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1821 - Present
1-1/4 miles (1 mile-2 furlongs ) weight-for-age on the turf for 3 year olds and upwards, with penalties and allowances for fillies and mares and winners of Group I and II winners, at The Curragh, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Fam. No.
1821Langar (GB)ch.c. 1817Selim (GB) - Walton Mare by Walton (GB)6 - a
1822Roller (GB)ch.c. 1814Quiz (GB) - Paleface (GB) by Young Woodpecker (GB)5 - a
1823Langar (GB)ch.c. 1817Selim (GB) - Walton Mare by Walton (GB)6 - a
1824Roller (GB)ch.c. 1814Quiz (GB) - Paleface (GB) by Young Woodpecker (GB)5 - a
1825Roller (GB)ch.c. 1814Quiz (GB) - Paleface (GB) by Young Woodpecker (GB)5 - a
1826Miss Foote (IRE)b.f. 1822Oiseau (GB) - Lissy (IRE) by Swordsman (IRE)4
1827Balderdashb.g. 1822Overseer - Unknown
1828Paddy Whack (IRE)br.c. 1824Milesius - Miss Bailey (IRE) by Soldier (IRE)--
1829Napoleon (IRE)b.c. 1824Bob Booty (IRE) - Waxy Pope Mare (IRE) by Waxy Pope (GB)13
1830Skylark (IRE)b.c. 1826Waxy Pope (GB) - Skylark (IRE) by Musician (GB)2 - a
1831Skylark (IRE)b.c. 1826Waxy Pope (GB) - Skylark (IRE) by Musician (GB)2 - a
1832Skylark (IRE)b.c. 1826Waxy Pope (GB) - Skylark (IRE) by Musician (GB)2 - a
1833Napoleon (IRE)b.c. 1824Bob Booty (IRE) - Waxy Pope Mare (IRE) by Waxy Pope (GB)13
1834Thump (IRE)b.c. 1831Humphrey Clinker (GB) - Ildegarda (IRE) by Bob Booty (IRE)13
1835Rustgr.c. 1830Master Robert (IRE) - Vermilion (IRE) by Bobadil (IRE)1 - o
1836Exchange ch.c. 1832Speculation - Clari (GB) by Smolensko (GB)6 - b
1837Harkaway (IRE)ch.c. 1834 Economist (GB) - Fanny Dawson (IRE) by Nabocklish (IRE)2
1838Cregane gr.c. 1835Young Lottery - Unknown --
1839Retriever (IRE)ch.c. 1836Recovery (GB) - Taglioni (GB) by Whisker (GB)15
1840St. Lawrence (IRE)br.c. 1837Skylark (IRE) - Helen by Blacklock (GB)2
1841Great Wonder (IRE)b.c. 1837Skylark (IRE) - Unknown --
1842Bangor (GB)ch.g. 1837Battledore (GB) - Miss Patrick (GB) by Walton (GB)4 - o
1843Fairy Queen (IRE)b.f. 1836De Vere (IRE) - Drone Mare (IRE) by Drone (IRE)57
1844King Dan (IRE)b.c. 1840Philip The First (IRE) - Immediate (IRE) by Skim2
1845The Switcher (IRE)ch.c. 1841Ishmael (GB) - Johnstown Lass (IRE) by Carlow (IRE)26
1846Burgundy (IRE)b.c. 1843Ishmael (GB) - Caroline (IRE) by Drone (IRE)16
1847Rat Trap (IRE)ch.c. 1843Ratcatcher (IRE) - The Rat (IRE) by Waxy Pope (IRE)4 - d
1848Dough (IRE)ch.c. 1845Tearaway (IRE) - Brandy Bet (IRE) by Canteen (IRE)3
1849The Baroness (IRE)ch.f. 1844Verulam (IRE) - Echidna (IRE) by Economist (GB)24
1850Marcioness de'Eu (IRE)b.f. 1847Magpie (IRE) - Echidna (IRE) by Economist (GB)24
