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  Anglesey Stakes

1829 - Present
6 furlongs-63 yards for 2 Year Olds at the The Curragh, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1829Regulator (IRE) gr.c. 1827 Master Robert (IRE) - Mare (IRE) by Sir Walter Raleigh (GB)2
1830Philip the First (IRE) ch.c. 1828 Langar (GB) - Mare (IRE) by Queensberry (GB)6 - b
1831Kildare (IRE) ch. c. 1825Regent (GB) - Jannette (GB) by Camillus (GB)2 - i
1832New Fashion (IRE) gr. c. 1830Drone (IRE) - Queensberry Mare by Queensberry6 - b
1833Whitefoot (IRE) ch.c. 1831 Young Blacklock (GB) - Kitten (IRE) by Waxy Pope (GB)12 - c
1834Whim (IRE) gr. f. 1832Drone (IRE) - Kiss (IRE) by Waxy Pope (GB)23
1835Wedge (IRE) br.c. 1833 Picton (GB) - Vat (IRE) by Langar (GB)1 - o
1836Magpie (IRE) b. c. 1834Young Blacklock (GB) - Kitten (IRE) by Waxy Pope (GB)12-c
1837Permit (IRE) ch.c. 1835 Young Blacklock (GB) - Lizzy (IRE) by Bob Booty (IRE)4
1838Wirrestrew (IRE) b.c. 1836 Drone (IRE) - Vat (IRE) by Langar (GB)1 - o
1839Johnny (IRE) b. c. 1837Elvas - Perdita (IRE) by Langar (GB)3
1840Wheel (IRE) b. f. 1838Camel (GB) - Ildegarda (IRE) by Bob Booty (IRE)13
1841Ballinkeele (IRE) b.c. 1839 Birdcatcher (IRE) - Perdita (GB) by Langar (GB)3
1842Condor (IRE) b.c. 1840 Economist (GB) - Master Robert Mare (IRE) by Master Robert (IRE)11 - d
1843Loadstone (IRE) b.c. 1841 Touchstone (GB) - Ildegarda (IRE) by Bob Booty (IRE)13
1844Pickpocket (IRE) b.c. 1842 Magpie (IRE) - Mrs. Bang-up (GB) by Whalebone (GB)2 - t
1845Mermaid (IRE) br.f. 1843 Ishmael (GB) - Lizzy (IRE) by Bob Booty (IRE)4
1846Horn of Chase (IRE) ch.c. 1844 Harkaway (IRE) - Victoria (IRE) by Philip 1st (IRE)1 - d
1847Justice to Ireland (IRE) b.c. 1845 Birdcatcher (IRE) - Shepherdess (IRE) by Young Phantom (GB)11 - b
1848Chatterer (IRE) ch.c. 1846 Magpie (IRE) - Clari (IRE) by Smolensko (GB)6 - b
1849Queen Margaret (IRE) ch.f. 1847 Freney (IRE) - Red Rose (IRE) by Rough Robin (GB)41
1850The Marquis (IRE) b. c. 1879Uncas (IRE) - Nu by Orpheus24
1851Indian Warrior (IRE) ch. c. 1849Napier (GB) - Jeanette (IRE) by Birdcatcher (IRE)3
1852The Deformed (IRE) br.f. 1850 Harkaway (IRE) - Welfare (IRE) by Priam (GB)1 - a
1853Tom (IRE) ch.c. 1851 Birdcatcher (IRE) - Maria (IRE) by Harkaway (IRE)4
1854Cockatoo (IRE) b.c. 1852 Bantam (GB) - Laelia (GB) by Sheet Anchor (GB)22
1855Citron (IRE) br.f. 1853 Sweetmeat (GB) - Echidna (IRE) by Economist (GB)24
1856Queencake (IRE) ch.f. 1854 Dough (IRE) - Osprey (GB) by Birdcatcher (IRE)8
1857Zaidee (IRE) br.f. 1855 Bandy (IRE) - Wheel (IRE) by Rockingham (GB)13
1858Fingal (IRE) br.c. 1856 Mountain Deer (GB) - Ishmael Mare (IRE) by Ishmael (GB)21
1859Busy Bee (GB) b.f. 1857 Teddington (GB) - Queen Bee (IRE) by Harkaway (IRE)16 - f
