Lexington (USA)A18
1871Mollie Cad (USA)ch.f. 1868Lexington (USA) - Weatherwitch (GB) by Weatherbit (GB)24
1872Planetarium (USA)b.f. 1869Planet (USA) - Mollie Hambledon (USA) by Knight of St. George (IRE)A16
1873Artist (USA)b.c. 1870Asteroid (USA) - Fairy (USA) by Knight Of St. George (IRE)2 - c
1874Aaron Pennington (USA)b.c. 1871Tipperary (USA) - Lucy Fowler (USA) by Albion (USA)A28
1875Ten Broeck (USA)b.c. 1872Phaeton (GB) - Fanny Holt (USA) by Lexington (USA)A14
1876Vagrant (USA)br.g. 1873 Virgil (USA) - Lazy (USA) by Scythian (GB)A13
1877Bradamante (USA)ch.f. 1874War Dance (USA) - Brenna (USA) by Knight of St. George (IRE)12 - b
1878Himyar (USA)b.c. 1875Alarm (USA) - Hira (USA) by Lexington (USA)2 - a
1879 Falsetto (USA) br.c. 1876Enquirer (USA) - Farfaletta (USA) by Australian (GB)4 - r
1880 Fonso (USA) ch.c. 1877 King Alfonso (USA) - Weatherwitch (GB) by Weatherbit (GB)24
1881 Sligo (USA) ch.c. 1878Tom Bowling (USA) - Petty (USA) by Tipperary (USA)A9
1882 Freeland (USA) b.c. 1879Longfellow (USA) - Belle Knight (USA) by Knighthood (USA)A2
1883 Lord Raglan (USA) ch.c. 1880Ten Broeck (USA) - Catina (USA) by Australian (GB)A16
1884 Admiral (USA) b.c. 1881St. Blaise (GB) - Dauntless (GB) by Macaroni (GB)8 - k
1885 Bersan (USA) b.c. 1882Ten Broeck (USA) - Sallie M. (USA) by Longfellow (USA)A3
1886 Grimaldi (USA) b.c. 1883Lisbon (USA) - Nora (USA) by Sovereign (GB)A2
1887 Banburg (USA) b.g. 1884King Ban (GB) - Rosaline (USA) by Commodore (USA)23 - b
1888 The Chevalier (USA) br.c. 1885Prince Charlie (GB) - Miss Haverly (USA) by Waverly (USA)2 - c
1889 Once Again (USA) b.c. 1886Onondaga (USA) - Black Maria (USA) by Bonnie Scotland (GB)A10
1890 Ban Chief (USA) ch.c. 1887King Ban (GB) - Wigwam (USA) by War Dance (USA)A21
1891 Kingman (USA) b.c. 1888 Glengarry (GB) - Patricia (USA) by Vauxhall (USA)23 - b
1892 Wadsworth (USA) b.c. 1889Longfellow (USA) - Trophy (USA) by Alarm (USA)18
1893 Clifford (USA) br.c. 1890Bramble (USA) - Duchess (USA) by Kingfisher (USA)4 - r
1894 Chant (USA) b.c. 1891 Falsetto (USA) - Addie C. (USA) by King Alfonso (USA)A3
1895 Halma (USA) bl.c. 1892Hanover (USA) - Julia L. (USA) by Longfellow (USA)4 - r
1896 Prince Lief (USA) ch.c. 1893King Eric (USA) - Elemi (USA) by Asteroid (USA)23 - b
1897 Goshen (USA) b.c. 1894Glenelg (USA) - Duchess May (USA) by Virgil (USA)12 - b
1898 - 1904 No Race
1905 Agile (USA) b.c. 1902 Sir Dixon (USA) - Alpena (USA) by King Alfonso (USA)24
1906 - 1910 No Race
1911 Countless (USA) ch.c. 1907The Commoner (USA) - Olefiant (USA) by Ornus (GB)4 - r
1912 Mockler (USA) b.c. 1908Sain (GB) - Theresia (USA) by Duke Of Montrose (USA)10
1913 Flora Fina (USA) b.f. 1909Ogden (GB) - Flora Pomona (USA) by Florist (GB)40
1914 - 1916 No Race
1917 Grover Hughes (USA) ch.c. 1909Handsel (USA) - Stamen (USA) by Golden Garter (GB)1 - o
1918 Embroidery (USA) ch.f. 1912Celt (USA) - Network (USA) by Eon (USA)3 - n
