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  Madrid Handicap

1813 - Present
7/8 mile (7 furlongs) handicap for 3 year olds at the The Curragh, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Fam. No.
1813Luxima (IRE)b.f. 1810Swordsman (IRE) - Mare by Drone (IRE)--
1814Poor Pat (IRE)gr.c. 1811Pipes - My Lady's Filly (IRE) by Tugg--
1815Cora (IRE)ch.f. 1812Master Bagot (IRE) - Penelope (IRE) by Swordsman (IRE)1 - d
1816Allgood (IRE)b.c. 1813Master Goodall - Folly (IRE) by Waxy (GB)12 - a
1817Souvenir (IRE)ch.c. 1814Recordon (GB) - Fair Eleanor (IRE) by Hambletonian (GB)18
1818Ontario (IRE)b.c. 1815Washington - Folly (IRE) by Waxy (GB)12 - a
1819Surry (IRE)b.c. 1816Norfolk (IRE) - Unknown --
1820Emma 1 (IRE)ch.f. 1817Fitz Emily (GB) - Cutlass (GB) by Whiskey (GB)23 - a
1821Young Roseden (IRE)b.c. 1818Roseden (GB) - Hannah Pet by Commodore (IRE)--
1822Zoe (IRE)gr.f. 1819Recordon (GB) - Nanny (IRE) by Commodore (IRE)44
1823Chanter [Skeleton] (IRE)gr.c. 1820Master Robert (IRE) - Mare (IRE) by Sir Walter Raleigh (GB)2
1824Sligo (IRE)b.c. 1821Waxy Pope (GB) - Cora 1 (IRE) by Master Bagot1 - d
1825Stork (IRE)b.f. 1822Oiseau (GB) - Miss Stavely by Shuttle (GB)4
1826Drone (IRE)gr.c. 1823Master Robert (IRE) - Mare (IRE) by Sir Walter Raleigh (GB)2
1827Snout (IRE)b.c. 1824Whitenose (GB) - Waxy Pope Mare by Waxy Pope (GB)--
1828The Palmer (IRE)b.c. 1825Milesius - Folly (IRE) by Waxy (GB)12 - a
1829Skylark (IRE)b.c. 1826Waxy Pope (GB) - Skylark (IRE) by Musician (GB)2 - a
1830Genoa (IRE)b.c. 1827Recordon (GB) - Lissy (IRE) by Swordsman (IRE)4
1831Bags (IRE)gr.c. 1828Master Robert (IRE) - Mare (IRE) by Sir Walter Raleigh (GB)2
1832Mirza (IRE)ch.c. 1829Roller (GB) - Master Goodall Mare by Master Goodall25
1833New Fashion (IRE)gr.c. 1830Drone (IRE) - Queensberry Mare by Queensberry6 - b
1834Lupin (GB)ch.f. 1831Velocipede (GB) - Lupino (GB) by Castrel (GB)3
1835Emu (IRE)b.c. 1832Picton (GB) - Cuirass (IRE) by Oiseau (GB)5 - d
1836Maria (IRE)b.f. 1833Sir Hercules (IRE) - Pleiad (IRE) by Bob Booty (IRE)13
1837Mercury (IRE)gr.c. 1834Drone (IRE) - Pleiad (IRE) by Bob Booty (IRE)13
1838M.P. (IRE)br.c. 1835Blacklock (GB) - Modesty (GB) by Delpini (GB)2 - a
1839Retriever (IRE)ch.c. 1836Recovery (GB) - Taglioni (GB) by Whisker (GB)15
1840Mayboy (IRE)b.c. 1837Skylark (IRE) - Guiccioli (IRE) by Bob Booty (IRE)11 - d
1841Tearaway (IRE)b.c. 1838Voltaire (GB) - Taglioni (GB) by Whisker (GB)15
1842Mulligatawny (IRE)b.f. 1839Economist (GB) - Vinegar (IRE) by Picton (GB)1 - o
1843Polish (IRE)gr.c. 1840Rust (IRE) - Victoria 2 (IRE) by Phillip The First (IRE)1 - d
1844Patriot (IRE)ch.c. 1841Birdcatcher (IRE) - Nutmaid (IRE) by Friday (IRE)1 - o