1860Bombardier (GB) b.c. 1858 Surplice (GB) - Jeanette (IRE) by Birdcatcher (IRE)3
1861Troublesome (IRE) b.f. 1859 Hobbie Noble (GB) - Testy (GB) by The Nob (GB)5
1862Roman Bee (IRE) b.c. 1860 Artillery (IRE) - Queen Bee (IRE) by Harkaway (IRE)16 - f
1863Blarney (IRE) ch.c. 1861 Claret (GB) - Mag On The Wing (IRE) by Magpie (IRE)1 - a
1864It's Curious (IRE) b.f. 1862 Artillery (IRE) - Gramachree (IRE) by Sir Hercules (IRE)11 - d
1865Owen Roe (IRE) br.c. 1863 Artillery (IRE) - Crozier Mare (IRE) by Crozier (GB)21
1866Dora (IRE) b.f. 1864 Colonist (GB) - Nora (IRE) by Magpie (IRE)2 - r
1867Uncas (GB) b. c. 1865Stockwell (GB) - Nightingale (IRE) by Mountain Deer (GB)1 - o
1868Melody (GB) b. f. 1888 Tynedale (GB) - Glee (GB) by Adventurer (GB)3 - j
1869Adeline (IRE) ch.f. 1867 Blarney (IRE) - May Queen (GB) by Stockwell (GB)12 - e
1870Amnesty (IRE) b.f. 1868 Rattle (GB) - Scroggins Mare (GB) by Scroggins (GB)3
1871Shelmartin (IRE) b.c. 1869 Plum Pudding (IRE) - Bessie (IRE) by Orlando (GB)1 - o
1872Queen of the Bees (IRE) b.f. 1870 Knight Of St. Patrick (GB) - Queen Bee (IRE) by Harkaway (IRE)16 - f
1873Lady Patricia (GB) b.f. 1871 Lord Clifden (GB) - Lady Langford (GB) by Sir Hercules (IRE)2 - b
1874Wild Duck (IRE) b.f. 1872 Uncas (GB) - Nu (GB) by Orpheus (GB)19
1875Princess Bon Bon (GB) ch.f. 1873 Macaroni (GB) - Fravola (GB) by Orlando (GB)1 - c
1876Second Sight (GB) ch.f. 1874 Speculum (GB) - Strategy (IRE) by Adventurer (GB)23
1877Cimaroon (IRE) b.c. 1875 Roman Bee (IRE) - Tawney (IRE) by Ivan (GB)22
1878Soulouque (IRE) b.c. 1876 Roman Bee (IRE) - Tawney (IRE) by Ivan (GB)22
1879Sibyl (GB) ch.f. 1877 Speculum (GB) - Dryad (GB) by Cape Flyaway (GB)2 - l
1880Master Ned (IRE) b.c. 1878 Roman Bee (IRE) - Gazelle (IRE) by Ivan (GB)23
1881The Jilt (IRE) f. 1879Uncas (IRE) - The Beauty (IRE) by Macaroni (GB)11 - d
1882Donnycarney (IRE) bl.c. 1880 Solon (IRE) - Lady Rockley (GB) by Beadsman (GB)3 - i
1883Melianthus (IRE) b. c. 1881Umpire (IRE) - Queen Of The Bees (IRE) by Knight Of St. Patrick16 - f
1884Magic (IRE) b.f. 1882 Ascetic (GB) - Coterie (GB) by Cotherstone (GB)3 - c
1885Mellifont (IRE) b.c. 1883 Arbitrator (IRE) - Queen Of The Bees (IRE) by Knight Of St. Patrick (GB)16 - f
1886Kildare (IRE) ch. c. 1825Regent (GB) - Jannette (GB) by Camillus (GB)2 -i
1887Philomel (IRE) b. f. 1885 Philammon (IRE) - Chrysalis (IRE) by Lecturer (GB)16 - f
1888St. Kieran (IRE) b.c. 1886 Arbitrator (IRE) - Querida (GB) by King John (GB)9 - c
1889Killowen (IRE) ch.c. 1887 Arbitrator (IRE) - Sibyl (GB) by Speculum (GB)2 - l
1890The Rhymer (GB) b.c. 1888 Petrarch (GB) - Marchioness (IRE) by Kidderminster (GB)19
1891Christabel (IRE) b.f. 1889 Kendal (GB) - Chrysalis (GB) by Lecturer (GB)16 - f