1919 Opportunity (USA) b.c. 1914Toddington (GB) - Miss Oertel (USA) by Handsel (USA)2 - i
1920 Buford (USA) ch.c. 1914Ballot (USA) - Ollie Belle (USA) by Charaxus (GB)5 - f
1921 General Haig (USA) b.c. 1916Dick Welles (USA) - My Fair Kentucky (USA) by Ingoldsby (GB)A1
1922 Advocate (USA) ch.c. 1918Ballot (USA) - Inspiration (GB) by Ayrshire (GB)6 - a
1923 Minto II (GB) b.g. 1914Sundridge (GB) - Miss Ronald (GB) by Bay Ronald (GB)5 - g
1924 Chacolet (GB) b.f. 1918St. Amant (GB) - Martial Note (GB) by Carbine (nz)1 - n
1925 Almadel (USA) ch.c. 1922Ultimus (USA) - Busy Lass (USA) by Meddler (GB)A1
1926 Marconi (USA) ch.c. 1922Omar Khayyam (GB) - La Delivrance (FR) by Ajax (FR)10 - a
1927 Percentage (USA) ch.c. 1923Midway (USA) - Gossip Avenue (USA) by Bulse (USA)18 - a
1928 Luxembourg (USA) b.g. 1924Luke Mcluke (USA) - Aunt Josie (USA) by Ogden (GB)4 - m
1929 No Race
1930 Montanaro (USA) b/br.c. 1925Ormont (USA) - Neddle (USA) by Hilarious (USA)A15
1931 - 1936 No Race
1937 Preeminent (USA) ch.c. 1932Supremus (USA) - Star Class (USA) by Star Shoot (IRE)4 - m
1938 Main Man (USA) b.c. 1934 Hildur (USA) - Rose Mist (USA) by St. Rock (USA)27 - a
1939 Torchy (USA) b.g. 1835Torchilla (USA) - Jemima Lee (USA) by General Lee (USA)8 - f
1940 Easy Mon (USA) b.c. 1936Pharamond (GB) - Slow And Easy (USA) by Colin (USA)7 - e
1941 Cherry Jam (USA) br.g. 1936St. Brideaux (USA) - Cherry Tart (USA) by Dominant (USA)--
1942 Devil Diver (USA) b.c. 1939St. Germans (GB) - Dabchick (USA) by Royal Minstrel (GB)13 - c
1943 Miss Dogwood (USA) b/br.f. 1939Bull Dog (FR) - Myrtlewood (USA) by Blue Larkspur (USA)13 - c
1944 Roman Sox (USA) b.f. 1940Roman Soldier (USA) - Sox (USA) by Donnacona (FR)1 - j
1945 Best Effort (USA) bl.c. 1942Ladysman (USA) - Gorgeous Lady (USA) by Busy American (USA)4 - r
1946 Sirius (USA) ch.c. 1941Diavolo (USA) - Starry Heavens (USA) by High Cloud (USA)4 - m
1947 George Gains (USA) ch.c. 1943He Did (USA) - Fond Memories (USA) by Bostonian (USA)1 - k
1948 Coaltown (USA) b.c. 1945Bull Lea (USA) - Easy Lass (USA) by Blenheim (GB)7 - e
1949 Miss Neal (USA) ch.f. 1944Sweeping Tide (USA) - Foreign Play (USA) by Epinard (FR)4 - r
1950 Mount Marcy (USA) ch.c. 1945 Mahmoud (FR) - Maud Muller (USA) by Pennant (USA)16
1951 Mount Marcy (USA) ch.c. 1945 Mahmoud (FR) - Maud Muller (USA) by Pennant (USA)16
1952 Hill Gail (USA) b/br.c. 1949Bull Lea (USA) - Jane Gail (USA) by Blenheim (GB)11 - c
1953 Pet Bully (USA) b.c. 1948 Petrose (USA) - Camelina (USA) by Bull Dog (FR)20-a
1954 Pomace (USA) ch.g. 1949Pilate (USA) - Pomrose (USA) by Pompey (USA)8 - c
1955 Sea o Erin (USA) b.c. 1951Shannon (AUS) - Chantress (GB) by Hyperion (GB)6 - f
1956 Sea o Erin (USA) b.c. 1951Shannon (AUS) - Chantress (GB) by Hyperion (GB)6 - f
1957 Bandit (USA) b.c. 1954Fair Trial (GB) - Careless Nora (IRE) by Panorama (GB)4 - p
1958 Ezgo (USA) b.g. 1954 Olympia (USA) - Patricia P. (USA) by Pilate (USA)9 - e