1845Highwayman (IRE)b.c. 1842Freney (IRE) - Lupin (GB) by Velocipede (GB)3
1846Finvaragh (IRE)b.c. 1843Harkaway (IRE) - Glimpse (IRE) by Picton (GB)5 - d
1847Magnet (IRE) b.f. 1844Magpie (IRE) - Circe (IRE) by Skylark (IRE)2 - r
1848Postilion IRE) b.c. 1845Vulcan (IRE) - Famine (IRE) by Humphrey Clinker (GB)4
1849Volcano (IRE)b.c. 1846Vulcan (IRE) - Mansfield Lass by Filho-da-puta 11
1850Captain Grant (IRE)ch.c. 1847Freney (IRE) - Flash (IRE) by Philip The FirstHB
1851Roller (IRE)ch.c. 1848Birdcatcher (IRE) - Julia (IRE) by Drone 2 (IRE)HB
1852Redmond O'Hanlon (IRE)b.c. 1849Freney (IRE) - Kiss (IRE) by Waxy Pope23
1853Helena (IRE)b.f. 1850Launcelot - Kildare Lass (IRE) (hb) by Waxy MareHB*
1854Roscommon (IRE)bl.g. 1851Smallhopes - Clarinda (IRE) by Sir Hercules (IRE)1 - o
1855Sultan 2 (IRE)ch.c. 1852Crescent (GB) - Madame Vestris (IRE) by The Distingue (IRE)1-d
1856Angelica (IRE)bl.f. 1853Sweetmeat (GB) - Sultana (IRE) by Turcoman4 - l
1857Agitation (IRE)b.f. 1854Coranna (GB) - Attraction (IRE) by Touchstone (GB)13
1858Ratafie (IRE)ch.c. 1855Bandy (IRE) - Harkaway Mare (IRE) Dau Of Suspicion by Harkaway (IRE)4
1859Queen of Prussia (GB)b.f. 1856Orlando (GB) - Heresy (GB) by Glaucus (GB)12 - d
1860Ninetta (IRE)ch.f. 1857Bandy (IRE) - Magpie Mare (IRE) by Magpie (IRE)2
1861Zora (IRE)b.f. 1832Nimrod (IRE) - Recluse (IRE) by Wanderer (GB)2 - n
1862Minerva (IRE)ch.f. 1859Stockwell (GB) - Hetman Platoff Mare by Hetman Platoff (GB)23
1863Emily (IRE)ch.f. 1860Prizefighter (GB) - Osprey (IRE) by Birdcatcher (IRE)8
1864Solon (IRE) br.c. 1861West Australian (GB) - Birdcatcher Mare (IRE) by Birdcatcher (IRE)23
1866Hartshorn (IRE)b.c. 1863The Cure (GB) - Antelope 3 by Mountain Deer (GB)23
1867The Hackler (IRE)gr.c. 1864Frank - Maid Of The Hills (IRE) by Eman Ac Knuck (IRE)5
1868Bee Quick (IRE)b.c. 1865Artillery (IRE) - Queen Bee (IRE) by Harkaway (IRE)16
1869The Prince (IRE)b.c. 1866Artillery (IRE) - Princess 4 (IRE) by Retriever24
1870Billy Pitt (IRE)br.c. 1867 Plum Pudding (IRE) - Frailty (IRE) by Knight Of The Whistle (GB)22
1871Coward (IRE)b.c. 1868Fright (IRE) - Rose Noble (IRE) by Hobbie Noble (GB)1 - d
1872Egyptian (IRE)br.c. 1869Solon (IRE) - Isis (GB) by The Flying Dutchman (GB)9 - d
1873Pelagia (IRE)ch.f. 1870Solon (IRE) - Satanella (GB) by Wild Dayrell (GB)4 - p
1874Cataract (IRE)b/br.f. 1871Master Richard (GB) - Niagara (IRE) by Colonist 11 - d
1875Maid of Erin (IRE)br.f. 1872Solon (IRE) - Colleen Rhue (IRE) by Gemma Di Vergy24
1876Controller (IRE)b.c. 1873Solon (IRE) - Winged Bee (IRE) by Artillery (IRE)16 - f
1877The Prophet (IRE)b.c. 1874Solon (IRE) - Lyra (IRE) by Orpheus 25 - b
1878Clonsilla (IRE)ch.c. 1875Master Richard (GB) - Clianthus 2 (GB) by Stockwell (GB)2 - c
