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  Toboggan Handicap

1890 - Present
6 furlong handicap over dirt for three-year-olds and upwards at Aqueduct race course, Queens, New York

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1890Fides (USA)b.f. 1886The Ill-used (GB) - Fillette (USA) by Kingfisher (USA)5 - f
1891 No Race
1892Madstone (USA)br.c. 1886Vanderbilt (USA) - Nina Turner (USA) by Hiawatha (USA)A10
1893Prince George (USA)b.c. 1890Sensation (USA) - Louisette (USA) by Glenelg (USA)12 - b
1894Correction (USA)b.f. 1888Himyar (USA) - Mannie Gray (USA) by Enquirer (USA)23 - b
1895 No Race
1896Hastings (USA)br.c. 1893Spendthrift (USA) - Cinderella (GB) by Tomahawk (GB)21 - a
1897Octagon (USA)ch.c. 1894 Rayon d'Or (FR) - Ortegal (GB) by Bend Or (GB)16 - g
1898Octagon (USA)ch.c. 1894 Rayon d'Or (FR) - Ortegal (GB) by Bend Or (GB)16 - g
1899Banastar (USA)ch.c. 1895 Farandole (USA) - Blessing (USA) by Onondaga (USA)6
1900Voter (GB)ch.c. 1894 Friar`s Balsam (GB) - Mavourneen (GB) by Barcaldine (IRE)1 - g
1901Banastar (USA)ch.c. 1895 Farandole (USA) - Blessing (USA) by Onondaga (USA)6
1902Old England (USA)b.c. 1899 Goldfinch (GB) - Queen Bess (GB) by Marden (GB)1-k
1903Mizzen (USA)b.c. 1900Hastings (USA) - Donna Mia (USA) by The Ill-used (GB)10 - c
1904Hurst Park (USA)ch.c. 1900Kingston (USA) - Editha (GB) by Master Kildare (IRE)8 - g
1905Roseben (USA)b.g. 1901Ben Strome (GB) - Rose Leaf (USA) by Duke Of Montrose (USA)36
1906Clark Griffith (USA)b.c. 1903Kinley Mack (USA) - Maiden Poem (USA) by Laureate (GB)3 - k
1907Ben Ban (USA)ch.g. 1903Ben Strome (GB) - Ban Amy (USA) by King Ban (GB)22
1908Berry Maid (USA)b.f. 1905Oddfellow (GB) - Rubus (USA) by Bramble (USA)23 - b
1909De Mund (USA)ch.c. 1904Goldfinch (GB) - Graciosity (USA) by Juvenal (GB)21
1910Mary Davis (USA)b.f. 1906Watercress (GB) - Colonial (GB) by Trenton (NZ)9 - f
1911 - 1912 No Race
1913Iron Mask (USA)b/br.g. 1908Disguise (USA) - Royal Rose (GB) by Royal Hampton (GB)8 - c
1914Rock View (USA)b.c. 1910 Rock Sand (GB) - Golden View (USA) by Hastings (USA)9 - e
1915High Noon (USA)ch.c. 1912Voter (GB) - Noonday (USA) by Domino (USA)1 - h
1916High Noon (USA)ch.c. 1912Voter (GB) - Noonday (USA) by Domino (USA)1 - h
1917Campfire (USA)ch.c. 1914 Olambala (USA) - Nightfall (USA) by Voter (GB)1 - h
1918Naturalist (USA)b.g. 1914Rabelais (GB) - Nature (USA) by Meddler (GB)23 - b
1919Billy Kelly (USA)b.g. 1916 Dick Welles (USA) - Glena (USA) by Free Knight (USA)9 - c
1920Lion d'Or (USA)ch.c. 1916Heno (USA) - Aile D’or (USA) by Captain Hancock (USA)12 - b
1921Gladiator (USA)b.c. 1917Superman (USA) - Lotawanna (GB) by Trenton (NZ)5 - i
1922Rocket (USA)g. 1919Broomstick (USA) - First Flight (USA) by Thrush (GB)3
1923Mad Hatter (USA)br.c. 1916Fair Play (USA) - Madcap (USA) by Rock Sand (GB)4 - r