1959 Bumpy Road (USA) b.g. 1955Andys Glory (USA) - Little Jeep (USA) by War Jeep (USA)A38
1960 Court Affair (USA) b.c. 1956Royal Charger (GB) - Letmenow (USA) by Menow (USA)16 - c
1961 Eight Again (USA) ch.c. 1957Windy City (GB) - Late Again (USA) by Eight Thirty (USA)3 - l
1962 Editorialist (USA) b.c. 1958Olympia (USA) - Stratafire (USA) by Mahmoud (FR)1 - o
1963 Editorialist (USA) b.c. 1958Olympia (USA) - Stratafire (USA) by Mahmoud (FR)1 - o
1964 Choker (USA) br.c. 1960Double Jay (USA) - Tippet (USA) by Count Fleet (USA)16 - g
1965 Gallant Romeo (USA) b.c. 1961Gallant Man (GB) - Juliets Nurse (USA) by Count Fleet (USA)23 - b
1966 Bay Phantom (USA) b.c. 1962Gray Phantom (USA) - Mighty Rocket (USA) by Hierocles (FR)2 - h
1967 Moccasin (USA) ch.f. 1963Nantallah (USA) - Rough Shod (GB) by Gold Bridge (FR)5 - h
1968 Miracle Hill (USA) b.c. 1964Hillsborough (USA) - Miss Miracle (USA) by Ace Admiral (USA)8 - f
1969 Lithiot (USA) c. 1965Ribot (GB) - Lithia (USA) by Ambiorix (FR)8 - g
1970 Paderoso (USA) ch.c. 1966Crozier (USA) - Ocean Maid (USA) by Sailor (USA)2 - b
1971 Great Mystery (USA) b.c. 1967Gulio Cesere (USA) - Mystery Woman (USA) by Guillotine (USA)25
1972**Honey Jay (USA) b.c. 1968Double Jay (USA) - Roman Honey (USA) by Roman (USA)2 - n
1972**Tribal Line (USA) b.c. 1968Roman Line (USA) - Tribel Slippers (USA) by Allied (USA)4 - m
1973 Honey Jay (USA) b.c. 1968Double Jay (USA) - Roman Honey (USA) by Roman (USA)2 - n
1974 Penholder (USA) b.g. 1969Etonian (USA) - Almeh (USA) by Swoon's Son (USA)4 - r
1975 Delta Oil (USA) gr.c. 1969Delta Judge (USA) - Grey Oil (USA) by Oil Capitol (USA)2 - n
1976 Gallant Bob (USA) b/br.g. 1972Gallant Romeo (USA) - Wisp o' Will (USA) by New Policy (USA)2 - p
1977 It's Freezing (USA) ch.c. 1972T. V.commercial (USA) - Articana (USA) by Arctic Prince (GB)1 - w
1978 Amadevil (USA) b.c. 1974Jungle Savage (USA) - Amajewel (USA) by Vanceburg (USA)13 - d
1979 Shelter Half (USA) c. 1975Tentam (USA) - Gay Matelda (USA) by Sir Gaylord (USA)1 - n
1980 Zuppardo's Prince (USA) b/br.c. 1976Cornish Prince (USA) - Prim Lady (USA) by Primate (USA)4 - m
1981**Turbulence (USA) ch.g. 1976Felonious (USA) - Jo's Tornado (USA) by Bolero U. (USA)3 - j
1981**Zuppardo's Prince (USA) b/br.c. 1976Cornish Prince (USA) - Prim Lady (USA) by Primate (USA)4 - m
1982 Golden Derby (USA) gr.c. 1978Master Derby (USA) - Old Goldie (USA) by Young Emperor (GB)C2
1983 Shot N` Missed (USA) b.c. 1977Naskra (USA) - Guest Shot (USA) by Sunrise Flight (USA)8 - g
1984 Timeless Native (USA) ch.c. 1980Timeless Moment (USA) - Head Off (USA) by Executioner (USA)16 - d
1985 Harry `N Bill (USA) b.c. 1980Amasport (USA) - Impatient Ann (USA) by Iron Ruler (USA)1 - s
1986 Lucky North (USA) b.c. 1981Northern Dancer (CAN) - Lucky Ole Me (USA) by Olden Times (USA)21 - a
1987 Diapason (CAN) b.c. 1980Tentam (USA) - Coulisse (CAN) by Stage Door Johnny (USA)1 - e