1892Loot (IRE) br.c. 1890 Ben Battle (GB) - Tees Treasure (GB) by Lord Lyon (GB)5 - h
1893Delphos (IRE) ch.c. 1891 Necromancer (GB) - Sibyl (GB) by Speculum (GB)2 - l
1894Instability (IRE) ch.f. 1892 Favo (GB) - Homeless (GB) by The Rover (GB)22
1895Rinvanny (IRE) ch.f. 1893 Kendal (GB) - Deception (IRE) by Arbitrator (IRE)12
1896Diabolo (IRE) ch.c. 1894 Bel Demonio (GB) - Triesta (IRE) by Bay Cardinal (GB)5 - h
1897Sirenia (IRE) blk/br. f. 1895Gallinule (GB) - Concussion (GB) by Reverberation (GB)19 - c
1898Eulogy (IRE) b.c. 1896 Cherry Ripe (GB) - Eudocia (IRE) by Philammon (IRE)13 - b
1899Steinort (IRE) bl.c. 1897 Gallinule (GB) - Bellinzona (IRE) by Necromancer (GB)9 - d
1900Corncrake (IRE) ch.f. 1898 Gallinule (GB) - Corday (GB) by Hampton (GB)7
1901Meldhre (IRE) ch.f. 1899 Enthusiast (GB) - Millwheel (GB) by York (GB)4 - l
1902Fariman (IRE) b.c. 1900 Gallinule (GB) - Bellinzona (IRE) by Necromancer (GB)9 - d
1903Jean's Folly (GB) br.f. 1901 Ayrshire (GB) - Black Cherry (GB) by Bendigo (IRE)3 - o
1904Cherry Lass (GB) b.f. 1902 Isinglass (GB) - Black Cherry (GB) by Bendigo (IRE)3 - o
1905Merry Moment (IRE) ch.c. 1903 Count Schomberg (IRE) - Merry Gal (GB) by Galopin (GB)5 - j
1906Knight of Tully (IRE) b.c. 1904 Count Schomberg (IRE) - Bush (IRE) by Bushey Park (GB)1 - i
1907Temeraire (GB) gr.c. 1905 Grey Leg (GB) - Tereska (GB) by Isonomy (GB)21 - a
1908Roland Lee (GB) br.g. 1906 Laveno (GB) - Armorel (GB) by Florentine (GB)8 - k
1909Trepida (IRE) ch.f. 1907 Grebe (GB) - Palotta (IRE) by Gallinule (GB)9 - c
1910Velociter (IRE) b.c. 1908 Speed (GB) - Nundinal (IRE) by Nunthorpe (GB)13
1911Amsterdam (IRE) b.f. 1909 Americus (USA) - Sabine Queen (IRE) by Hackler (GB)2 - b
1912Laoghaire (IRE) ch. c. 1910Tredennis (GB) - Legana by Northshampton (GB)9
1913Mellifont (IRE) b.c. 1911 St. Brendan (IRE) - Meldhre (IRE) by Enthusiast (GB)4 - l
1914 No Race
1915Ayn Hali (IRE) b.f. 1913 Desmond (GB) - Lalla Rookh (IRE) by Hackler (GB)6 - a
1916General Villa (IRE) ch.c. 1914 Roi Herode (FR) - Mechante (IRE) by Gallinule (GB)16 - f
1917Elfterion (IRE) br.c. 1915 Glasgerion (IRE) - Elfland (IRE) by The Wag (GB)27
1918Grand Parade (IRE) bl. c. 1916Orby (IRE) - Grand Geraldine (IRE) by Desmond (GB)5 - c
1918Tenroh (IRE) b.c. 1917 Tredennis (GB) - Hornet (IRE) by Hackler (GB)3 - c
1920Russian Sable (IRE) ch.f. 1918 Marten (IRE) - Countess Torby (IRE) by Morganatic (GB)17 - d
1921Vesta (IRE) b.f. 1919 Argos (GB) - Inky Toy (IRE) by Santoi (GB)4 - p
1922French Briar (IRE) br.c. 1920 Louvois (GB) - Deocaun (IRE) by Buckwheat (GB)16 - f
1923Artoy (IRE) br.f. 1921 Argos (GB) - Inky Toy (IRE) by Santoi (GB)4 - p
1924White Spot (IRE) b.f. 1922 Louvois (GB) - Malanderie (GB) by Galashiels (GB)4 - d