1851Kick Up the Dust (IRE)ch.f. 1848Star Of Erin (IRE) - Head And Pluck (IRE) by Tearaway (IRE)1 - o
1852Chaseaway (IRE)ch.f. 1848Harkaway (IRE) - Victoria (IRE) by Philip The First (IRE)1 - d
1853Chaseaway (IRE)ch.f. 1848Harkaway (IRE) - Victoria (IRE) by Philip The First (IRE)1 - d
1854Doctor O'Toole (IRE)ch.c. 1851Birdcatcher (IRE) - Dahlia (IRE) by New Fashion 13
1855The Chicken (IRE)b.c. 1852Magpie (IRE) - Circe (IRE) by Skylark (IRE)2 - p
1856The Chicken (IRE)b.c. 1852Magpie (IRE) - Circe (IRE) by Skylark (IRE)2 - p
1857The Tattler (IRE)b.c. 1854Magpie (IRE) - Ennui (IRE) by Humphrey Clinker (GB)4
1858Agitation (IRE)b.f. 1854Coranna (GB) - Attraction (IRE) by Touchstone (GB)13
1859Hibernia (IRE)ch.f. 1856Faugh-a-ballagh (IRE) - Matilda (IRE) by Magpie (IRE)13
1860Shamrock (IRE)b.c. 1856Mountain Deer (GB) - Colleen Dhas Dhu (IRE) by Arthur (IRE)2 - s
1861The Lawyer (GB)br.c. 1858The Libel (GB) - Hampton Mare (GB) by Hampton (GB) B25
1862Castle Hacket (IRE)b.c. 1859The Chicken (IRE) - Miss Tom (IRE) by Crozier (GB)1 - d
1863Tourist (GB) 2b.c. 1860Daniel O'Rourke (GB) - Marguerite (GB) by Melbourne (GB)2 - b
1864Woodman (IRE)ch.c. 1859Red Hart (GB) - Bryan o'Linn Mare (IRE) by Bryan o'Linn (IRE)4
1865Lord Conynghamb.c. 1862M.d. (IRE) - Spinster (IRE) by Flatcatcher (GB)19 - b
1866Dunsany (IRE)ch.c. 1862Claret (GB) - Rachel (IRE) by Faugh-a-ballagh (IRE)2 - s
1867Columbus (IRE)b.c. 1864Colonist (GB) - Stella (GB) by Lanercost (GB)3 - i
1868Aneroid (IRE)b.f. 1874Colonist (GB) - Weatherwise (GB) by Weatherbit (GB)2 -r
1869The Scout (IRE)b.c. 1866 The Ranger (IRE) - Barbarian Mare (IRE) by Barbarian (IRE)13
1870Finesse (IRE)b.f. 1866Caractacus (GB) - Pardalote (GB) by Stockwell (GB)18 - a
1871Trieste (IRE)b.f. 1868Plum Pudding (IRE) - Trireme by Iago (GB)5 - h
1872Speculation (IRE)b.c. 1869Adventurer (GB) - Verbena (GB) by Slane (GB)3 - a
1873Bedouin (IRE)br.c. 1870Selim (IRE) - Sheelah (IRE) by Artillery (IRE)21
1874Christmas (IRE)ch.c. 1872Plum Pudding (IRE) - Pleasure (IRE) by Mountain Deer (GB)24
1875Ingomar (IRE)b.c. 1872Uncas (IRE) - Wild Deer (IRE) by Red Hart (IRE)13
1876Fair Alice b.f. 1873Cambuscan (GB) - Young Alice by Young Melbourne (GB)4 - k
1877Piersfield (IRE)b.c. 1874Lothario (GB) - Lady Lynbury (IRE) by Coroner52
1878Matilda (IRE)br.f. 1874Solon (IRE) - Venus (IRE) by Gunboat (IRE)23
1879Sisyphus (IRE)b.c. 1875Outcast - Satanella by Wild Dayrell (GB)4 - p
1880Miriam (IRE)br.f. 1875Crown Prince - Rachel (IRE) by Faugh-a-ballagh (IRE)2 - s
1881Miriam (IRE)br.f. 1875Crown Prince - Rachel (IRE) by Faugh-a-ballagh (IRE)2 - s
