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  Futurity Stakes

1888 - Present
1-1/8 miles (9 furlongs) for 2 year old colts and fillies at Belmont Park, New York

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1888 Proctor Knott (USA) ch.g. 1886Luke Blackburn (USA) - Tallapoosa by Great Tom (GB)A22
1889 Chaos (USA) ch.g. 1887Rayon d'Or (FR) - Lilly R. (USA) by Glenelg (USA)24
1890 Potomac (USA) ch.c. 1888St. Blaise (GB) - Susquehanna (USA) by Leamington (GB)12 - b
1891 His Highness (USA) b.c. 1889The Ill-used (GB) - Princess (GB) by King Tom (GB)11 - g
1892 Morello (USA) b.c. 1890Eolus (USA) - Cerise (USA) by Moccasin (GB)4 - r
1893 Domino (USA) bl.c. 1891Himyar (USA) - Mannie Gray (USA) by Enquirer (USA)23 - b
1894 The Butterflies (USA) br.f. 1892Sir Dixon (USA) - Mercedes (USA) by Melbourne Jr. (USA)23 - b
1895 Requital (USA) b.c. 1893Eothen (GB) - Retribution (USA) by Reform (USA)4 - r
1896 Ogden (GB) br.c. 1894Kilwarlin (IRE) - Oriole (GB) by Bend Or (GB)6 -e
1897 L`Alouette (USA) b.f. 1895Kinglike (USA) - Juliette (USA) by Stonehenge (GB)A4
1898 Martimas (USA) ch.c. 1896Candlemas (GB) - Biggonet (USA) by Bramble (USA)A10
1899 Chacornac (USA) b.c. 1897Juvenal (GB) - Laetitia (GB) by Hilarious (GB)1 - b
1900 Ballyhoo Bey (USA) br.c. 1898Kingston (USA) - Ballyhoo (USA) by Duke Of Magenta (USA)25
1901 Yankee (USA) b.c. 1899Hanover (USA) - Correction (USA) by Himyar (USA)23 - b
1902 Savable (USA) b.c. 1900Salvator (USA) - Strathflower (USA) by Strathmore (USA)A39
1903 Hamburg Belle (USA) ch.f. 1901Hamburg (USA) - Isiac (GB) by Rosebery (GB)13 - c
1904 Artful (USA) br.f. 1902Hamburg (USA) - Martha (USA) by Dandie Dinmont (GB)4 - r
1905 Ormondale (USA) b.c. 1903Ormonde (GB) - Santa Bella (GB) by St. Serf (GB)3 - k
1906 Electioneer (USA) br.c. 1904Voter (GB) - Quesal (USA) by Himyar (USA)1 - o
1907 Colin (USA) br.c. 1905Commando (USA) - Pastorella (GB) by Springfield (GB)19 -b
1908 Maskette (USA) br.f. 1906Disguise (USA) - Biturica (USA) by Hamburg (USA)8 - h
1909 Sweep (USA) br.c. 1907Ben Brush (USA) - Pink Domino (USA) by Domino (USA)8 - c
1910 Novelty (USA) b.c. 1908Kingston (USA) - Curiosity (USA) by Voter (GB)8 - c
1911 - 1912 No Race
1913 Pennant (USA) ch.c. 1911Peter Pan (USA) - Royal Rose (GB) by Royal Hampton (GB)8 - c
1914 Trojan (USA) ch.c. 1912Sir Wilfred (USA) - Bohemia (USA) by Wagner (GB)4 - m
1915 Thunderer (USA) ch.c. 1913Broomstick (USA) - Jersey Lightning (USA) by Hamburg (USA)A1
1916 Campfire (USA) ch.c. 1914Olambala (USA) - Nightfall (USA) by Voter (GB)1 - h
1917 Papp (USA) ch.c. 1915Peter Quince (USA) - Phebe G. (USA) by Mazagan (GB)8 - i
1918 Dunboyne (USA) b.c. 1884 Uncas (USA) - Frey (GB) by Dundee (GB)2 - a
1919 Man o' War (USA) ch.c. 1917Fair Play (USA) - Mahubah (USA) by Rock Sand (GB)4 - c
1920 Step Lightly (USA) ch.f. 1918Ultimus (USA) - Tripping (USA) by Delhi (USA)2 - o
1921 Bunting (USA) b.c. 1919Pennant (USA) - Frillery (GB) by Broomstick (USA)A1
1922 Sally`s Alley (USA) b.f. 1920Allumeur (FR) - Salvolatile (USA) by Disguise (USA)A1