1925Ardsallagh (IRE) br.c. 1923 Bachelor's Double (IRE) - Jaeger Mare (GB) by Jaeger (GB)7 - c
1926Polecat (IRE) b.f. 1924 Marten (IRE) - Artichoke (IRE) by Desmond (GB)22 - d
1927Athford (IRE) b. c. 1925Blandford (IRE) - Athasi (IRE) by Farasi (GB)22 - a
1928Trigo (IRE) b. c. 1926Blandford (IRE) - Athasi (IRE) by Farasi (GB)22 - a
1929Ballyferis (IRE) b.c. 1927 Apron (GB) - Gilford (IRE) by Corcyra (GB)22 - a
1930Soliped (IRE) ch.g. 1928 Soldennis (IRE) - Roxana (GB) by Neil Gow (GB)2 - b
1931Centeno (IRE) b.f. 1929 Blandford (IRE) - Athasi (IRE) by Farasi (GB)22 - a
1932Black Wings (IRE) br.f. 1930 Cygnus (GB) - Blackladies (IRE) by Belted Earl (IRE)2 - b
1933Starford (GB) br.c. 1931 Blandford (IRE) - Glenstella (IRE) by Farasi (GB)22 - a
1934Smokeless (IRE) b. f. 1932 Prince Galahad (GB) - Smoke Lass (GB) by Black Jester (GB)21-a
1935Grangemore (IRE) b.f. 1933 Greek Bachelor (IRE) - Athmore (IRE) by Cygnus (GB)22 - a
1936Owenstown (GB) gr.c. 1934 Apron (GB) - Madame De Stael (GB) by Chaucer (GB)1 - o
1937On Edge (IRE) b.f. 1935 On Parade (GB) - Soletto (IRE) by Soldennis (IRE)6 - f
1938Rose of Portugal (IRE) ch.f. 1936 Beaudelaire (IRE) - Rose Of Jericho (IRE) by Spion Kop (IRE)1 - a
1939Eyrefield (IRE) b.f. 1937 Vesington Star (IRE) - Phlox (GB) by Pharos (GB)2 - h
1940Rose Garland (GB) b.c. 1938 Felicitation (GB) - Roselake (GB) by Sky-rocket (GB)26
1941Terrible Times (IRE) gr.f. 1939 Tetratema (IRE) - Frantic (GB) by Franklin (GB)2 - g
1942Up Hill (GB) b.f. 1940 Pay Up (GB) - Song Of The Hills (IRE) by Spion Kop (IRE)1 - l
1943Arctic Sun (GB) br.f. 1941 Nearco (ity) - Solar Flower (GB) by Solario (GB)10 - c
1944Mafosta (GB) ch.c. 1942 Fair Trial (GB) - Slap And Tickle (IRE) by Greek Bachelor (IRE)16 - f
1945Silver Thistle (IRE) ch.f. 1943 Sol Oriens (IRE) - Laitron (IRE) by Soldennis (IRE)12 - g
1946Grand Weather (GB) b. c. 1944 Dastur (GB) - Morning Dew (GB) by Blandford (IRE)13-b
1947The Web (IRE) br.c. 1945 Panorama (GB) - Caerlissa (GB) by Caerleon (GB)14 - c
1948Ballywillwill (IRE) br.c. 1946 Ballyogan (GB) - Lonely Lady (FR) by Dark Japan (FR)5 - c
1949First View (IRE) ch.f. 1947 Panorama (GB) - First Telegram (IRE) by Furrokh Siyar (GB)3 - g
1950Clare Hill (IRE) b.c. 1948 Arctic Star (GB) - Roisin (IRE) by Rosewell (IRE)29
1951Engulfed (GB) b.f. 1949 Persian Gulf (GB) - Overboard (GB) by Xandover (FR)14 - f
1952Blue Label (IRE) ch.c. 1950 Blue Train (GB) - Kildangan (IRE) by Panorama (GB)5 - e
1953Sixpence (IRE) ch.f. 1951 Ballyogan (GB) - Damians (IRE) by Panorama (GB)19
1954Flying Story (GB) ch.c. 1952 Airborne (IRE) - Trial Story (GB) by Fair Trial (GB)2 - s
1955Dumpty Humpty (IRE) br.c. 1953 Stalino (IRE) - Foolishness (IRE) by Furrokh Siyar (GB)1 - h