1924Sheridan (USA)br.c. 1921Sweep (USA) - Iridescence (USA) by Peter Pan (USA)2 - d
1925Worthmore (USA)ch.c. 1921 Thunderer (USA) - Lady Moon`et (USA) by Dick Welles (USA)5 - a
1926Sarmaticus (USA)b.c. 1923Sarmation (FR) - Pretty Lady (USA) by Ultimus (USA)4 - c
1927Chance Play (USA)ch.c. 1923Fair Play (USA) - Quelle Chance (USA) by Ethelbert (USA)3 - c
1928Osmand (USA)ch.g. 1924Sweeper (FR) - Ormonda (USA) by Superman (USA)8-h
1929Osmand (USA)ch.g. 1924 Sweeper (FR) - Ormonda (USA) by Superman (USA)8-h
1930Balko (USA)bl.c. 1925Omar Khayyam (GB) - Rahu (USA) by Disguise (USA)1 - h
1931Caruso (USA)b.c. 1927Polymelian (GB) - Sweet Music (USA) by Harmonicon (USA)1 - o
1932Equipoise (USA)ch.c. 1928Pennant (USA) - Swinging (USA) by Broomstick (USA)5 - j
1933Okapi (USA)br.c. 1930Eternal (USA) - Oktibbena (USA) by Rock Sand (GB)16 - g
1934Okapi (USA)br.c. 1930Eternal (USA) - Oktibbena (USA) by Rock Sand (GB)16 - g
1935Identify (USA)ch.c. 1931Man o' War (USA) - Footprint (USA) by Grand Parade (GB)1 - m
1936Singing Wood (USA)b/br.c. 1931 Royal Minstrel (GB) - Glade (USA) by Touch Me Not (USA)9 - b
1937Preeminent (USA)ch.c. 1932 Supremus (USA) - Star Class (USA) by Star Shoot (IRE)4 - m
1938Deliberator (USA)b.c. 1933Wise Counsellor (USA) - Azurita (USA) by Hessian (USA)4 - r
1939Entracte (USA)ch.c. 1936Stimulus (USA) - In Between (USA) by Colin (USA)4 - r
1940Eight Thirty (USA)ch.c. 1936Pilate (USA) - Dinner Time (USA) by High Time (USA)11 - g
1941Eight Thirty (USA)ch.c. 1936Pilate (USA) - Dinner Time (USA) by High Time (USA)11 - g
1942Omission (USA)bl.c. 1938Jock (USA) - Neglect (USA) by General Thatcher (USA)1 - c
1943Devil Diver (USA)b.c. 1939St.Germans (GB) - Dabchick (USA) by Royal Minstrel (GB)13 - c
1944Devil Diver (USA)b.c. 1939St.Germans (GB) - Dabchick (USA) by Royal Minstrel (GB)13 - c
1945Apache (USA)br.c. 1939 Alcazar (IRE) - Flying Song (USA) by Sir Gallahad (FR)20-b
1946Polynesian (USA)br.c. 1942Unbreakable (USA) - Black Polly (USA) by Polymelian (GB)14 - a
1947Buzfuz (USA)b.g. 1942 Zacaweista (USA) - Polyata (USA) by Polydor (USA)12 - c
1948Rippey (USA)b.c. 1943 Pompey (USA) - Broad Ripple (USA) by Stimulus (USA)6 - a
1949Rippey (USA)b.c. 1943 Pompey (USA) - Broad Ripple (USA) by Stimulus (USA)6 - a
1950Piet (USA)ch.c. 1945 Grand Slam (USA) - Valdina Lark (USA) by Blue Larkspur (USA)15 - d
1951Hyphasis (USA)b, g, 1947Hypnotist (GB) - Vibration (GB) by Sir Cosmo (IRE)1 - a
1952Dark Peter (USA)b.g. 1948Piping Rock (GB) - Dark Maiden (USA) by Snark (USA)A4
1953Tuscany (USA)b.c. 1948The Rhymer (USA) - Roman Matron (USA) by Pompey (USA)20
1954White Skies (USA)ch.c. 1949 Sun Again (USA) - Milk Dipper by Milkman (USA)1-o
1955Sailor (USA)ch.c. 1952 Eight Thirty (USA) - Flota (USA) by Jack High (USA)22 - b
1956Nance’s Lad (USA)b.c. 1952Slide Rule (USA) - Nance’s Ace (USA) by Case Ace (USA)3 -n