1882Buckshot (IRE)bl.c. 1879Solon (IRE) - Magdaline (IRE) by Plum Pudding (IRE)22
1883Peace (IRE)b.f. 1880Xenophon (IRE) - Armistice (IRE) by Artillery (GB)3
1884Xema (IRE)br.f. 1880Ben Battle (GB) - Seagull (IRE) by Form (IRE)2 - c
1885Sylvan Queen (IRE)b.f. 1880Rostrevor (GB) - Queen Of The Forest (IRE) by The Ranger (IRE)59
1886Sylvan Queen (IRE)b.f. 1880Rostrevor (GB) - Queen Of The Forest (IRE) by The Ranger (IRE)59
1887Campanula (IRE)b.c. 1884Camballo (GB) - Blue Belle (GB) by True Blue (GB)1 - b
1888Little John (IRE)b.c. 1885Beatus - Wild Lady (IRE) by Coward13 - b
1889Little John (IRE)b.c. 1885Beatus - Wild Lady (IRE) by Coward13 - b
1890Golden Crescent (IRE)br.c. 1887Castlereagh (GB) - Mermaid (IRE) by Crown Prince3 - j
1891Chatterbox (IRE)ch.c. 1888May Boy (IRE) - Small Talk (IRE) by Baldwin (IRE)B24
1892Red Prince (IRE)ch.c. 1889Kendal (GB) - Empress (IRE) by Blood Royal7 - e
1893Golden Ring (IRE)b.f. 1889Almoner (GB) - Barbara (IRE) by Bar One5 - a
1894Starlight IIIch.c. 1891Castlereagh (GB) - Pink Domino (IRE) by Lord Ronald11 - g
1895The Jew (IRE)br.c. 1890Favo (GB) - Esther (IRE) by Arbitrator (IRE)23
1896Aline (IRE)ch.f. 1889Torpedo (GB) - Eline (GB) by Cremorne (GB)2 - n
1897Gustaloga (IRE)b.f. 1892Atheling (GB) - Resolution (IRE) by Ben Battle (GB)5 - f
1898The Falloch (IRE)b/br.f. 1894Apollo - Shardeloes (IRE) by Chippendale (GB)27
1899Lillian Noel (IRE)ch.f. 1896Royal Meath (IRE) - Andante by Master Kildare (IRE)2 - s
1900The Falloch (IRE)b/br.f. 1894Apollo - Shardeloes (IRE) by Chippendale27
1901Glenmalur b/br.c. 1887Childwick (GB) - Avoca (GB) by Paradox (GB)9
1902Driftwood (IRE)br.c. 1899Martagon (GB) - Tidal Wave (GB) by Barcaldine (IRE)1 - s
1903Sylvan Park (IRE)b.f. 1899Bushey Park (GB) - Sylvia (IRE) by St. Gatien (GB)1 - o
1904Sylvan Park (IRE)b.f. 1899Bushey Park (GB) - Sylvia by St. Gatien (GB)1 - o
1905Claret Lass (IRE)ch.f. 1900Wiseman (IRE) - Nourmahal (IRE) by Favo (GB)11 - d
1906Claret Lass (IRE)ch.f. 1900Wiseman (IRE) - Nourmahal (IRE) by Favo (GB)11 - d
1907Mrs. Lyons (IRE)b/br. m. 1902Desmond (GB) - Zero Mare (IRE) by Zero3
1908Bouncing Bess (IRE)ch.f. 1903St. Gris (GB) - Arriot (GB) by Sir Bevys (GB)20
1909Octocide (IRE)b.f. 1905Henry The Eighth (GB) - Cider (GB) by Harvester (GB)9 - f
1910Lorello (IRE)b.c. 1906Laveno(GB) - Elena (IRE) by Gallinule (GB)2 - d
1911Castle Jewel (IRE)ch.f. 1907Simontault (GB) - Stolen Armour (IRE) by Morion (GB)4 - e
1912Master of Lightbr.c. 1908Flashlight (GB) - The Mistress by Dictator20 - a
1913Laoghaire (IRE)ch.c. 1910Tredennis (GB) - Legana by Northshampton (GB)