1879Valentine (IRE)br.c. 1876Uncas (IRE) - Leda 2 (GB) by Dundee (GB)17 - a
1880Philosopher (IRE)br.c. 1877Solon (IRE) - Coterie by Cotherstone (GB)3 - c
1881Prometheus (IRE)ch.c. 1878Remorse (GB) - Pelagia (IRE) by Solon (IRE)4 - p
1882The Marquis (IRE)b.c. 1879Uncas (IRE) - Nu (IRE) by Orpheus19
1883Man-of-War (IRE)b.c. 1880Ben Battle (GB) - Wisdom (IRE) by Solon (IRE)24
1884Melianthus (IRE)b.c. 1881Umpire (IRE) - Queen Of The Bees (IRE) by Knight Of St. Patrick (GB)16
1885The Crofter (IRE)b.c. 1882Scottish Chief (GB) - Plague (GB) by The Palmer (GB)2 - d
1886Mulberry (IRE)ch.c. 1883Arbitrator (IRE) - Sweet Berry by Macaroni (GB)19 - a
1887The Early Bird (GB) 2br.c. 1884Albert Victor (GB) - Infanta (GB) by Pero Gomez (GB)23 - a
1888Gyneth (IRE)b.c. 1885Beauclerc (GB) - Fortress (IRE) by Citadel42
1889Gawsworth (IRE)b.c. 1886Favo (GB) - Agile 2 (IRE) by Roebuck 1 - o
1890Delamont (IRE)br.c. 1887Marmion - Tees Treasure by Lord Lyon (GB)5-h
1891Little Minx (IRE)br.f. 1888Beauchamp - The Flirt (IRE) by Uncas (GB)11 - d
1892Blancmange (IRE)br.c. 1889Castlereagh (IRE) - Farina (GB) by Brown Bread (GB)12 - d
1893Vandal 2 (IRE)ch.c. 1890Easterling (GB) - Vanda (IRE) by Camballo (GB)5
1894Double Primrose (IRE)b.f. 1891Favo (GB) - Primrose (IRE) by Uncas (GB)12 - a
1895Royal Garter (IRE)ch.c. 1892Favo (GB) - Turquoise (GB) by Lord Clifden (GB)11 - b
1896Free Gift (IRE)b.c. 1893Almoner (GB) - La Cigale (GB) by Necromancer (GB)3 - i
1897Amberley (IRE)ch.c. 1894Amber Gate - Minette 2 (IRE) by Solon (IRE)1 - c
1898Peaceful (IRE)ch.g. 1895Philammon (IRE) - Sweet Sauce (IRE) by Blair Athol (GB)5 - h
1899Ashbud (IRE)b.f. 1896Wiseman (IRE) - Cecropia by Cecrops (GB)2 - h
1900Lady Valentine (IRE)b.f. 1897Buckingham (GB) - Geology (GB) by Geologist (GB)22
1901Carrigavalla (IRE)b.c. 1898 Gallinule (GB) - The Sleeping Beauty (IRE) by Ben Battle (GB)11 - d
1902Atrocious (IRE)b.g. 1899Winkfield (IRE) - Ouagla (GB) by Oberon (GB)1 - b
1903In Front (IRE)ch.f. 1900Pioneer (IRE) - E.P. by Necromancer3 - h
1904Sleep (IRE)b.f. 1901Enthusiast (GB) - Langour (GB) by Adieu (GB)1 - w
1905Velocity (IRE)b.c. 1902Speed (GB) - Ballast (IRE) by Baliol (GB)2 - b
1906Cherry Chaser (IRE)br.c. 1903Cherry Ripe - Hunt The Slipper by Barefoot --
1907Hayden (IRE)b.c. 1904Avidity (GB) - Langour (GB) by Adieu (GB)1 - w
1908Glendhu (IRE)ch.f. 1905Enthusiast (GB) - Counter by Favo (GB)8 - b
1909Garinish Island (IRE)ch.c. 1906Wavelet's Pride (GB) - Brightness (GB) by Haut Brion (GB)4 - p
1910Algy A (IRE)b.g. 1907Hackler (GB) - Little May Ii (IRE) by Ascetic (GB)1 - g
1911Fairy Hill (IRE)br/bl.c. 1908Winkfield Junior (IRE) - Wild Sherry Mare by Wild Sherry (IRE)--
