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  Jersey Derby/Lorillard Stakes

1864 - 1893 (Discontinued)
1 -1/2 miles for Three-Year-Olds mostly held at Monmouth Park, Long Branch, New Jersey

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1864Norfolk (USA)b.c. 1861Lexington (USA) - Novice (USA) by Glencoe (GB)A2
1865Richmond (USA)gr.c. 1862Two Bitts (USA) - Faith (USA) by Childe Harold (USA)21
1866Merrill (USA)b.c. 1864Lexington (USA) - Miriam (USA) by Glencoe (GB)A11
1867Monday (USA)b.c. 1864Colton (USA) - Mollie Jackson (USA) by Vandal (USA)21
1868 -18 70 No Race
1871Harry Bassett (USA)ch.c. 1868Lexington (USA) - Canary Bird (USA) by Albion (GB)21
1872Meteor (USA)ch.c. 1869 Asteroid (USA) - Maria Innis (USA) by Yorkshire (GB)4 - r
1873Tom Bowling (USA)b.c. 1870 Lexington (USA) - Lucy Fowler (USA) by Albion (GB)A28
1874Brigand (USA)br.c. 1871 Planet (USA) - Brittania (GB) by The Flying Dutchman (GB)21 - a
1875Calvin (USA)br.c. 1872Tipperary (USA) - Lucy Fowler (USA) by Albion (USA)A28
1876Bertram (USA)b.c. 1873Kentucky (USA) - Bernice (GB) by Stockwell (GB)10 - d
1877Baden Baden (USA)ch.c. 1874Australian (GB) - Lavender (USA) by Wagner (USA)12 - b
1878Spartan (USA)b.c. 1875Lexington (USA) - Lulu Horton (USA) by Albion (GB)6 - a
1879Spendthrift (USA)ch.c. 1876Australian (GB) - Aerolite (USA) by Lexington (USA)A3
1880Ferncliffe (USA)ch.c. 1877Leamington (GB) - Nellie Ransom (USA) by Jack Malone (USA)A3
1881Hindoo (USA)b.c. 1878Virgil (USA) - Florence (USA) by Lexington (USA)24
1882Runnymede (USA)br.c. 1879Billet (GB) - Mercedes (USA) by Melbourne Jr. (USA)23 - b
1883George Kinney (USA)b.c. 1880Bonnie Scotland (GB) - Kathleen (USA) by Lexington (USA)23 - b
1884Ecuador (USA)ch.c. 1881Enquirer (USA) - Nevada (USA) by Lexington (USA)12 - b
1885Wanda (USA)ch.f. 1882Mortemer (FR) - Minnie Minor (USA) by Lexington (USA)A4
1886Inspector B. (USA)b.c. 1883Enquirer (USA) - Colossa (USA) by Colossus (USA)21
1887Hanover (USA)ch.c. 1884Hindoo (USA) - Bourbon Belle (USA) by Bonnie Scotland (GB)21
1888Sir Dixon (USA)b.c. 1885Billet (GB) - Jaconet (USA) by Leamington (GB)4 - m
1889Salvator (USA)ch.c. 1886Prince Charlie (GB) - Salina (USA) by Lexington (USA)12 - b
1890Torso (USA)ch.c. 1887Algerine (USA) - Santa Lucia (GB) by Lord Lyon (GB)11 - e
1891*Montana (USA)b.c. 1888Ban Fox (USA) - Queen (GB) by Scottish Chief (GB) 3
1892Tammany (USA)ch.c. 1889Iroquois (USA) - Tullahoma (USA) by Great Tom (GB)12 - b
1893Sir Walter (USA)b.c. 1890 Midlothian (GB) - La Scala (USA) by Joe Hooker (USA)4 - r

The Jersey Derby, first run in 1864 at the Passaic Agricultural Society's Paterson race course in New Jersey, pre-dates the inaugural Kentucky Derby by one year. It was won by Norfolk, Lexington's best racing son, who would soon be on his way to California.

The Jersey Derby was held at Paterson until the late 1860s, but the opening of Jerome Park at Fordham, on the outskirts of New York City, in 1866, with its elaborate clubhouse, high-class facilities, and power-house board of directors, drew racing away from Paterson and other small venues, and it closed. A new New Jersey race course, Monmouth Park, was opened, three miles from the summer resort of Long Branch, New Jersey, in 1870. The first running of the Jersey Derby at Monmouth Park took place in 1871, as did the Monmouth Oaks (the important distance race, Monmouth Cup, was first held at the inaugural meeting in 1870). Mis-managed, and with patronage falling, in 1878 George Lorillard, David Withers, and several other racehorse owners and breeders formed a company to purchase the course, make improvements to the property and increase the value of the stakes. In 1881 the old Jersey Derby was renamed the Lorillard Stakes in honor of the prize put up by Lorillard; it was won by Hindoo. Racing was so popular, the company purchased and developed a new site just west of the older course, and on July 4, 1890 the new Monmouth Park was opened. With Lorillard dead by then, the Lorillard Stakes did not transfer to the new park, and was discontinued. Racing at the newer Monmouth Park was discontinued in 1893, due to anti-betting legislation and the track was closed. A new Monmouth Park opened at Oceanport, New Jersey in July, 1946.

*1891 -- Moved from Monmouth Park to Jerome Park (Fordham, New York) for the 1891 season when legislation threatened parimutuel wagers in New Jersey. Monmouth Park dismantled by 1893.

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