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1903 - Present
7/8 miles (7 furlongs) for 2 year olds at Saratoga race course, Saratoga Springs, New York

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1903 Delhi (USA) br.c. 1901 Ben Brush (USA) - Veva (USA) by Mortemer (FR)4 - r
1904 Tanya (USA) ch.f. 1902 Meddler (GB) - Handspun (USA) by Hanover (USA)11
1905 Mohawk (USA) ch.c. 1903Rockton (USA) - Lady Tosca (USA) by St. Blaise (GB)2 - f
1906 Peter Pan (USA) b.c. 1904 Commando (USA) - Cinderella (GB) by Hermit (GB)2 - o
1907 Jim Gaffney (USA) b.c. 1905 Golden Garter (GB) - Miss Maxim (USA) by Maxim (NZ)11
1908 Helmet (USA) br.c. 1906Disguise (USA) - St. Mildred (GB) by St. Simon (GB)4 - i
1909 Rocky O`Brien (USA) ch.g. 1907 Meddler (GB) - Suisun (USA) by Strathmore (USA)--
1910 Novelty (USA) b.c. 1908 Kingston (USA) - Curiosity (USA) by Voter (GB)8 - c
1911 - 1912 No Race
1913 Bringhurst (USA) b.c. 1911 Plaudit (USA) - Sweet Marjoram (USA) by Dinna Forget (GB)2 - s
1914 Regret (USA) ch.f. 1912Broomstick (USA) - Jersey Lightning (USA) by Hamburg (USA)A1
1915 Dominant (USA) br.c. 1913 Delhi (USA) - Dominoes (USA) by Domino (USA)8 - g
1916 Campfire (USA) ch.c. 1914 Olambala (USA) - Nightfall (USA) by Voter (GB)1 - h
1917 Sun Briar (FR) b.c. 1915Sundridge (GB) - Sweet Briar (FR) by St.frusquin (GB)8 - c
1918 Eternal (USA) br .c. 1916Sweep (USA) - Hazel Burke (USA) by Sempronius (GB)8 - k
1919 Man o' War (USA) ch.c. 1917Fair Play (USA) - Mahubah (USA) by Rock Sand (GB)4 - c
1920 Leonardo (USA) br.c. 1918 Sweep (USA) - Ethel Pace (USA) by Troubadour (USA)A1
1921 Morvich (USA) br.c. 1919Runnymede (USA) - Hymir (USA) by Dr. Leggo (USA)1 - o
1922 Dunlin (USA) ch.c. 1920 Fair Play (USA) - Dona Roca (USA) by Rock Sand (GB)10 - c
1923 Diogenes (USA) ch.c. 1921 Ballot (USA) - Smoky Lamp (USA) by Plaudit (USA)12 - b
1924 Master Charlie (GB) b.c. 1922 Lord Archer (GB) - Bachelor's Choice by Bachelor's Double (IRE)9 - d
1925 Pompey (USA) b.c. 1923Sun Briar (FR) - Cleopatra (USA) by Corcyra (GB)3 - j
1926 Lord Chaucer (USA) br.c. 1924 Chaucer (GB) - Sabotiere (GB) by Minoru (IRE)9
1927 Brooms (USA) br.c. 1925 Broomstick (USA) - Sis Martin (GB) by Sir Martin (USA)52
1928 Jack High (USA) ch.c. 1926John P.grier (USA) - Priscilla (USA) by Star Shoot (IRE)5 - c
1929 Boojum (USA) b.c. 1927John P.grier (USA) - Elf (USA) by Chicle (FR)5 - g
1930 Epithet (USA) ch.c. 1928 Epinard (FR) - Fairy Wand (USA) by Star Shoot (IRE)A4
1931 Tick On (USA) br.c. 1929 On Watch (USA) - Sox (USA) by Donnacona (FR)1 - j
1932 Ladysman (USA) ch.c. 1930Pompey (USA) - Lady Belle (USA) by Polymelian (GB)7 - f
1933 Bazaar (USA) b.f. 1931 Tetratema (IRE) - Silver Hue (GB) by Lemberg (GB)2 - d