1956No Complaint (IRE) ch.c. 1954 Greek Star (GB) - Tiger's Bay (GB) by Nosegay (GB)15 - a
1957Daffodil (GB) ch.f. 1955 Dante (GB) - Sweet Nan (GB) by Borealis (GB)13 - e
1958Sauchrie (GB) b.f. 1956 Le Lavandou (FR) - Dunure (GB) by Umidwar (GB)4 - d
1959Arctic Sea (GB) br.c. 1957 Arctic Star (GB) - Chloris (FR) by Chateau Bouscaut (FR)13 - a
1960Indian Conquest (IRE) br.c. 1958 Tamerlane (GB) - Nokomis (IRE) by Fair Trial (GB)2 - f
1961Richmond (IRE) b.c. 1959 Royal Palm (IRE) - Tekka (GB) by Ridge Wood (GB)1 - n
1962Philemon (GB) b.c. 1960 Never Say Die (USA) - Winged Foot (GB) by Big Game (GB)14 - c
1963Dromoland (GB) br.c. 1961 Umberto (GB) - Lily Ophelia (GB) by Fair Copy (GB)8 - k
1964Green Banner (GB) gr.c. 1962 Palestine (IRE) - Fainne Oir (GB) by Golden Cloud (GB)5 - h
1965Bravery (USA) b.f. 1963 Hillsdale (USA) - Victoria Cross (GB) by Court Martial (GB)14 - c
1966Archangel Gabriel (GB) b.c. 1964 Above Suspicion (GB) - Angel (FR) by Sunny Boy (FR)2 - n
1967Society (GB) ch.c. 1965 Sheshoon (IRE) - Blue Society (USA) by Count Fleet (USA)2 - h
1968Marcia Royal (IRE) ch.f. 1966 Le Levanstell (IRE) - Illuminate (GB) by Luminary (GB)10 - b
1969Nijinsky (CAN) b. c. 1967Northern Dancer (CAN) - Flaming Page (CAN) by Bull Page (USA)8 - f
1970Headlamp (FR) ch.c. 1968 High Hat (GB) - Crystal Light (GB) by Never Say Die (USA)1 - s
1971Roberto (USA) b. c. 1969Hail To Reason (USA) - Bramalea (USA) by Nashua (USA)12-c
1972Tekoah (GB) b/br.c. 1970 Great White Way (USA) - Tatelka (FR) by Tanerko (FR)22 - c
1973Saritamer (USA) gr. c. 1971 Dancer's Image (USA) - Irish Chorus (GB) by Ossian (GB)14 - f
1974Mark Anthony (IRE) gr.c. 1972 Supreme Sovereign (GB) - Philene (USA) by Tulyar (IRE)2 - n
1975Niebo (USA) ch.c. 1973 Arts And Letters (USA) - Firey Angel (USA) by Nashua (USA)2 - n
1976Readjust (USA) ch.g. 1974 Arts And Letters (USA) - Allie's Serenade (USA) by Royal Serenade (GB)8 - k
1977Solinus (GB) b. c. 1975 Comedy Star (USA) - Cawston's Pride (GB) by Con Brio (GB)4 - n
1978Dickens Hill (IRE) ch. c. 1976 Mount Hagen (FR) - London Life (GB) by Panaslipper (IRE)11 - e
1979Snapper Point (IRE) br.c. 1977 Right Tack (GB) - Xanadu (GB) by Zimone (FR)2 - o
1980Storm Bird (CAN) b. c. .1978Northern Dancer (CAN) - South Ocean (CAN) by New Providence (CAN)4 - j
1981Dara Monarch (GB) b. c. 1979Realm (GB) - Sardara (GB) by Alcide (GB)13- e
1982Caerleon (USA) b. c. 1980Nijinsky (CAN) - Foreseer (USA) by Round Table (USA)1 - s
1983Gala Event (IRE) b.f. 1981 Sallust (GB) - Rosemarin (GB) by Mossborough (GB)2 - e
1984Law Society (USA) b/br. c. 1982 Alleged (USA) - Bold Bikini (USA) by Boldnesian (USA)5 - e
1985Woodman (USA) ch.c. 1983 Mr. Prospector (USA) - Playmate (USA) by Buckpasser (USA)1 - s