1957Decimal (USA)b.c. 1952Slide Rule (USA) - Granheart (USA) by Granville (USA)1 - k
1958Bold Ruler (USA)b/br.c. 1954Nasrullah (IRE) - Miss Disco (USA) by Discovery (USA)8 - d
1959Tick Tock (USA)br.c. 1953 Double Jay (USA) - Up Early (USA) by Sun Again (USA)1 - o
1960Intentionally (USA)bl.c. 1956Intent (USA) - My Recipe (USA) by Discovery (USA)5 - j
1961April Skies (USA)b/br.g. 1957Hannibal (USA) - Thendara (USA) by Requested (USA)9 - b
1962Merry Ruler (GB)br.g. 1958 Grey Sovereign (GB) - Queen Of Song (GB) by King Salmon (IRE)21-a
1963Kilmoray (USA)br.g. 1959War Admiral (USA) - Level Sands (USA) by Mahmoud (FR)5 - g
1964Scythe (USA)br.g. 1960Double Jay (USA) - Lea Moon (USA) by Nasrullah (GB)16 - g
1965Affectionately (USA)b.f. 1960 Swaps (USA) - Searching (USA) by War Admiral (USA)1 - s
1966Time Tested (USA)b.c. 1962Better Self (USA) - Past Eight (USA) by Eight Thirty (USA)8 - h
1967Advocator (USA)b.c. 1963Round Table (USA) - Delta Queen (USA) by Bull Lea (USA)12 - c
1968Jim J. (USA)ch.c. 1964First Landing (USA) - Sunelia (USA) by More Sun (USA)12 - b
1969Beaukins (USA)ch.c. 1965Beau Gar (USA) - Mopkins (USA) by Bolero (USA)13 - c
1970Duck Dance (USA)ch.c. 1967 Water Prince (USA) - Classic Rhythm (USA) by Swoon`s Son (USA)2 - o
1971Shut Eye (USA)b/br.g. 1966Intentionally (USA) - Languid (USA) by Tudor Minstrel (GB)4 - n
1972Leematt (USA)gr.c. 1968 Turn To Reason (USA) - Sun Rondeau by Bull Brier (USA)4 - e
1973Tentam (USA)b/br.c. 1969Intentionally (USA) - Tamerett (USA) by Tim Tam (USA)2 - f
1974Mike John G. (USA)ch.c. 1970Hot Dust (USA) - Date Bait (USA) by Blue Prince (USA)1 - t
1975Honorable Miss (USA)b.f. 1970Damascus (USA) - Court Circuit (USA) by Royal Vale (GB)13 - c
1976Due Diligence (USA)b.c. 1972 Stevward (USA) - Rather Special (USA) by Third Brother (USA)2 - n
1977Great Above (USA)b/br.c. 1972Minnesota Mac (USA) - Ta Wee (USA) by Intentionally (USA)1 - r
1978Barrera (USA)ch.c. 1973 Raise A Native (USA) - Minnetonka (USA) by Chieftain (USA)9 - c
1979Vencedor (USA)b.c. 1974Flag Raiser (USA) - Handiwork (USA) by Fulcrum (USA)8 - f
1980Tilt Up (USA)b.c. 1975Olden Times (USA) - Unity (GB) by Tudor Melody (GB)4 - i
1981Dr. Blum (USA)ch.c. 1977Dr.fager (USA) - Due Dilly (USA) by Sir Gaylord (USA)9 - b
1982Always Run Lucky (USA)ch.c. 1978What Luck (USA) - Big Puddles (USA) by Delta Judge (USA)9 - e
1983Mouse Corps (USA)ch.c. 1978Within Hail (USA) - Scarlet My Dear (USA) by Grey Dawn (FR)14
1984Top Avenger (USA)b.c. 1978Staunch Avenger (USA) - Atop (USA) by Dunce (USA)5 - g
1985Fighting Fit (USA)ch.c. 1979Full Pocket (USA) - Napalm (USA) by Nilo (GB)18
1986Rexson’s Bishop (USA)b/br.c. 1982Rexson (USA) - Empress Bishop (USA) by King Emperor (USA)2 - s
1987Play the King (CAN)b/br.g. 1983King Of Spain (GB) - Whisper (USA) by Laugh Aloud (USA)1 - k
1988Afleet (CAN)ch.c. 1984 Mr. Prospector (USA) - Polite Lady (USA) by Venetian Jester (USA)1 - h