1934 Psychic Bid (USA) ch.c. 1932 Chance Play (USA) - Queen Herod (GB) by Tetratema (IRE)16 - g
1935 Red Rain (USA) ch.c. 1933 Pennant (USA) - Dustemall (USA) by Chicle (FR)8 - c
1936 Maedic (USA) br.c. 1934 Bostonian (USA) - Little Fire (USA) by Campfire (USA)24
1937 Sky Larking (USA) b.c. 1935 Blue Larkspur (USA) - Risk (USA) by Sir Gallahad (FR)2 - n
1938 El Chico (USA) ch.c. 1936John P.grier (USA) - La Chica (USA) by Sweep (USA)5 - f
1939 Bimelech (USA) b.c. 1937Black Toney (USA) - La Troienne (FR) by Teddy (FR)1 - s
1940 Whirlaway (USA) ch.c. 1938Blenheim (GB) - Dustwhirl (USA) by Sweep (USA)8 - h
1941 Devil Diver (USA) b.c. 1939St.germans (GB) - Dabchick (USA) by Royal Minstrel (GB)13 - c
1942 Devil`s Thumb (USA) b.c. 1940 Grand Slam (USA) - Daintiness (USA) by Blue Larkspur (USA)13 - c
1943 Bee Mac (USA) b.f. 1941 War Admiral (USA) - Baba Kenny (USA) by Black Servant (USA)20
1944 Pavot (USA) br.c. 1942Case Ace (USA) - Coquelicot (USA) by Man o' War (USA)10 - a
1945 Star Pilot (USA) br.c. 1943Sickle (GB) - Floradora (USA) by Bull Dog (FR)11
1946 Blue Border (USA) br.g. 1944 Bimelech (USA) - Blade Of Time (USA) by Sickle (GB)8-h
1947 Relic (USA) bl.c. 1945War Relic (USA) - Bridal Colors (USA) by Black Toney (USA)8-f
1948 Blue Peter (USA) b.c. 1946 War Admiral (USA) - Carillon (USA) by Case Ace (USA)4 - m
1949 Middleground (USA) ch.c. 1947 Bold Venture (USA) - Verguenza (USA) by Chicaro (USA)4 - m
1950 Battlefield (USA) ch.c. 1948 War Relic (USA) - Dark Display (USA) by Display (USA)4 - j
1951 Cousin (USA) b.c. 1949 Priam (FR) - My Auntie (USA) by Busy American (USA)9
1952 Native Dancer (USA) gr.c. 1950Polynesian (USA) - Geisha (USA) by Discovery (USA)5 - f
1953 Artismo (USA) b.c. 1951Goya (FR) - Ky Flash (USA) by Sun Teddy (USA)4-m
1954 Nashua (USA) b.c. 1952Nasrullah (IRE) - Segula (USA) by Johnstown (USA)3 - m
1955 Needles (USA) b.c. 1953Ponder (USA) - Noodle Soup (USA) by Jack High (USA)5 - e
1956 King Hairan (USA) br.c. 1954 King's Stride (USA) - Lady Hairan (USA) by Hairan (GB)A38
1957 Rose Trellis (USA) b.g. 1955 Heliopolis (GB) - Rose Fern (USA) by Fairy Manhurst (USA)4 - m
1958 First Landing (USA) b.c. 1956 Turn-to (IRE) - Hildene (USA) by Bubbling Over (USA)9 - b
1959 Tompion (USA) br.c. 1957 Tom Fool (USA) - Sunlight (USA) by Count Fleet (USA)A1
1960 Hail to Reason (USA) br.c. 1958Turn-to (IRE) - Nothirdchance (USA) by Blue Swords (USA)4 - n
1961 Jaipur (USA) b/br.c. 1959 Nasrullah (IRE) - Rare Perfume (USA) by Eight Thirty (USA)8 - c
1962 Outing Class (USA) b/br.c. 1960 Nasrullah (IRE) - Track Medal (USA) by Khaled (GB)A4
1963 Traffic (USA) ch.c. 1961 Traffic Judge (USA) - Capelet (USA) by Bolero (USA)5-g