1923 St. James (USA) b.c. 1921Ambassador (GB) - Bobolink (GB) by Willonyx (GB)1 - n
1924 Mother Goose (USA) br.f. 1922Chicle (FR) - Flying Witch (USA) by Broomstick (USA)2 - d
1925 Pompey (USA) b.c. 1923Sun Briar (FR) - Cleopatra (USA) by Corcyra (GB)3 - j
1926 Scapa Flow (USA) b.c. 1924Man o' War (USA) - Florence Webber (USA) by Peep O`day (GB)4 - m
1927 Anita Peabody (USA) b/br.f. 1925Luke Mcluke (USA) - La Dauphine (GB) by The Tetrarch (IRE)31
1928 High Strung (USA) ch.c. 1926High Time (USA) - Emotion (USA) by Friar Rock (USA)9 - f
1929 Whichone (USA) br.c. 1927Chicle (FR) - Flying Witch (USA) by Broomstick (USA)2 - d
1930 Jamestown (USA) b.c. 1928St. James (USA) - Mlle. Dazie (USA) by Fair Play (USA)9
1931 Top Flight (USA) br.f. 1929Dis Donc (FR) - Flyatit (USA) by Peter Pan (USA)4 - m
1932 Kerry Patch (USA) ch.c. 1930Desperate Desmond (USA) - Polly Mcwiggles (USA) by Light Brigade (GB)12 - b
1933 Singing Wood (USA) b/br.c. 1931Royal Minstrel (GB) - Glade (USA) by Touch Me Not (USA)9 - b
1934 Chance Sun (USA) br.c. 1932Chance Shot (USA) - Sunaibi (USA) by Sun Briar (FR)1 - l
1935 Tintagel (USA) b.c. 1933Sir Gallahad (FR) - Heloise (USA) by Friar Rock (USA)9 - f
1936 Pompoon (USA) b.c. 1934Pompey (USA) - Oonagh (USA) by Friar Rock (USA)1 - o
1937 Menow (USA) br.c. 1935Pharamond (GB) - Alcibiades (USA) by Supremus (USA)8 - g
1938 Porter`s Mite (USA) b.c. 1936The Porter (USA) - Minima (USA) by Friar Rock (USA)13 - b
1939 Bimelech (USA) b.c. 1937Black Toney (USA) - La Troienne (FR) by Teddy (FR)1 - s
1940 Our Boots (USA) b.c. 1938Bull Dog (FR) - Maid Of Arches (IRE) by Warden Of The Marches (GB)14 - e
1941 Some Chance (USA) ch.c. 1939Chance Play (USA) - Some Pomp (USA) by Pompey (USA)3 - d
1942 Occupation (USA) br.c. 1940Bull Dog (FR) - Miss Bunting (USA) by Bunting (USA)23 - b
1943 Occupy (USA) b.c. 1941Bull Dog (FR) - Miss Bunting (USA) by Bunting (USA)23 - b
1944 Pavot (USA) br.c. 1942Case Ace (USA) - Coquelicot (USA) by Man o' War (USA)10 - a
1945 Star Pilot (USA) br.c. 1943Sickle (GB) - Floradora (USA) by Bull Dog (FR)11
1946 First Flight (USA) b.f. 1944Mahmoud (FR) - Fly Swatter (USA) by Dis Donc (FR)8 - c
1947 Citation (USA) b.c. 1945Bull Lea (USA) - Hydroplane (GB) by Hyperion (GB)3 - l
1948 Blue Peter (USA) b.c. 1946War Admiral (USA) - Carillon (USA) by Case Ace (USA)4 - m
1949 Guillotine (USA) br.c. 1947Bimelech (USA) - Blade Of Time (USA) by Sickle (GB)8-h
1950 Battlefield (USA) ch.c. 1948War Relic (USA) - Dark Display (USA) by Display (USA)4 - j
1951 Tom Fool (USA) b.c. 1949Menow (USA) - Gaga (USA) by Bull Dog (FR)3 - j
1952 Native Dancer (USA) gr.c. 1950Polynesian (USA) - Geisha (USA) by Discovery (USA)5 - f
1953 Porterhouse (USA) b.c. 1951Endeavour (arg) - Red Stamp (USA) by Bimelech (USA)1 - w
1954 Nashua (USA) b.c. 1952Nasrullah (IRE) - Segula (USA) by Johnstown (USA)3 - m
1955 Nail (USA) gr.c. 1953Nirgal (FR) - No Strings (USA) by Occupation (USA)20-a
1956 Bold Ruler (USA) b/br.c. 1954Nasrullah (IRE) - Miss Disco (USA) by Discovery (USA)8 - d