1912Shining Way (IRE)b.f. 1909Oppressor (IRE) - Lady Strathmore (GB) by Queen's Birthday (GB)8 - a
1913Denis Dear (IRE)b.c. 1910St. Denis (GB) - Lady Valentine (IRE) by Buckingham (GB)22
1914Aquafortis (IRE)b.c. 1911Aquascutum (GB) - Germaine (IRE) by Brown Prince (USA)9 - b
1915The Country (IRE)br.c. 1912Killeagh (IRE) - Amphidamus Mare by Amphidamus (GB)4 - d
1916Shining More (IRE)b.f. 1913Oppressor (IRE) - Lady Strathmore (GB) by Queen's Birthday (GB)8 - a
1917Double Scotch (IRE)bl.g. 1914Seaforth (GB) - Forfaria (GB) by Forfarshire (GB)23
1918Doria (IRE)br.f. 1915Symington (IRE) - Depeche (IRE) by Gallinule (GB)6 - d
1918The Tsar (IRE)b.c. 1915His Majesty (GB) - Extinct (IRE) by Buckingham (GB)3
1919Grandcourt (IRE)b.c. 1916Captivation - La Huppe by Grebe (GB)9 - e
1920Orange Water (IRE)b.f. 1917King William (GB) - Cascade by Troutbeck13 - a
1920Fairay (IRE)b.c. 1917Fariman (IRE) - Radiance (GB) by Radium (GB)1 - b
1921Essexford (GB)ch.c. 1918Charles o'Malley (GB) - Girandole (GB) by Gallinule (GB)8 - k
1922Barrackton Lad (IRE)br.c. 1919Farasi (IRE) - Raw Material (GB) by Feather Bed (GB)2 - n
1923Soldumeno (IRE)b.c. 1920Diadumenos (IRE) - Sunbridge (GB) by Bridge Of Earn (GB)19 - b
1924Tranquillete (IRE)b.c. 1921Mediator (GB) - Nereid by LycaonB2
1925Lochshee (IRE)ch.g. 1922Loch Lomond (GB) - Killashee (GB) by Atlas (GB)11 - a
1926Lord Wembley (IRE)br.c. 1923Tredennis (GB) - Captive Princess by Captivation (GB)8 - a
1927Caustic (IRE)b.c. 1924Argosy (IRE) - Graphitic by Machakos16
1928St. Dromack (IRE)b.f. 1925Cygus (GB) - Kilbrona (IRE) by The Wag (GB)2 - b
1929Star Eagle (IRE)ch.c. 1926White Eagle (IRE) - Herod's Joy (GB) by Roi Herode (FR)1 - a
1930Freighter (IRE)b.c. 1927Argosy (IRE) - Impudent Ally by Glasgerion23
1931Maltese Cross (IRE)b.g. 1928Sansovino (GB) - Santa Cruz (GB) by Neil Gow (GB)8 - g
1932Lindley (IRE)br.c. 1929Spion Kop (IRE) - Teplitz (IRE) by Corcyra (GB)4 - i
1933Sojourner (IRE)ch.c. 1930Soldennis (IRE) - Ragusa (IRE) by Argosy (IRE)19 - c
1934Ca-Ca-Ce (IRE)b/br.c. 1931Catalin (FR) - Catty Cee by Birlingham--
1935Chirgwin (IRE)b.c. 1932Trigo (IRE) - Undaunted Ii (FR) by Teddy (FR)4 - j
1936Battle Song (IRE)br.c. 1933Spion Kop (IRE) - Cradle Song by Hurry On (GB)1 - l
1937Phideas (GB)b.c. 1934 Pharos (GB) - Imagery (GB) by Gainsborough (GB)26
1938Solan (IRE)b.c. 1935Soldennis (IRE) - Glannagalt (IRE) by Senseless (GB)14 - f
1939Summer Solstice (IRE)ch.c. 1936Soldennis (IRE) - Early Summer (IRE) by Roi Herod (FR)22
1940Limekiln (IRE)ch.c. 1937Limelight (GB) - Picardy (GB) by Picton (GB)16
1941Dunseverick (IRE)b.g. 1938Royal Dancer (GB) - Quay Hill (GB) by Diligence (IRE)6 - f