1964 Bold Lad (USA) ch.c. 1962Bold Ruler (USA) - Misty Morn (USA) by Princequillo (IRE)5 - f
1965 Buckpasser (USA) b.c. 1963Tom Fool (USA) - Busanda (USA) by War Admiral (USA)1 - s
1966 Bold Hour (USA) b/br.c. 1964 Bold Ruler (USA) - Seven Thirty (USA) by Mr. Music (USA)11 - g
1967 What a Pleasure (USA) ch.c. 1965Bold Ruler (USA) - Grey Flight (USA) by Mahmoud (FR)5-f
1968 Top Knight (USA) ch.c. 1966 Vertex (USA) - Ran-tan (USA) by Summer Tan (USA)5 - e
1969 Irish Castle (USA) b.c. 1967 Bold Ruler (USA) - Castle Forbes (USA) by Tulyar (IRE)8 - c
1970 Proudest Roman (USA) b/br.c. 1968Never Bend (USA) - Roman Song (USA) by Roman (USA)20 - b
1971 Rest Your Case (USA) ch.c. 1969 Traffic Judge (USA) - Dame Fritchie (USA) by Count Of Honor (USA)9 - f
1972 Secretariat (USA) ch.c. 1970Bold Ruler (USA) - Somethingroyal (USA) by Princequillo (IRE)2 - s
1973 Gusty O'Shay (USA) ch.g. 1971 Rose Argent - Stormy O'Shay (USA) by Restless Wind (USA)8 - c
1974* Foolish Pleasure (USA) b.c. 1972What A Pleasure (USA) - Fool-me-not (USA) by Tom Fool (USA)14 - b
1974* The Bagel Prince (USA) b.c. 1972 Grounded (GB) - The Bagel Queen by Calgary Brook 10 - e
1975*Jackknife (USA) b.c. 1973 Jacinto (USA) - Park Princess by Prince John (USA)3 - d
1975*Eustace (USA) b.c. 1973 Delta Judge (USA) - Dauntu by Grey Dawn (FR)14 - f
1976 Banquet Table (USA) b/br.c. 1974 Round Table (USA) - Silver Bright (USA) by Barbizon (USA)A1
1977 Affirmed (USA) ch.c. 1975Exclusive Native (USA) - Won't Tell You (USA) by Crafty Admiral (USA)23 - b
1978 General Assembly (USA) ch.c. 1976Secretariat (USA) - Exclusive Dancer (USA) by Native Dancer (USA)10 - a
1979 J. P. Brother (USA) b/br.c. 1977 Wig Out (USA) - Nat E Shu (USA) by A24
1980 Tap Shoes (USA) ch.c. 1978 Riva Ridge (USA) - Bold Ballet (USA) by Bold Bidder (USA)5 - j
1981 Timely Writer (USA) b.c. 1979Staff Writer (USA) - Timely Roman (USA) by Sette Bello (USA)9 - b
1982 Copelan (USA) b.c. 1980Tri Jet (USA) - Susan`s Girl (USA) by Quadrangle (USA)7
1983 Capitol South (USA) b.c. 1981 Roberto (USA) - Polylady (USA) by Polynesian (USA)6 - a
1984 Chief`s Crown (USA) b.c. 1982Danzig (USA) - Six Crowns (USA) by Secretariat (USA)23 - b
1985 Papal Power (USA) ch.c. 1983 Miswaki (USA) - Papal Decree (USA) by Noble Decree (USA)21 - a
1986 Gulch (USA) b.c. 1984 Mr. Prospector (USA) - Jameela (USA) by Rambunctious (USA)A4
1987 Crusader Sword (USA) b.c. 1985 Damascus (USA) - Copernica (USA) by Nijinsky (CAN)9 - b
1988 Mercedes Won (USA) b.c. 1986Air Forbes Won (USA) - Bye Bye Mercedes (USA) by Roman Line (USA)22 - b
1989 Summer Squall (USA) b.c. 1987Storm Bird (CAN) - Weekend Surprise (USA) by Secretariat (USA)3 - l