1957 Jester (USA) b.c. 1955Tom Fool (USA) - Golden Apple (USA) by Eight Thirty (USA)23 - b
1958 Intentionally (USA) bl.c. 1956Intent (USA) - My Recipe (USA) by Discovery (USA)5 - j
1959 Weatherwise (USA) ch.g. 1957Tom Fool (USA) - Sunset (GB) by Hyperion (GB)1 - p
1960 Little Tumbler (USA) b.f. 1958Royal Note (USA) - Fairy Dancer (USA) by Blenheim (GB)2 - o
1961 Cyane (USA) b.c. 1959Turn-to (IRE) - Your Game (USA) by Beau Pere (GB)16 - b
1962 Never Bend (USA) b/br.c. 1960Nasrullah (IRE) - Lalun (USA) by Djeddah (FR)19 - b
1963 Bupers (USA) b/br.c. 1961Double Jay (USA) - Busanda (USA) by War Admiral (USA)1 - s
1964 Bold Lad (USA) ch.c. 1962Bold Ruler (USA) - Misty Morn (USA) by Princequillo (IRE)5 - f
1965 Priceless Gem (USA) b/br.f. 1963Hail To Reason (USA) - Searching (USA) by War Admiral (USA)1 - s
1966 Bold Hour (USA) b/br.c. 1964Bold Ruler (USA) - Seven Thirty (USA) by Mr. Music (USA)11 - g
1967 Captain`s Gig (USA) b/br.c. 1965Turn-to (IRE) - Make Sail (USA) by Ambiorix (FR)7 - c
1968 Top Knight (USA) ch.c. 1966Vertex (USA) - Ran-tan (USA) by Summer Tan (USA)5 - e
1969 High Echelon (USA) gr.c. 1967 Native Charger (USA) - Luquillo (USA) by Princequillo (IRE)2 - n
1970 Salem (USA) b.c. 1968Cyane (USA) - Witching Hour (USA) by Thinking Cap (USA)4 - r
1971 Riva Ridge (USA) b.c. 1969First Landing (USA) - Iberia (USA) by Heliopolis (GB)1 - k
1972 Secretariat (USA) ch.c. 1970Bold Ruler (USA) - Somethingroyal (USA) by Princequillo (IRE)2 - s
1973 Wedge Shot (USA) b/br.c. 1971Crozier (USA) - Poliniss (USA) by Greek Game (USA)11 - g
1974 Just the Time (USA) b/br.c. 1972Advocator (USA) - Shoshanna (USA) by Never Bend (USA)9 - h
1975 Soy Numero Uno (USA) b.c. 1973Damascus (USA) - Tasma (USA) by Crafty Admiral (USA)3-o
1976 For The Moment (USA) ch.c. 1974What A Pleasure (USA) - Tularia (IRE) by Tulyar (IRE)11 - f
1977 Affirmed (USA) ch.c. 1975Exclusive Native (USA) - Won`t Tell You (USA) by Crafty Admiral (USA)23 - b
19781 Crested Wave (USA) b/br.c. 1976Crozier (USA) - Fading Wave (USA) by Quibu (arg)20-c
1979 Rockhill Native (USA) ch.g. 1977 Our Native (USA) - Beanery (USA) by Cavan (GB)1 - o
1980 Tap Shoes (USA) ch.c. 1978Riva Ridge (USA) - Bold Ballet (USA) by Bold Bidder (USA)5 - j
1981 Irish Martini (USA) ch.c. 1979Princely Pleasure (USA) - Karen`s Martini (USA) by Martini (GB)12 - g
1982 Copelan (USA) b.c. 1980 Tri Jet (USA) - Susan`s Girl (USA) by Quadrangle (USA)7
1983 Swale (USA) b/br.c. 1981Seattle Slew (USA) - Tuerta (USA) by Forli (arg)1 - n
1984 Spectacular Love (USA) ch.c. 1982Spectacular Bid (USA) - Gallamar (USA) by Royal Dorimar (USA)8 - c
1985 Ogygian (USA) b.c. 1983Damascus (USA) - Gonfalon (USA) by Francis S. (USA)16 - a
1986 Gulch (USA) b.c. 1984Mr. Prospector (USA) - Jameela (USA) by Rambunctious (USA)A4
1987 Forty Niner (USA) ch.c. 1985Mr. Prospector (USA) - File (USA) by Tom Rolfe (USA)1 - n
1988 Trapp Mountain (USA) b.c. 1986Cox`s Ridge (USA) - Play At Home (USA) by Round Table (USA)4 - m