1988 Carload (USA) ch.c. 1982Relaunch (USA) - Refresher (USA) by Pretense (USA)1 - o
1989 Momsfurrari (USA) b.c. 1984Elocutionist (USA) - King's Favorite (USA) by Cornish Prince (USA)16 - f
1990 Hadif (USA) b.c. 1986Clever Trick (USA) - Ciao (USA) by Silent Screen (USA)8 - g
1991 Deposit Ticket (USA) b.c. 1988Northern Baby (CAN) - Propositioning (USA) by Mr. Prospector (USA)4 - r
1992 British Banker (USA) b.c. 1988Private Account (USA) - London Lady (USA) by Affirmed (USA)22 - c
1993 Anjiz (USA) b.c. 1988Nureyev (USA) - Prayers`n Promises (USA) by Foolish Pleasure (USA)16 - h
1994 Lost Pan (USA) ch.c. 1990Lost Code (USA) - Cushion Cut (USA) by Raise A Man (USA)2 - h
1995 Golden Gear (USA) b.c. 1991Gulch (USA) - Fineza (USA) by Lypheor (GB)16 - a
1996 Forest Wildcat (USA) b/br.c. 1991Storm Cat (USA) - Victoria Beauty (USA) by Bold Native (USA)1 - n
1997 Bet On Sunshine (USA) ch.c. 1992Bet Big (USA) - My Own Sunshine (USA) by In Reality (USA)4 - m
1998 Partner`s Hero (USA) b/br.c. 1994Danzig (USA) - Safely Home (USA) by Winning Hit (USA)4 - m
1999 Richter Scale (USA) b.c. 1994Habitony (IRE) - Devine Pet (USA) by Bel Bolide (USA)2 - h
2000 Five Star Day (USA) ch.c. 1996Carson City (USA) - Reggie V (USA) by Vanlandingham (USA)11 - f
2001 Bet On Sunshine (USA) ch.c. 1992Bet Big (USA) - My Own Sunshine (USA) by In Reality (USA)4 - m
2002 Xtra Heat (USA) b.f. 1998Dixieland Heat (USA) - Begin (USA) by Hatchet Man (USA)5 - g
2003 Najran (USA) gr.c. 1999Runaway Groom (CAN) - Line Command (USA) by Capote (USA)16 - c
2004 Champali (USA) b.c. 2000Glitterman (USA) - Radioactivity (USA) by Dixieland Band (USA)2 - d
2005 Elusive Jazz (USA) ch.c. 2001Elusive Quality (USA) - Time For Jazz (USA) by Kentucky Jazz (USA)20-b
2006 Kelly`s Landing (USA) b/br.g. 2001Patton (USA) - Best Game (USA) by Great Above (USA)9 - c
2007 Off Duty (USA) b.c. 2003Yes It`s True (USA) - Ms North Carolina (USA) by Honour And Glory (USA)16
2008 Sing Baby Sing (USA) b.c. 2003Unbridled`s Song (USA) - Roll Over Baby (USA) by Rollin On Over (USA)1 - c
2009 Fatal Bullet (USA) b.g. 2005Red Bullet (USA) - Sararegal (CAN) by Regal Classic (CAN)5 - h
2010 Wise Dan (USA) ch.g. 2007 Wiseman`s Ferry (USA) - Lisa Danielle (USA) by Wolf Power (SAF)5 - h
2011 Hoofit (NZ) b.g. 2007 Mossman (AUS) - Chuckle (AUS) by Danehill (USA)13 - a
2012 Sum of the Partsdkb/br.c. 2009 Speightstown (USA) - Enjoy the Moment (USA) by Slews Royalty (USA)12 - g

**Run in two divisions: 1972 and 1981

The Kentucky Association Track in Lexington was opened in 1826, and a stakes for 3-year-olds, mile heats was run at the Spring meet starting in 1831. In 1838, this race became the first named stakes run at the track, as the Brennan Stakes, named for John Brennan, proprietor of the Phoenix Hotel, who sponsored the race, providing a silver pitcher as a trophy valued at $100 to the winner. The race that year was won, coincidentally, by the filly Mary Brennan. The race was run as the Brennan stakes from 1838 to 1845 inclusive. Brennan sold the Phoenix Hotel to John G. Chiles, who sponsored the race, run as the Chiles Stakes in 1846.  