1942Brownstown (IRE)ch.g. 1939Solario (IRE) - Styria (GB) by Lemberg (GB)3 - i
1943Wykehamist (IRE)gr.c. 1940Wychwood Abbot (GB) - Blue Mermaid by Milesius23 - a
1944Distel (IRE)b.g. 1941Rosewell (GB) - Laitron (IRE) by Soldennis (IRE)12 - g
1945Marita (IRE)br.f. 1942Dastur (GB) - Caerlissa by Caerleon (GB)14 - c
1946Turkish Tune (IRE)b.f. 1943Turkhan (IRE) - Madrigal by Prince Galahad2 - e
1947Transaction (IRE)ch.c. 1944Pactolus - Salecraft by Orpen1 - t
1948Grey Abbey (IRE)gr.c. 1945Mr. Jinks (IRE) - Lideas (GB) by Phideas (GB)14 - f
1949Tribal Song (IRE)b.c. 1946Coup De Lyon (GB) - Frontier Song by Dastur1 - l
1950Requete (IRE)ch.f. 1947Mieuxce (FR) - Genesis 2 by Brumeux (FR)1 - m
1951Sea Prince (IRE)br.c. 1948Mieuxce (FR) - Ocean Pride (IRE) by Blenheim (GB)11 - d
1952Close-Reefed (IRE)b.f. 1949Precipitation (GB) - Windy Point by Windsor Lad (GB)14 - f
1953Anglirish (IRE)ch.f. 1950Ballyogan (IRE) - Irish Brume (IRE) by Brumeux (FR)3 - i
1954Tale of Two Cities (IRE)b.c. 1951Tehran (IRE) - Merida (GB) by Jock (FR)20 - a
1955Ballymartial (IRE)ch.c. 1952Court Martial (GB) - Bally Tickle by Ballyogan16 - f
1956Where Is It (IRE)ch.f. 1953His Slipper (GB) - Bad Spellin (IRE) by Challenge (GB)1 - j
1957Fuel (IRE)b.g. 1954Abadan (IRE) - Fylgia (IRE) by Felicitation (GB)4 - k
1958Tharp (IRE)b.c. 1955Limekiln (IRE) - Mother Rectress (IRE) by His Reverence (GB)8 - c
1959El Toro (IRE)ch.c. 1956Cagire (FR) - Early Milkmaid (IRE) by The Solicitor (GB)12 - g
1960Our Charger (IRE)gr.c. 1957Royal Challenger (IRE) - Ouranna (IRE) by Owenstown (IRE)5 - e
1961Bally Sol (IRE)b.c. 1958Solonaway (IRE) - Gold Town (IRE) by Coup De Lyon (GB)23
1962By Proxy (IRE)b.c. 1959Macherio (ITY) - Oweninny (IRE) by Arctic Star (GB)2 - s
1963Nardoo (IRE)b.c. 1960Ommeyad (GB) - Nashdara (IRE) by Nasrullah (IRE)3 - o
1964Fray Bentos (IRE)b.c. 1961Hard Tack (GB) - Dedica (ITY) by Sirte (ITY)27 - b
1965His Brother (IRE)b.c. 1962Hard Tack (GB) - Dunlavin Star (IRE) by Denturius (GB)2 - o
1966Pavella (IRE)b.f. 1963Palestine (GB) - Lavella (IRE) by Le Lavandou (FR)25
1967Michaelis (IRE)ch.c. 1964Our Babu (IRE) - Champac (IRE) by Chamier (IRE)31
1968French Serenade (IRE)b.c. 1965Tambourine (USA) - Megale (IRE) by Milesian (GB)14 - d
1969Market Square (IRE)b.c. 1966Pardao (GB) - St. Tropez (IRE) by Princely Gift (GB)1 - w
1970Lark Rise (IRE)br.c. 1967Larkspur (GB) - Kazanlik (IRE) by Ommeyad (GB)13 - c
1971Contrite (USA)b.c. 1968Never Say Die (USA) - Penitence (GB) by Petition (GB)4 - p
1972Ballyhays (IRE)br.g. 1969Ionian (IRE) - Esmenella (IRE) by No Orchids (GB)3 - m
1973Star Appeal (IRE)b.c. 1970Appiani (ITY) - Sterna (ger) by Neckar (ger)5-d