1914Bachelor's Fiasco (IRE)ch.f. 1911Tredennis (GB) - Pure Lena (IRE) by Le Noir (GB)9
1915Garrus (IRE)br.f. 1912Wavelet's Pride (IRE) - Fair Lily by Martagon (GB)4 - f
1916Scarlet Rambler ch.c. 1913William Rufus (GB) - Ramage by Ramapo1 - c
1917Noham (IRE)br.c. 1913Beau - Four Feathers (IRE) by Symington (IRE)1 - j
1918King Frusquinb.c. 1914St. Frusquin (GB) - Oread by Cyllene (GB)12 - b
1919Earn's Glen (IRE)b.c. 1916Bridge Of Earn (GB) - Glen Doon (IRE) by Bushey Park (GB)10 - c
1920Red Flag (IRE)b.f. 1915St. Nat - Red Label (IRE) by Progression4 - k
1921Coup d'Essai (IRE)b.f. 1918Cupbreaker - Bountiful (GB) by John O'gaunt (GB)13 - c
1922Carthage (IRE)br.c. 1919Santoi (GB) - Pola (GB) by St. Simon (GB)2 - p
1923Mullagher-a-Boo (IRE)b.c. 1920Battleaxe - Santoi Mare (IRE) by Santoi (GB)19 - a
1924Blue Fish (IRE)b.f. 1918Irishman (GB) - Queen Of The Grebes by Grebe (GB)3
1925Jillsome (IRE)b.f. 1922Jackdaw (GB) - Fusome by Fugleman4 - c
1926Philanderer (IRE)br.c. 1923Prince Philip - Graceful Girl by Laveno (GB)9 - c
1927Lomond's Lake (IRE)ch.c. 1922Loch Lomond (GB) - Happy Hours (IRE) Ex Lady Bagnal X Enthusiast-bagnalstown X Spennithorne by St. Monans (GB)23
1928Tan Girl (IRE)b.f. 1924Tangiers (IRE) - Grave Girl by Wargrave (GB)2 - g
1929Swift Agnes (IRE)b.f. 1925Frontino - Agnes W. by Forfarshire (GB)16 - a
1930Nice Token (IRE)ch.f. 1924Louvois (IRE) - Last Token (IRE) by Red Prince (IRE)2 - m
1931Sahabelle (IRE)br.f. 1927Pucka Sahib - Thistle Belle by Thistleton (IRE)HB*
1932Cloverdale (IRE)ch.f. 1928Milesius (IRE) - Mind Points by Torpoint (GB)10 - d
1933Song of the Hills (IRE)ch.f. 1930Spion Kop (IRE) - Cradle Song by Hurry On (GB)1 - l
1934Theorosa (IRE)ch.f. 1930Pucka Sahib - Thistle Belle (IRE) by Thistleton (IRE)HB*
1935Sol Erin (IRE)ch.c. 1932Soldennis (IRE) - Erin Green (IRE) by Irishman16 - a
1936Harvest Star (IRE)b.f. 1933Trigo (IRE) - Stella's Way (IRE) by Essexford22 - a
1937Kildonan's Hope (IRE)b.f. 1931Knight Of The Garter (GB) - Lemon Sponge (GB) by Laomedon (GB)10 - a
1938Corofin (IRE)b.f. 1932Catalin - Thistle Lass (IRE) by Thistleton3 - i
1939Dennison (IRE)ch.c. 1936Soldennis (IRE) - Annamarten (IRE) by Little Marten13 - a
1940Antrim (IRE)br.c. 1937Trimdon (GB) - Annabel (IRE) by Blandford (IRE)14 - c
1941Etoile de Lyons (IRE)ch.c. 1938 Coup De Lyon (GB) - Rose Of Jericho (IRE) by Spion Kop (IRE)1 - a
1942Anniversary (IRE)ch.c. 1939Orpen (GB) - Appointment by Tolgus22
1943Blue Speck (IRE)ch.c. 1938Tai-yang (IRE) - Collina by Sansovino8 - k
1944Rhodes (IRE)gr.c. 1939Empire Builder (GB) - Nefertete by Pharos (GB)3 - i