1989Lord of the Night (USA)b/br.c. 1983 Lord Avie (USA) - Dame Margot (USA) by Northern Dancer (CAN)7 - a
1990Sunny Blossom (USA)g. 1985Sunny Clime (USA) - New Blossom (USA) by Brazen Brother (USA)5 - e
1991Bravely Bold (USA)b.g. 1986Danzig (USA) - Claerwen (GB) by Habat (IRE)7 - d
1992Boom Towner (USA)b.g. 1988Obligato (USA) - Perfect Profile (USA) by Stop The Music (USA)8 - f
1993Argyle Lake (USA)b/br.c. 1986Talc (USA) - Ozona (USA) by Verbatim (USA)4 - m
1994Blare of Trumpets (USA)b.c. 1989Fit To Fight (USA) - Wild Applause (USA) by Northern Dancer (CAN)1 - s
1995Boom Towner (USA)b.g. 1988Obligato (USA) - Perfect Profile (USA) by Stop The Music (USA)8 - f
1996Placid Fund (USA)ch.c. 1992Dixieland Band (USA) - Sunset Strait (USA) by Naskra (USA)4 - m
1997Royal Haven (USA)b/br.g. 1992Hail Emperor (USA) - Cruising Haven (USA) by Shelter Half (USA)5 - i
1998Home on the Ridge (USA)ch.c. 1994Homebuilder (USA) - Nizy (USA) by Cox’s Ridge (USA)20 - b
1999Wouldn't We All (USA)ch.c. 1994Woodman (USA) - Dream Launch (USA) by Relaunch (USA)13 - c
2000Brutally Frank (USA)b.g. 1994Groovy (USA) - Rare Touch (USA) by Rare Performer (USA)4 - e
2001Peeping Tom (USA)b.g. 1997 Eagle Eyed (USA) - Artful Pleasure by Nasty And Bold (USA)9
2002Affirmed Success (USA)b/br.g. 1994 Affirmed (USA) - Towering Success (USA) by Irish Tower (USA)12-c
2003Affirmed Success (USA)b/br.g. 1994 Affirmed (USA) - Towering Success (USA) by Irish Tower (USA)12-c
2004Well Fancied (USA)br.g. 1998Prosper Fager (USA) - Patty's Fancy Tric (USA) by Tricky Creek (USA)8 - h
2005Primary Suspect (USA)ch.c. 2001Hennessy (USA) - Deb's Honor (USA) by Affirmed (USA)1 - s
2006Kazoo (USA)ch.c. 1998Tabasco Cat (USA) - Vennila Cream (USA) by Valid Appeal (USA)4 - r
2007Attila’s Storm (USA)b.c. 2002Forest Wildcat (USA) - Sweet Symmetry (USA) by Magesterial (USA)4 - i
2008Sir Greeley (USA)b/br.g. 2002Mr.greeley (USA) - Worry Not (USA) by Concern (USA)20 - a
2009Ah Day (USA)b.g. 2003Malibu Moon (USA) - Endette (USA) by Thirty Eight Pages (USA)9 - f
2010Wall Street Wonder (USA)b/br.c. 2006City Place (USA) - Kisses And Hugs (USA) by Kissin Kris (USA)2 - d
2011Calibrachoa (USA)b/br.c. 2007Southern Image (USA) - Fort Lauderdale (USA) by Montbrook (USA)10 - a
2012Calibrachoa (USA)b/br.c. 2007Southern Image (USA) - Fort Lauderdale (USA) by Montbrook (USA)10 - a
2013Head Heart Hoof (USA)gr.c. 2006Intidab (USA) - Trustee's Gray (1998) by Flying Chevron (USA)20 - a

Called the Toboggan Slide Handicap to 1896, always a sprint handicap held in the spring

1890 - 1896 Held at Morris Park race course, Bronx, New York
1897 - 1962 Held at Belmont Park race course, New York
1963 - Present Held at Aqueduct race course, Queens, New York

6 furlongs 1890 - 1993
7 furlongs 1995 - 2004
6 furlongs 2005 - Present

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