1974Kujyaku (IRE)b/br.g. 1971Wolver Hollow (GB) - Mountain Music by Mourne1 - l
1975Polar Jinks (IRE)br.c. 1972Prince Regent (FR) - Polar Polly (GB) by Arctic Storm (GB)14 - c
1976Northern View (IRE)ch.c. 1973Northfields (USA) - April Fancy (IRE) by No Argument (GB)42
1977Uncle Pokey (IRE)b.c. 1974Great Nephew (GB) - Fallen Star (GB) by Busted (GB)7
1978Red Emerald (IRE)b/br.c. 1975Red God (USA) - Shapely by Parthia (GB)1 - l
1979Frosty Stare (IRE)br.f. 1976Targowice (USA) - Icy Look (IRE) by Arctic Time (IRE)4 - c
1980Ringawoody (IRE)b.f. 1977Auction Ring (USA) - New One (GB) by Tyrone (FR)6 - e
1981Star Stroller (IRE)br.g. 1978Tower Walk (GB) - Elbeam by Hornbeam (GB)22 - d
1982John Of Sark (IRE)ch.g. 1979Le Johnston - Belle Of Sark by Daybrook Lad (GB)5 - j
1983Iron Leader (USA)b.c. 1980Mr. Leader (USA) - Iron Hinge (USA) by Iron Ruler (USA)1 - c
1984Old Faithful (IRE)b.c. 1981Red Regent (IRE) - Ebullient (GB) by Darius (GB)11 - g
1985Spear Dance (IRE)b.f. 1982Gay Fandango (USA) - Lancette (IRE) by Double Jump (IRE)3 - l
1986Lady Loire (IRE)ch.f. 1983Wolverlife (IRE) - Court Ballet (IRE) by Barron's Court (GB)10 - a
1987Blue Eyed Miss (IRE)b.f. 1984Balboa (IRE) - Charley's Aunt (IRE) by Will Somers (GB)4 - c
1988Viqueen (IRE)b.f. 1985Viking (USA) - New York Rose (IRE) by Pieces Of Eight (IRE)7 - a
1989Tender-mark (IRE)b.f. 1986Prince Tenderfoot (USA) - Pale Ivory (GB) by Silver Shark (GB)1 - m
1990Lyrakeen (IRE)b.f. 1987Melyno (IRE) - Tiptoe (GB) by Dance In Time (CAN)22 - a
1991Alligator Joe (IRE)b.g. 1988Faustus - Lucky Orphan (IRE) by Derrylin (GB)4 - f
1992Reported (IRE)ch.c. 1989Heraldiste (USA) - Peach Melba (GB) by So Blessed (GB)4 - h
1994Main Refrain (IRE)b.g. 1991Glenstal (USA) - Maiden Fair (IRE) by Monseigneur (USA)14 - c
1995I'm Supposin (IRE)b.c. 1992Posen (USA) - Robinia (USA) by Roberto (USA)1 - l
1996Proud Titania (IRE)b.f. 1993Fairy King (USA) - Dignified Air (FR) by Wolver Hollow (GB)19 - c
1997Fine Project (IRE)b.f. 1994Project Manager (IRE) - Heike (IRE) by Glenstal (USA)14 - c
1998Goldman (IRE)b.c. 1995Statoblest (IRE) - Adamparais (GB) by Robellino (USA)1 - e
1999Santovito (IRE)b/br.c. 1996Project Manager (IRE) - Nordic Pageant (IRE) by Nordico (USA)B3
2000Castanetta (IRE)b.f. 1997Dancing Dissident (USA) - Rachel Pringle (IRE) by Doulab (USA)4 - p
2001Peace Keeping (IRE)ch.f. 1998Dr. Devious (IRE) - Kiltimony (GB) by Sharpo (GB)1 - l
2002Egyptian (USA)b.g. 1999Green Desert (USA) - Link River (USA) by Gone West (USA)7
2003Colemanstown (GB)b.g. 2000Charnwood Forest (IRE) - Arme Fatale (IRE) by Trempolino (USA)1 - w
2004Life Class (IRE)f. 2001Orpen (USA) - Beguiled (IRE) by Be My Guest (USA)7 - a