1989 Senor Pete (USA) b/br.c. 1987Green Dancer (USA) - She Won`t Tell (USA) by Exclusive Native (USA)23 - b
1990 Eastern Echo (USA) b.c. 1988Damascus (USA) - Wild Applause (USA) by Northern Dancer (can)1 - s
1991 Agincourt (USA) b.c. 1989Capote (USA) - Conquistador Blue (USA) by Conquistador Cielo (USA)3 - l
1992 Strolling Along (USA) b/br.c. 1990 Danzig (USA) - Cadillacing (USA) by Alydar (USA)1 - s
1993 Holy Bull (USA) gr.c. 1991Great Above (USA) - Sharon Brown (USA) by Al Hattab (USA)16 - g
1994 Montreal Red (USA) ch.c. 1992D`accord (USA) - Cohutta Princess by Groton (USA)9 - f
1995 Maria`s Mon (USA) gr.c. 1993 Wavering Monarch (USA) - Carlotta Maria (USA) by Caro (IRE)1 - l
1996 Traitor (USA) b/br.c. 1994 Cryptoclearance (USA) - Clever But Costly (USA) by Clever Trick (USA)9
1997 Grand Slam (USA) b/br.c. 1995Gone West (USA) - Bright Candles (USA) by El Gran Senor (USA)9 - c
1998 Lemon Drop Kid (USA) b.c. 1996 Kingmambo (USA) - Charming Lassie (USA) by Seattle Slew (USA)3 - l
1999 Bevo (USA) ch.c. 1997 Prospectors Gamble (USA) - Wheatly Way (USA) by Wheatly Hall (USA)1 - a
2000 Burning Roma (USA) b.c. 1998Rubiano (USA) - While Rome Burns (USA) by Overskate (can)8 - h
2001 No Race
2002 Whywhywhy (USA) ch.c. 2000Mr. Greeley (USA) - Thorough Fair (USA) by Quiet American (USA)4 - c
2003 Cuvee (USA) ch.c. 2001Carson City (USA) - Christmas Star (USA) by Star De Naskra (USA)8 - d
2004 Park Avenue Ball (USA) ch.c. 2002Citidancer (USA) - Road To The Ball by Cahill Road (USA)14 - d
2005 Private Vow (USA) b/br.c. 2003Broken Vow (USA) - Smooth As Silk (USA) by Deputy Minister (can)5 - e
2006 King Of The Roxy (USA) b/br.c. 2004Littleexpectations (USA) - Marrakesh (USA) by Bold Forbes (USA)9 - e
2007 Tale Of Ekati (USA) b.c. 2005Tale Of The Cat (USA) - Silence Beauty (jpn) by Sunday Silence (USA)1 - g
2008 Charitable Man (USA) b/br.c. 2006Lemon Drop Kid (USA) - Charitabledonation (USA) by Saint Ballado (can)21 - a
2009 D` Funnybone (USA) ch.c. 2007D`wildcat (USA) - Elbow (USA) by Woodman (USA)1 - n
2010 No Race
2011 Jack's in the Deck (USA) b/br.c. 2009Love of Money (USA) - Thracian (USA) by Partner's Hero (USA)16 - c
2012 Overanalyze (USA) b.c. 2010Dixie Union (USA) - Unacloud (USA) by Unaccounted For (USA)22 - d

Prior to 1957, limited to nominated offspring of mares; after that open to all juveniles. Most valuable race offered in the U.S. at its inauguration, and the most important juvenile event until the introduction of the Breeders' Cup series.

1888 - 1909: Held at Sheepshead Bay race course, Brooklyn, New York
1910 - 1914: Held at Saratoga race course, Saratoga Springs, New York
1915 - 1958, 1961: Held at Belmont Park race course, New York
1959 - 1960, 1962 - 1967: Held at Aqueduct race course, New York
1968 - Present: Held at Belmont Park race course, New York

3/4 mile 1888 - 1891
1,263 yds.-1 ft 1892 - 1901
3/4 mile 1902 - 1924
7/8 mile 1925 - 1933
13/16 mile 1934 - 1975
7/8 mile 1976 - 1993
1 mile 1994 - 2007
7/8 mile 2008
3/4 mile 2009 - Present

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