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  Nursery Stakes Handicap

1866 - 1935 (Discontinued)
3/4 mile (6 furlongs) for 2 year olds, Belmont Park, New York

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1866Ruthless (USA)b.f. 1864 Eclipse 2 (GB) - Barbarity (IRE) by Simoon (IRE)32
1867La Polka (USA)b.f1865Lexington (USA) - Dance (USA) by Glencoe (GB)23 - b
1868Bonnie Leaf (USA)b.f.1866Balrownie (GB) - Ivy Leaf (USA) by Australian (GB)9 - a
1869Remorseless (USA)ch.f.1867Eclipse 2 (GB) - Barbarity (IRE) by Simoon (GB)32
1870Harry Bassett (USA)ch.c.1868 Lexington (USA) - Canary Bird (USA) by Albion (GB)24
1871Joe Daniels (USA)ch.c.1869 Australian (GB) - Dolly Carter (USA) by Glencoe (GB)9 - a
1872Wildidle (USA)b.c.1870Australian (GB) - Idlewild (USA) by Lexington (USA)A3
1873Rutherford (USA)ch.c.1871Australian (GB) - Aerolite (USA) by Lexington (USA)A3
1874Olitipa (GB)ch.f.1872Leamington (GB) - Oleata (USA) by Lexington (USA)4 - r
1875Patience br.f.1873Parmesan (GB) - Patronage (GB) by The Prime Minister (GB)2 - n
1876Leonard (USA)b.c.1874Longfellow (USA) - Colleen Bawn (USA) by Endorser (USA)A5
1877Duke of Magenta (USA)b.c.1875 Lexington (USA) - Magenta (USA) by Yorkshire (GB)A11
1878Report (USA)ch.g.1876King Ernest (GB) - Echo (USA) by Lexington (USA)4 - r
1879Sensation (USA)br.c.1877Leamington (GB) - Susan Beane (USA) by Lexington (USA)12 - b
1880Brambaletta (USA)br.f.1878Bonnie Scotland (GB) - Ivy Leaf (USA) by Australian (GB)9
1881Wyoming (USA)b.g.1879War Dance (USA) - Opponent (USA) by Melbourne Jr. (USA)A21
1882Kinglike (USA)b.c.1880King Ernest (GB) - Mimi (USA) by Eclipse (GB)A10
1883Himalaya (USA)br.c.1881Virgil (USA) - Kentucky Belle (USA) by Goodwood (USA)A2
1884Hopeful (USA)b.c.1882Glenelg (USA) - Misfortune (USA) by Gilroy (USA)5 - a
1885Dew Drop (USA)b.f.1883 Falsetto (USA) - Explosion (USA) by Hampton Court (GB)4 - r
1886Firenze (USA)b.f.1884Glenelg (USA) - Florida (USA) by Virgil (USA)24
1887Fordham (USA)br.c.1885Falsetto (USA) - Semper Vive (USA) by Waverly (USA)12 - b
1888Stately (USA)b.f.1886King Ernest (GB) - Mimi (USA) by Eclipse (GB)A10
1889King Eric (USA)b.c.1887King Ernest (GB) - Cyclone (GB) by Parmesan (GB) 3 - b
1890Nellie Bly (USA)b.f.1888 Stratford (USA) - Maumee (USA) by Vauxhall (USA)15 - d
1891Yorkville Belle (USA)ch.f.1889Miser (USA) - Thora (USA) by Longfellow (USA)A5
1892Runyon (USA)br.c.1890Longfellow (USA) - Fanfare (USA) by King Ernest (GB)A3
1893Patrician (USA)b.c.1891St. Blaise (GB) - Peeress (USA) by The Ill-used (GB)4 - r
1894Brandywine (USA)ch.c. 1892St. Blaise (GB) - Susquehanna (USA) by Leamington (GB)12 - b
1895Ben Brush (USA)b.c.1893 Bramble (USA) - Roseville (USA) by Reform (USA)A1
1896Celoso (USA)b.f.1894Emperor Of Norfolk (USA) - Paola (USA) by Rutherford (USA)A34
1897Plaudit (USA)br.c.1895Himyar (USA) - Cinderella (GB) by Tomahawk (GB)21 - a
1898Ethelbert (USA)b.c.1896 Eothen (GB) - Maori (GB) by Poulet (FR)23 - a
1899King’s Courier (USA)ch.c. 1897Kingston (USA) - Stylitene (USA) by Stylites (GB)A30
1900Bellario (USA)ch.c.1898Belvidere (USA) - Madge Stuart (GB) by Charles I (GB)4 - d
1901King Hanover (USA)ch.c.1899 Hanover (USA) - Lady Agnes (USA) by St. Blaise (GB)28
1902Eugenia Burch (USA)br.f.1900 Ben Strome (GB) - The Humber (GB) by Bread Knife (GB)4 - a
1903Race King (USA)ch.c.1901 Tenny (USA) - Orderlette (USA) by Order (GB)24
1904Pasadena (USA)b.c.1902Ben Strome (USA) - Blue Bells (USA) by Kingfisher (USA)4 - r
1905Perverse (USA)b.f.1903 Meddler (GB) - Melba (USA) by Mortemer (FR)3 - n