In 1847, with Chiles still sponsoring, the race was run for the first time as the Phoenix Stakes, and run with that name and the same conditions from 1847 to 1850 inclusive. Chiles withdrew sponsorship for the 1851 running, and the Kentucky Association took up responsibility for the prize, putting up the $100 silver plate trophy, and renaming the race the "Association Stakes" which is how it was known from 1851 to 1866. After this it was known as the Phoenix Hotel Stakes and sometimes just the Phoenix Stakes. After 1894, it is referred to as the Phoenix Stakes, the name which it is known by today. The last running at the Kentucky Association Track was in 1930 and that track closed in 1933. The race was reinstated in 1937 at Keeneland Race Course (which opened in 1936).

Conditions: From 1831 to 1872 it was run at the Spring meeting (except 1863 when, due to the Civil War, no spring meeting was held). It has been run for 3-year-olds from 1831 to 1905 inclusive; run for 3-year-olds and up since 1911. It was run at mile heats from 1831 to 1877 inclusive. In 1873, a second race with the same name was introduced in the Fall meeting, at mile heats, and the spring race became a single heat (dash) race of 10 furlongs. The fall race was discontinued after the 1878 running. The spring dash was reduced to 9 furlongs from 1874 through 1877; increased to 14 furlongs in 1878; reduced to 10 furlongs from 1879 to 1889; reduced to 9 furlongs from 1890 to 1896; reduced to 8.5 furlongs from 1897 thru 1926; reduced to 6 furlongs in 1927, increased to 9 furlongs for 1930, which was the last running at the Kentucky Association Track (which closed in 1933). Since being reinstated at Keeneland Race Course in 1937, the race has been run at 6 furlongs. The race was not run in the spring of 1863; from 1898 to 1904 inclusive; 1906 to 1910 inclusive; 1914 to 1916 inclusive; and 1929; from 1931 to 1936 inclusive. The race was run as an overnight handicap (not a stakes) in 1920, 1921, 1923, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1930.

Autumn Phoenix Hotel Stakes (Mile Heats)
1872Fannie Malone (USA)ch.f. 1870Jack Malone (USA) - Fannie Barrow (USA) by Albion (GB)A22
1873The Gleaner (USA)b.f. 1870War Dance (USA) - Glycera (USA) by Sovereign (GB)12 - b
1874Big Fellow (USA)ch.c. 1871War Dance (USA) - Fly (USA) by Mahomet (USA)A20
1875Misdeal (USA)ch.f. 1872Gilroy (USA) - Mishap (USA) by Knight of St. George (IRE)5 - a
1876Clemmie G. (USA)b.f. 1873War Dance (USA) - Alexandra (USA) by Sovereign (GB)20
1877McWhirter (USA)ch.c. 1874 Enquirer (USA) - Ontario (USA) by Bonnie Scotland (GB)3
1878Leveller (USA)b.c. 1875 Lever (USA) - Sly Boots (USA) by Rivoli (USA)4 - m

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