2005Yaria (IRE)b.f. 2002Danehill (USA) - Yara (IRE) by Sri Pekan (USA)1 - k
2006Spring Snowdrop (IRE)b.f. 2003Danehill Dancer (USA) - Sao Gabriel (IRE) by Persian Bold (IRE)14 - c
2007Little White Lie (IRE)b.g. 2004Orpen (USA) - Miss Informed (IRE) by Danehill (USA)13 - e
2008Badger or Bust (IRE)b.g. 2005Orpen (USA) - Peace Dividend (IRE) by Alzao (USA)9 - c
2009Chorus of Angels (IRE)ch.f. 2006Rock Of Gibralter (IRE) - Brilliance (GB) by Cadeaux Genereux (GB)1 - m
2010Duchess of Foxland (IRE)br.f. 2007Medecis (GB) - Itsanothergirl (IRE) by Reprimand (GB)2 - i
2011Defining Year (IRE)b.g. 2008Hawk Wing (USA) - Tajaathub (USA) by Aljabr (USA)9
2012Coolnagree (IRE)gr.f. 2009Dark Angel (IRE) - Win Cash (IRE) by Alhaarth (IRE)6 - a
2013Srucahan (IRE)b.g. 2009Kheleyf (USA) - Giveupyeraulsins (IRE) by Mark of Esteem (IRE)2 - i
*HB family called the Prizefighter Family (no Family Table number)

One of the oldest recorded races in Ireland

1813 - 1951: Called Madrid Stakes
1952 - 1955: Called Madrid Plate (not a handicap)
1956 - 1976: Called Madrid Free Handicap
1977 - 1980: Called Irish Free Handicap
1980 - Present: Called Madrid Handicap

Distances: 1813 - 1868: 1 mile-130 yards
1869 - 1951: 1 mile
1952 - 1955: 6 furlongs
1956 - Present: 7 furlongs

A "Class II" running of this event was frequently held in the nineteenth century, always on the same day, and often with the same runners and over the same distance. Sometimes the awarded purse was less than the "Class I" race. Harkaway, Birdcatcher, and The Baron were famous Irish horses that contested both races, and only won the Class II running.
Madrid Stakes Class II Winners
1822Antar (IRE)b.c. 1819Waxy Pope (GB) - Medora (IRE) by Swordsman (IRE)1 - d
1823Arrogance (IRE)b.c. 1820Master Goodall (IRE) - Folly [chloris] (IRE) by Waxy (GB)12 - a
1824Kilmoylan (IRE)b.c. 1821Bob Booty (IRE) - Mother Bunch (GB) by Dick Andrews (GB)15 - d
1826Paladour (IRE)b.c. 1823Bob Booty (IRE) - Waxy Pope Mare (the Huntsman's Mare) by Waxy Pope (GB)13
1828Bustle (IRE)b.f. 1825Waxy Pope (GB) - Bigotinni (GB) by Thunderbolt (GB)3
1829Skylark (IRE)b.c. 1826Waxy Pope (GB) - Skylark (f) (IRE) by Musician (GB)2 - a
1830Regulator (IRE)gr.c. 1827 Master Robert (IRE) - Sir Walter Raleigh Mare (IRE) by Sir Walter Raleigh (GB)2
1831Philip the First (IRE)ch.c. 1828Langar (GB) - Queensberry Mare by Queensberry (GB)6 - b
1832Shamrock (IRE)b.c. 1829Roller (GB) - Hollyhock Mare Sister To Bachelor by Hollyhock (IRE)7
1833Rust (IRE)gr.c. 1830Master Robert (IRE) - Vermilion (IRE) by Bobadil (GB)1 - o
1834Rush (IRE)ch.c. 1831Humphrey Clinker (GB) - Vermilion (IRE) by Bobadil (GB)1 - o
1835Crescent (IRE)ch.c. 1832Zealot (GB) - Woman Of Endor (IRE) by Moses (IRE)2 - a