1986Island Reef (IRE) ch.c. 1984 Main Reef (GB) - Halba (GB) by Habat (IRE)9 - c
1987Lake Como (USA) b.c. 1985 Nijinsky (CAN) - La Dame Du Lac (USA) by Round Table (USA)2 - d
1988Corwyn Bay (IRE) gr.c. 1986 Caerleon (USA) - Baccalaureate (GB) by Crowned Prince (USA)7 - e
1989Single Combat (USA) b.c. 1987 Nijinsky (CAN) - La Dame Du Lac (USA) by Round Table (USA)2 - d
1990Malvernico (IRE) b.c. 1988 Nordico (USA) - Malvern Beauty (GB) by Shirley Heights (GB)1 - s
1991St. Jovite (USA) b. c. 1989 Pleasant Colony (USA) - Northern Sunset (IRE) by Northfields (USA)5 - h
1992Basim (USA) b.c. 1990 Capote (USA) - Mer Belle (USA) by Far North (CAN)1 - t
1993Keraka (USA) b.f. 1991 Storm Bird (CAN) - Kerita (IRE) by Formidable (USA)12 - c
1994Smart Guest (GB) ch.g. 1992 Be My Guest (USA) - Konbola (GB) by Superlative (IRE)4 - n
1995Woodborough (USA) ch.c. 1993 Woodman (USA) - Performing Arts (IRE) by The Minstrel (CAN)13 - e
1996Air of Distinction (IRE) br.f. 1994 Distinctly North (USA) - Kaysama (FR) by Kenmare (FR)14 - f
1997Lady Alexander (IRE) ch.f. 1995 Night Shift (USA) - Sandhurst Goddess (IRE) by Sandhurst Prince (IRE)16 - f
1998Namid (GB) b.c. 1996 Indian Ridge (IRE) - Dawnsio (IRE) by Tate Gallery (USA)8 - c
1999Rossini (USA) b.c. 1997 Miswaki (USA) - Touch Of Greatness (USA) by Hero's Honor (USA)13 - c
2000Pan Jammer (GB) b.g. 1998 Piccolo (GB) - Ingerence (FR) by Akarad (FR)11 - g
2001Johannesburg (USA) b. c. 1999 Hennessy (USA) - Myth (USA) by Ogygian (USA)2 - f
2002Ontario (USA) ch.c. 2000 Storm Cat (USA) - Flying Fairy (GB) by Bustino (GB)1 - s
2003One Cool Cat (USA) b.c. 2001 Storm Cat (USA) - Tacha (USA) by Mr. Prospector (USA)5 - h
2004Oratorio (IRE) b. c. 2002 Danehill (USA) - Mahrah (USA) by Vaguely Noble (IRE)9 - c
2005Amigoni (IRE) b.c. 2003 Danehill (USA) - Elite Guest (IRE) by Be My Guest (USA)1 - l
2006Regional Counsel (GB) b.c. 2004 Medicean (GB) - Regency Rose (GB) by Danehill (USA)20 - a
2007Myboycharlie (IRE) b.c. 2005 Danetime (IRE) - Dulceata (IRE) by Rousillon (USA)13 - e
2008Bushranger (IRE) b.c. 2006 Danetime (IRE) - Danz Danz (GB) by Efisio (GB)16 - g
2009Walk on Bye (IRE) b.f. 2007 Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Pipalong (IRE) by Pips Pride (GB)19 - c
2010Dunboyne Express (IRE) b.c. 2008 Shamardal (USA) - Love Excelling (FR) by Polish Precedent (USA)14 - c
2011Fire Lily (IRE)b.f. 2009 Dansili (GB) - Beauty is Truth (IRE) by Pivotal (GB)8 - c
2012Grafelli (IRE) b.c. 2010 Hannouma (IRE) - Spark Sept (FR) by Septieme Ciel (USA)9 - f

Now a Group III Race

1829 - 1896: 6 furlongs
1897 - Present: 6 furlongs - 63 yards

1829 - 1947: Called Anglesey Stakes
1948 - 1957: Called Anglesey Plate
1958 - Present: Called Anglesey Stakes

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