1906W. H. Daniel (USA)b.c.1904Woolsthorpe (GB) - Colline (USA) by Hanover (USA)4 - m
1907Dorante (USA)b.c.1905 Pessara (USA) - Lady Augusta (USA) by Luke Blackburn (USA)1 - o
1908Trance (USA)b.f.1906Ben Brush (USA) - Fair Vision (GB) by Touchet (GB)9 - b
1909Fauntleroy (USA)b.c.1907 Little Saint (GB) - Flickamaroo (USA) by His Highness (USA)15 - d
1910 - 1913 No Race
1914Sharpshooter (USA)b.g. 1912Mcgee (USA) - Single Shot (USA) by Star Shoot (IRE)12 - c
1915Whimsy (USA)br.g.1913Burgomaster (USA) - Whimsical (USA) by Orlando (GB)2 - n
1916Straight Forward (USA)b.c.1914Star Shoot (USA) - Frankness (USA) by Miller (USA)4 - m
1917Jack Hare Jr. (USA)b.c.1915 Marathon (USA) - Moon`et (USA) by Donald A. (GB)5 - a
1918The Trump (USA)b.c.1916Ormondale (USA) - American Girl (USA) by Cesarion (USA)23 - b
1919Dr. Clark (USA)ch.g.1917Broomstick (USA) - Panasine (USA) by Peter Pan (USA)1 - l
1920Hildur (USA)bl.c.1918Star Shoot (IRE) - Shelby Belle (USA) by Knight Errant (USA)4 - m
1921Snob II (FR)b/br.c.1919Prestige (FR) - May Dora by Isidor (GB)1 - g
1922Cherry Pie (USA)**b.g.1920 Chicle (FR) - Cherry Malotte (USA) by Orlando (GB)**
1923Infinite (USA)ch.c.1921Ultimus (USA) - Continental (USA) by Yankee (USA)5 - i
1924Repulse (USA)ch.c.1922Spanish Prince (USA) - Soria (USA) by Ogden (GB)4 - m
1925Bubbling Over (USA)ch.c.1923 North Star (GB) - Beaming Beauty (USA) by Sweep (USA)8 - h
1926Osmand (USA)ch.g.1924Sweeper (FR) - Ormonda (USA) by Superman (USA)8-h
1927Prate (USA)ch.g.1925Touch Me Not (USA) - Twaddle (USA) by Broomstick (USA)A34
1928Dr. Freeland (USA)ch.c.1926 Light Brigade (GB) - Toddle (USA) by Celt (USA)10 - b
1929Flying Heels (USA)b/br.c.1927Flying Ebony (USA) - Heeltaps (USA) by Ultimus (USA)A4
1930Sunny Lassie (USA)b/br.f.1928Sun Flag (USA) - Scotland Yet (USA) by Friar Rock (USA)10 - d
1931Faireno (USA)b.c.1929 Chatterton (USA) - Minerva (USA) by Ambassador (GB)A11
1932Quel Jeu (USA)ch.c.1930 High Time (USA) - Question (USA) by Fair Play (USA)3 - c
1933Kawagoe (USA)ch.g.1931Sickle (GB) - Kawa (USA) by Trap Rock (USA)12 - b
1934Sound Advice (USA)b.c.1932Wise Counsellor (USA) - Wise Mother (USA) by Von Tromp (USA)12 - b
1935*Coldstream (USA)b.c.1933 Bull Dog (FR) - Nimble Hoof (USA) by Sweep (USA)4 - m
1935*Hollyrood (USA)b.c.1933High Cloud (USA) - Mandy Hamilton (GB) by John o'Gaunt (GB)32

The Nursery Stakes was one of the original races held at the inaugural opening of Jerome Park, on the outskirts of New York City, in September 1866. When New York City made clear its intentions to purchase the site to build a reservoir, the American Jockey Club purchased new land about two miles east of Jerome Park, funded by John A. Morris. The new course, named in his honor, opened for racing in August of 1889, and the Jerome Park races were transferred to Morris Park in 1890, when Jerome Park closed. In 1905, when the lease on the land at Morris Park was not renewed, most of the races were transferred to the newBelmont Park, which held its inaugural meeting in May of 1905.

*Run as an overnight allowance race 1935, held in two divisions, after which it was discontinued.
**Cherry Pie traces to Pompadeur, an American-bred mare by imp. Valient, born in the mid-eighteenth century; the family is not numbered and cannot be traced further back.

1866 - 1889: Held at Jerome Park, New York
1890 - 1904: Held at Morris Park, New York
1905 - 1935: Held at Belmont Park race course, New York

1 mile 1866 - 1876
3/4 mile 1877 - 1935

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