1836Birdcatcher (IRE)ch.c. 1833Sir Hercules (IRE) - Guiccioli (IRE) by Bob Booty (IRE)11-d
1837Harkaway (IRE)ch.c. 1834 Economist (GB) - Fanny Dawson (IRE) by Nabocklish (IRE)2
1838Lutzow (IRE)ch.c. 1834Margrave (GB) - by --
1839Roscius (IRE)br.c. 1836Turcoman (GB) - Miss Foote (GB) by Whisker (GB)21
1840May Boy (IRE)b.c. 1837Roller (GB) - Guiccioli (IRE) by Bob Booty (IRE)11-d
1841Tearaway (IRE)b.c. 1838Voltaire (GB) - Taglioni (GB) by Whisker (GB)15
1842Black Dwarf (IRE)bl.c. 1839Conjuror (IRE) - De Vere Mare by De Vere--
1843The Neill (IRE)b.c. 1840David (GB) - Limerick Lass (IRE) by Moses (IRE)25
1844Dispatch (IRE)b.c. 1841Freney (IRE) - Check Archives by --
1845The Baron (IRE)ch.c. 1842Birdcatcher (IRE) - Echidna (IRE) by Economist (GB)24
1846Plover (IRE)b.c. 1843Birdcatcher (IRE) - Eel Mare (IRE) by Langar (GB)5 - d
1847Magnet (IRE)b.f. 1844Magpie (IRE) - Circe 2 (IRE) by Skylark (IRE)2-r
1848Dough (IRE)ch.c. 1845Tearaway (IRE) - Brandy Bet (IRE) by Canteen (IRE)3
1849The Chief Baron (IRE)b.c. 1846Birdcatcher (IRE) - Annie (IRE) by Wanderer (IRE)23 - a
1850Bullion (IRE)b.c. 1847Elvas - Oatmeal (IRE) by Wedge (IRE)4
1851Augustin (IRE)b.c. 1848Coranna (GB) - Monica (GB) by Lottery (GB)13
1852Eglinton (IRE)ch.c. 1849Bretby (IRE) - Mrs. Johnson (IRE) by Barkston--
1853Polish colt (IRE)ch.c. 1850Polish - Danceaway (IRE) by Harkaway (IRE)15
1854Roscommon (IRE)bl.g. 1851Smallhopes - Clarinda (IRE) by Sir Hercules (IRE)1 - o
1855Badinage (IRE)b.f. 1852Magpie (IRE) - Vesta (IRE) by Verulam (IRE)3 - a
1856Angelica (IRE)bl.f. 1853Sweetmeat (GB) - Sultana (GB) by Turcoman (GB)4 - l
1857Agitation (IRE)b.f. 1854Coranna (GB) - Attraction (IRE) by Touchstone (GB)13
1858Eyrecourt (IRE)ch.c. 1855Horn Of Chase (IRE) - Jane Eyre (IRE) by Birdcatcher (IRE)14
1859Shamrock (IRE)b.c. 1856Mountain Deer (GB) - Colleen Dhas Dhu (IRE) by Arthur (IRE)2-s
1860Ninetta (IRE)ch.f. 1857Bandy (IRE) - Magpie Mare (IRE) by Magpie (IRE)2
1861Croagh Patrick (IRE)br.c. 1858Red Deer (GB) - The Cook (IRE) by Birdcatcher (IRE)2
1862Ophelia (IRE)b.f. 1859Hobbie Noble (GB) - Ostrich (IRE) by Pescarra (IRE)1 - d
1863Spring Daisy (IRE)b.c. 1860Artillery (IRE) - Michaelmas Daisy (IRE) by Verulam (IRE)23
1864Deerstalker (IRE)bl/br.c. 1861Mountain Deer (GB) - The Belle (GB) by Melbourne (GB)11
1872Minette (IRE)b.f. 1869Solon (IRE) - Qui Va La (IRE) by Idle Boy (GB)1 - c
1873Evora (IRE)b.f. 1870Knight Of St. Patrick - Bessie (GB) by Orlando (GB)1 - o
1874Hollywood (IRE)b.c. 1871Orest (GB) - Furze Chat (GB) by King Tom (GB)16
1875Ingomar (IRE)b.c. 1872Uncas (IRE) - Wild Deer (IRE) by Red Hart (IRE)13

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