1990 Deposit Ticket (USA) b.c. 1988 Northern Baby (CAN) - Propositioning (USA) by Mr. Prospector (USA)4 - r
1991 Salt Lake (USA) b.c. 1989Deputy Minister (CAN) - Take Lady Anne (USA) by Queen City Lad (USA)2 - o
1992 Great Navigator (USA) ch.c. 1990Gulch (USA) - Nonoalca (FR) by Nonoalco (USA)14 - f
1993 Dehere (USA) b.c. 1991 Deputy Minister (CAN) - Sister Dot (USA) by Secretariat (USA)2 - o
1994 Wild Escapade (USA) b.c. 1992 Wild Again (USA) - Mazatleca (mex) by Ramahorn (USA)3 - d
1995 Hennessy (USA) ch.c. 1993Storm Cat (USA) - Island Kitty (USA) by Hawaii (saf)8 - c
1996 Smoke Glacken (USA) gr.c. 1994 Two Punch (USA) - Majesty`s Crown (USA) by Magesterial (USA)1 - n
1997 Favorite Trick (USA) b/br.c. 1995Phone Trick (USA) - Evil Elaine (USA) by Medieval Man (USA)9 - e
1998 Lucky Roberto (USA) b/br.c. 1996 Belong To Me (USA) - Roberto`s Gal (GB) by Roberto (USA)1 - l
1999 High Yield (USA) ch.c. 1997Storm Cat (USA) - Scoop The Gold (USA) by Forty Niner (USA)2 - n
2000** City Zip (USA) ch.c. 1998 Carson City (USA) - Baby Zip (USA) by Relaunch (USA)23 - b
2000** Yonaguska (USA) b/br.c. 1998 Cherokee Run (USA) - Marital Spook (USA) by Silver Ghost (USA)4 -r
2001 Came Home (USA) b/br.c. 1999 Gone West (USA) - Nice Assay (USA) by Clever Trick (USA)21 - a
2002 Sky Mesa (USA) b.c. 2000 Pulpit (USA) - Caress (USA) by Storm Cat (USA)1 - s
2003 Silver Wagon (USA) gr.c. 2001 Wagon Limit (USA) - So Ritzy (USA) by Darn That Alarm (USA)12 - b
2004 Afleet Alex (USA) b.c. 2002 Northern Afleet (USA) - Maggy Hawk (USA) by Hawkster (USA)5 - g
2005 First Samurai (USA) ch.c. 2003 Giant`s Causeway (USA) - Freddie Frisson (USA) by Dixieland Band (USA)13
2006 Circular Quay (USA) ch.c. 2004 Thunder Gulch (USA) - Circle Of Life (USA) by Belong To Me (USA)1 - p
2007 Majestic Warrior (USA) b.c. 2005 A.p. Indy (USA) - Dream Supreme (USA) by Seeking The Gold (USA)7 - f
2008 Vineyard Haven (USA) gr.c. 2006 Lido Palace (chi) - Princess Aloha (USA) by Aloha Prospector (USA)9 - h
2009 Dublin (USA) ch.c. 2007 Afleet Alex (USA) - Classy Mirage (USA) by Storm Bird (CAN)9 - b
2010 Boys At Tosconova (USA) b/br.c. 2008 Officer (USA) - Little Bonnet (USA) by Coronado's Quest (USA)13 - b
2011 Currency Swap (USA) b.c. 2009 High Cotton (USA) - Echo Bluff (USA) by Pine Bluff (USA)9 - e
2012 Shanghai Bobby (USA) b/br.c. 2010 Harlan's oliday (USA) - Steelin' (USA) by Orientate (USA)8 - h

*Run in two divisions in 1974 and 1975
**Dead-heat in 2000 between City Zip and Yonaguska
1943 - 1945: Held over the Widener Course at Belmont Park, New York

3/4 mile (6 furlongs) 1903 - 1924
13/16 mile (6.5 furlongs) 1925 - 1993
7/8 mile (7 furlongs) 1994 - Present

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