1945Golden Spur (IRE)ch.c. 1942Casanova (GB) - Lapel (IRE) by Apelle (ity)12 - c
1946Spring Offensiveb.f. 1943Legend Of France (FR) - Batika (IRE) by Blenheim (IRE)25
1947Lorimer (IRE)ch.f. 1944Within-the-law - Chloris by Beresford (GB)8 - b
1948Signal Service (IRE)ch.c. 1945Signal Light (IRE) - Adara (GB) by Beresford (GB)16
1949Eastern Gem (IRE)ch.f. 1946Turkhan (GB) - Fair Gem by Fairford (GB)1 - m
1950L'Horizon (IRE)b.f. 1947Bois Roussel (FR) - Stafaralla (IRE) by Solario (IRE)14 - b
1951Storm Beacon (IRE)br.c. 1948Fairfax (GB) - Stormchild (IRE) by Knight Of The Garter (GB)22
1952Beau Sire (IRE)b.c. 1947Solferino (GB) - Chain Bridge (GB) by Empire Builder (GB)2 - m
1953Sunny Streak (IRE)ch.c. 1950Bright News (GB) - Sunny Star (IRE) by Vesington Star (GB)1 - h
1954Hidalgo (IRE)br.c. 1951Arctic Star (GB) - Senora (GB) by Trigo (GB)1 - a
1955Zarathustra (IRE)bl.c. 1951 Persian Gulf (GB) - Salvia (GB) by Sansovino (GB)1 - l
1956Jongleur (IRE)b.c. 1953Sayajirao (GB) - Turkish Tune (IRE) by Turkhan (GB)2 - e
1957Solartickle (IRE)ch.c. 1954Solar Slipper (GB) - Bally Tickle by Ballyogan (GB)16 - f
1958Irish Penny (IRE)br.c. 1955Hindostan (GB) - Penny On The Jack by Linklater (GB)4 - n
1959Ross Sea (IRE)br.c. 1956Arctic Star (GB) - Chloris (FR) by Chateau Bouscaut (FR)13 - a
1960Avril Sprite (IRE)ch.f. 1957Beau Sabreur (GB) - Sprite (IRE) by Jamaica Inn (GB)2 - n
1961Azurine (IRE)b.f. 1957Chamossaire (IRE) - Blue Dun (IRE) by Blue Train (GB)4 - d
1962Gay Challenger (IRE)b.c. 1959 Royal Challenger (IRE) - Thrilled (GB) by Niccolo del l'arca (GB)1 - s
1963Nos Royalistes (IRE)b.c. 1959Nosca (FR) - Queen Vashti (GB) by Vatellor (FR)14 - d
1964Cassim (IRE)br.c. 1959Tamerlane (GB) - Prudent Polly (GB) by Atout Maitre (FR)14 - c
1965Ballyjoy (IRE)b.c. 1961Ballymoss (IRE) - Gladness (GB) by Sayajirao (GB)7 - a
1966Wedding Present (IRE)ch.c. 1962Macherio (ity) - Muscosa (GB) by Mossborough (GB)1 - w
1967Vendor (IRE)b.c. 1964Vienna (GB) - Owendeer by Owen Tudor (GB)2 - e
1968Stitch (IRE)b.c. 1965Lauso (FR) - Silken Princess (GB) by Arctic Prince (GB)5 - h
1969Candy Cane (IRE)b.c. 1965Crepello (GB) - Candy Gift (GB) by Princely Gift (GB)22 - d
1970Reindeer (IRE)b/br.c. 1966 Santa Claus (IRE) - Reine Des Bois (GB) by Bois Roussel (FR)5 - e
1971Tantoul (USA)ch.c. 1968Tatan (arg) - Lebkuchen (USA) by Hill Prince (USA)5 - j
1972Manitoulin (USA)b.c. 1969Tom Rolfe (USA) - Oak Cluster (USA) by Nasrullah (IRE)1 - s
1973Cavo Doro (IRE)b.c. 1970Sir Ivor (USA) - Limuru (GB) by Alcide (GB)14 - c
1974Klairvimy (IRE)ch.c. 1970Klairon (FR) - Vimy Line (GB) by Vimy (FR)3 - i
