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  Latonia Oaks

1887 - 1937 (Discontinued)
1-1/4 miles for 3 year old fillies at Latonia race course, Kentucky

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1887Unite (USA)b.f. 1884Longfellow (USA) - Belle Knight (USA) by Knighthood (USA)A2
1888Lavinia Belle (USA)b.f. 1885Longfellow (USA) - Belle Knight (USA) by Knighthood (USA)A2
1889Retrieve (USA)b.f. 1886Duke Of Montrose (USA) - Patti (USA) by Billet (GB)A23
1890English Lady (USA)ch.f. 1887 Miser (USA) - Bonny Lass (USA) by Buckden (GB)A30
1891Ida Pickwick (USA)b.f. 1888Mr. Pickwick (GB) - Ida K. (USA) by King Alfonso (USA)6 - a
1892Lake Breeze (USA)b.f. 1889Leonatus (USA) - Eva S. (USA) by Billet (GB)2 - c
1893Dare Vela (USA)b.f. 1890Longfellow (USA) - Alta Blue (USA) by Blue Mantle (GB)5 - f
1894Orinda (USA)b.f. 1891Hayden Edwards (USA) - Mollie Seabrook (USA) by Pat Malloy (USA)--
1895Leaflet (USA)b.f. 1892Silvermine (GB) - Llera (USA) by Fonso (USA)9 - c
1896Souffle (USA)b.f. 1893 Rayon d'Or (FR) - Soncy Lass (USA) by Mortemer (FR)12 - b
1897Lou Bramble (USA) (Buela)b.f. 1894Bramble (USA) - Lou Dudley (USA) by Himyar (USA)A9
1898Sardonic (USA)b.f. 1895Morello (USA) - Sardonyx (GB) by Sir Bevys (GB)2 - c
1899May Hempstead (USA)ch.f. 1896 Patron (USA) - Lillie Hempstead (USA) by Longfellow (USA)4 - r
1900Anthracite (USA)ch.f. 1897Dare Devil 2 (USA) - Antelope (USA) by Harkaway (USA)20
1901Lady Schorr (USA)b.f. 1898 Esher (GB) - War Mantle (USA) by St. Martin (USA)12 - b
1902Flora Pomona (USA)b.f. 1899Florist (GB) - Fanny Willoughby (USA) by Ten Broeck (USA)40
1903Esherin (USA)b.f. 1900Esher (GB) - Sonora (USA) by Spendthrift (USA)12 - b
1904Outcome (USA)b.f. 1901Sir Dixon (USA) - Ollie Glenn (USA) by Leonatus (USA)12 - c
1905Lady Savoy (GB)b.f. 1902Morion (GB) - Lady Ayr (GB) by Ayrshire (GB)19 - c
1906Content (USA)b.f. 1903Bridgewater (GB) - Phalia (USA) by Hindoo (USA)4 - r
1907Lillie Turner (USA)ch.f. 1904Star Shoot (IRE) - Lizzie Dixon (USA) by Sir Dixon (USA)4 - r
1908Chulita (USA)br.f. 1905Kingston (USA) - Concertina (USA) by Chorister (USA)12 - b
1909Crystal Maid (USA)br.f. 1906Pirate Of Penzance (GB) - Silk Maid (USA) by Esher (GB)12 - b
1910 - 1919 Not Run
1920Busy Signal (USA)ch.f. 1917 Cunard (USA) - Sweet Alice (USA) by Flying Dutchman (USA)A3
1921Flambette (FR)b.f. 1918Durbar (FR) - La Flambee (FR) by Ajax (FR)17 - b
1922Margaret Winsor (USA)br.f. 1919Huon (GER) - Bronzewing (USA) by Stalwart (USA)A1
1923Tip Toe Inn (USA)bl.f. 1920Hessian (USA) - Lizzie Dixon (USA) by Sir Dixon (USA)4 - r
1924Befuddle (USA)b.f. 1921Black Toney (USA) - Vaila (GB) by Fariman (ire)8 - f
1925Rothermel (USA)ch.f. 1922Light Brigade (GB) - Lady Rotha (USA) by Fayette (USA)2 - h
1926Edith Cavell (USA)b.f. 1923Man o' War (USA) - The Nurse (USA) by Yankee (USA)23 - b
1927Handy Mandy (USA)b.f. 1924Brown Prince (GB) - Mandy Hamilton (GB) by John o' Gaunt (GB)32
1928Easter Stockings (USA)ch.f. 1925 Sir Barton (USA) - Irish Lassie (USA) by Celt (USA)2 - o
1929Rose of Sharon (USA)br.f. 1926 Light Brigade (GB) - Rosa Mundi (USA) by Plaudit (USA)4 - m
1930Banner Bright (USA)b.f. 1927Ormondale (USA) - Royal Purple (USA) by The Finn (USA)2 - h
1931Betty Derr (USA)b.f. 1928Sir Gallahad III (FR) - Uncle's Lassie (USA) by Uncle (USA)A4
1932Suntica (USA)b.f. 1929Sun Briar (FR) - Simpatica (USA) by Friar Rock (USA)4 - m
1933Esseff (USA)ch.f. 1930 High Time (USA) - La Belle Helene (FR) by Sardanapale (FR)8 - h
1934Fiji (USA)br.f. 1931Bostonian (USA) - O Girl (USA) by Ormondale (USA)3 - n
1935Wise Bessa (USA)ch.f. 1932Wise Counsellor (USA) - Berryessa (USA) by Uncle (USA)8 - h
1936Sparta (USA)b.f. 1933St. Germans (GB) - Alcibiades (USA) by Supremus (USA)8 - g
1937The Queen (USA)b.f. 1934Supremus (USA) - Ancient Queen (USA) by Archaic (GB)16 - g

Latonia race course closed in 1939 and was dismantled. A new Latonia race course was opened in 1959, ten miles from the original site; in 1968 the course was re-named Turfway Park.

1-1/4 miles 1887 - 1936
1-1/8 miles 1937

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