1975Consol (IRE)ch.c. 1972Reliance (FR) - Grandpa's Legacy (GB) by Zeus Boy (GB)15 - a
1976Yankee Gold (IRE)gr.c. 1972Lord Gayle (USA) - Ceol An Oir (IRE) by Vimy (FR)1 - p
1977Alleged (USA)b.c. 1974Hoist The Flag (USA) - Princess Pout (USA) by Prince John (USA)2 - s
1978Alleged (USA)b.c. 1974Hoist The Flag (USA) - Princess Pout (USA) by Prince John (USA)2 - s
1979The Bart (USA)b.c. 1976Le Fabuleux (FR) - Liscia (GB) by Saint Crispin (IRE)7
1980My Hollow (IRE)b.f. 1975Wolver Hollow (GB) - Saucy Mine (GB) by Sheshoon (GB)22 - c
1981Last Light (FR)b.c. 1978Round Table (USA) - Lighted Glory (USA) by Nijinsky (CAN)1 - s
1982Lords (USA)b.c. 1979Hoist The Flag (USA) - Princessnesian (USA) by Princequillo (IRE)4 - m
1983Condell (IRE)ch.c. 1979Condorcet (FR) - Liberty Nell (GB) by Weavers Hall (IRE)26
1984Empire Glory (USA)b.c. 1981Nijinsky (CAN) - Spearfish (USA) by Fleet Nasrullah (USA)11
1985Kamakura (IRE)b/br.c. 1982General Assembly (USA) - Miller's Lass (GB) by Mill Reef (USA)21 - a
1986Dubian (IRE)b.f. 1982High Line (GB) - Melodina (GB) by Tudor Melody (GB)9 - c
1987Baba Karam (IRE)b.c. 1984Persian Bold (IRE) - Lady Pavlova (IRE) by Ballymore (IRE)3 - h
1988Heavenly Manna (IRE)ch.c. 1985Ela-mana-mou (IRE) - Suspicious Polly (IRE) by Above Suspicion (GB)17 - b
1989Beyond the Lake (IRE)b.c. 1986King's Lake (USA) - Sensibility (USA) by Hail To Reason (USA)3 - h
1990Splash of Colour (IRE)ch.c. 1987Rainbow Quest (USA) - Cockade (GB) by Derring-do (GB)11 - a
1991George Augustus (USA)b.c. 1988El Gran Senor (USA) - Surely Georgie's (USA) by Alleged (USA)5 - h
1992Jahafil (GB)b.c. 1988Rainbow Quest (USA) - River Spey (GB) by Mill Reef (USA)19 - c
1993Rayseka (IRE)b.f. 1990Dancing Brave (USA) - Rilasa (FR) by St. Paddy (GB)9 - e
1994Dancing Sunset (IRE)b.f. 1991Red Sunset (IRE) - Dancing Partner (USA) by Graustark (USA)7
1995Shemaran (IRE)b.c. 1992Kahyasi (IRE) - Sherzana (IRE) by Great Nephew (GB)9 - c
1996Pilsudski (IRE)b.c. 1992 Polish Precedent (USA) - Cocotte (GB) by Troy (GB)11
1997King Alex (GB)b.c. 1993Rainbow Quest (USA) - Alexandrie (USA) by Val De L'orne (FR)4 - i
1998Make No Mistake (IRE)b.c. 1995Darshaan (GB) - Respectfully (USA) by The Minstrel (CAN)8 - c
1999Zomaradah (GB)b.f. 1995 Deploy (GB) - Jawaher (IRE) by Dancing Brave (USA)9 - e
2000Takali (IRE)ch.c. 1997Kris (GB) - Takarouna (USA) by Green Dancer (USA)8 - i
2001Bach (IRE)b.c. 1997Caerleon (USA) - Producer (USA) by Nashua (USA)8 - i
2002Chancellor (IRE)ch.c. 1998Halling (USA) - Isticanna (USA) by Far North (CAN)10 - c
2003High Chaparral (IRE)b.c. 1999 Sadler's Wells (USA) - Kasora (IRE) by Darshaan (GB)1 - n
2004Solskjaer (IRE)b.c. 2000Danehill (USA) - Lyndonville (IRE) by Top Ville (IRE)1 - m
2005Tropical Lady (IRE)b.f. 2000Sri Pekan (USA) - Tropical Lake (IRE) by Lomond (USA)9
2006Mustameet (IRE)b.c. 2001Sahm (USA) - Hamasah (USA) by Irish River (FR)20 - d
2007Eagle Mountain (GB)b.c. 2004Rock Of Gibralter (IRE) - Masskana (IRE) by Darshaan (GB)14 - c
2008King of Rome (IRE)b.g. 2005Montjeu (IRE) - Amizette (USA) by Forty Niner (USA)A4
2009Casual Conquest (IRE)b.c. 2005Hernando (FR) - Lady Luck (IRE) by Kris (GB)10 - a
2010Fame and Glory (GB)b.c. 2006Montjeu (IRE) - Gryada (GB) by Shirley Heights (GB)1 - i
2011Banimpire (IRE)br.f. 2008Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - My Renee (USA) by Kris S. (USA)16 - c
2012Famous Name (GB)b.c. 2005Dansili (GB) - Fame at Last (USA) by Quest for Fame (GB)9 - f
*HB family called the Atty Family (no Family Table number), named for a 1906 bay colt by Bushey Park, a winner of six races in England, including the Lewes Handicap, a prize-winning stallion at the London Show of 1913, sent to Germany as a stallion in 1913. The family, whose earliest known mare was Penelope, 1851, by Blackfoot, bred in Ireland, included many Irish steeplechase, hurdle and King's Plate winners.

The oldest continuously run race in Ireland. Since 1998 a Group II race; 1973 - 1997 Group III race. For some years, limited to mares and horses, geldings excluded periodically.

Established in 1821 at the instigation of the visit of King George IV at the Curragh, who presented a gold-handled whip "for the owner of the best horse in Ireland weight for age," plus a 100 guineas annual stake, to the stewards of the Irish Turf Club. First run October, 1821, and restricted, until 1831, to horses age four and upwards. In the 19th century racing calendars, considered one of the Royal Plates. Replaced by a new whip provided by King William IV in 1830. Restricted to Irish-bred horses after the 1860s, when English-breds began invading the Irish turf, a restriction since abandoned.

In 1925 the distance was reduced to 2-1/2 miles; the original value of the race, 100 guineas, established almost 100 years earlier, was still awarded, while the value Ireland's other major races had risen considerably. In 1936 the distance was again reduced, to 2 miles. In 1954 reduced to 1-1/2 miles (1 mile-4 furlongs), and the value of the purse increased to almost £600, its first ever increase in value, after which the value steadily rose. In 1995 the race was again shortened, to its present distance of 1-1/4 miles (1 mile-2 furlongs).

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