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  Irish One Thousand Guineas

1922 - Present
Compiled by Nigel Pullen and Anne Peters
1 mile (1600 meters), 3-year-old fillies, The Curragh, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1922Lady Violette (GB)b.f. 1919 Rossendale (GB) - Vivette (GB) by Valens (GB)4 - p
1923Glenshesk (GB)b.f. 1920 Junior (GB) - Fairy View (GB) by Fariman (IRE)6 - f
1924Voltoi (GB)b.f. 1921 Achtoi (GB) - Phalution (GB) by Phaleron (GB)1 - k
1925Flying Dinah (IRE)br.f. 1922 White Eagle (IRE) - Dinah Dear (IRE) by Santoi (GB)2 - m
1926Resplendent (GB)b.f. 1923 By George! (GB) - Sunbridge (GB) by Bridge of Earn (GB)19 - b
1927West Indies (GB)b.f. 1924 Jackdaw (GB) - Isle of the Blessed (GB) by St. Brendan (GB)52
1928Moucheron (GB)gr.f. 1925 Herodote (GB) - Mouchette (GB) by Orvieto (GB)3 - n
1929Soloptic (GB)ch.f. 1926 Soldennis (IRE) - Dark Eyes (GB) by Captivation (GB)B4
1930Star of Egypt (GB)b.f. 1927 Allenby (IRE) - Marie Lloyd (IRE) by Tredennis (GB)16 - f
1931Spiral (GB)b.f. 1928 Spion Kop (IRE) - Dorval (GB) by John o'Gaunt (GB)16 - b
1932Petoni (IRE)ch.f. 1929 Zanoni (GB) - Great Pet (IRE) by Great Sport (IRE)23
1933Spy-Ann (GB)ch.f. 1930 Spion Kop (IRE) - Wings of Love (FR) by Gay Crusader (GB)19 - c
1934Kyloe (GB)b/br.f. 1931 Blandford (IRE) - Tabaris (GB) by Roi Herode (FR)1 - m
1935Smokeless (IRE)b.f. 1932 Prince Galahad (GB) - Smoke Lass (GB) by Black Jester (GB)21 - a
1936Harvest Star (IRE)br.f. 1933 Trigo (IRE) - Stella's Way (IRE) by Essexford (GB)22 - a
1937Sol Speranza (IRE)b.f. 1934 Ballyferis (IRE) - Sunbridge (GB) by Bridge of Earn (GB)19 - b
1938Lapel (FR)ch.f. 1935 Apelle (ITY) - Lampeto (GB) by Tetratema (IRE)12 - c
1939Serpent Star (GB)ch.f. 1936 Sea Serpent (GB) - Daylight (GB) by Galloper Light (GB)3 - i
1940Gainsworth (GB)b.f. 1937 Bosworth (GB) - Gainsly (FR) by Gainsborough (GB)10 - d
1941Milady Rose (GB)b.f. 1938 Knight of the Garter (GB) - Rose Cygnet (GB) by Cygnus (GB)31
1942Majideh (GB)b.f. 1939 Mahmoud (FR) - Qurrat-al-Ain (GB) by Buchan (GB)5 - e
1943Suntop (GB)ch.f. 1940 Dastur (GB) - Sunny Mountain (GB) by Abbots Trace (GB)11 - f
1944Annetta (GB)ch.f. 1941 Fairway (GB) - Caretta (GB) by Solario (IRE)1 - k
1945Panastrid (GB)ch.f. 1942 Panorama (GB) - Astrid (GB) by Fair Trial (GB)1 - k
1946Ella Retford (GB)ch.f. 1943 Turkhan (IRE) - Prada (FR) by The MacNab (GB)3 - i
1947Sea Symphony (GB)b.f. 1944 Fairhaven (GB) - Overture (GB) by Dastur (GB)14 - c
1948Morning Wings (GB)b.f. 1945 The Phoenix (GB) - Morning Dew (GB) by Blandford (IRE)13 - b
1949Sunlit Ride (GB)b.f. 1946 Solenoid (IRE) - No Pride (GB) by Scarlet Tiger (GB)7
1950Princess Trudy (GB)ch.f. 1947 His Highness (GB) - China Tealeaf (GB) by Vesington Star (GB)3 - n
1951Queen of Sheba (GB)b.f. 1948 Persian Gulf (GB) - Ojala (GB) by Buen Ojo (ARG)31
1952Nashua (IRE)b.f. 1949 Nasrullah (IRE) - Dasaratha (GB) by Dastur (GB)7
1953Northern Gleam (GB)b.f. 1950 Borealis (GB) - Flight of the Heron (GB) by Cameronian (GB)10 - b
1954Pantomime Queen (GB)ch.f. 1951 Stardust (GB) - Ella Retford (GB) by Turkhan (IRE)3 - i
1955Dark Issue (GB)b.f. 1952 Sayajirao (GB) - Peeky (GB) by Epigram (IRE)14 - a
1956Pederoba (FR)b.f. 1953 Djebe (FR) - Pedour (FR) by Comedy King (GB)3 - g
1957Even Star (GB)gr.f. 1954 Abernant (GB) - Safari Moon (GB) by Big Game (IRE)1 - w
1958Butiaba (FR)b.f. 1955 Prince Chevalier (FR) - Bodala (GB) by Bois Roussel (FR)11 - f
1959Fiorentina (GB)b.f. 1956 Tulyar (IRE) - Leventina (GB) by Fair Trial (GB)3 - e
1960Zenobia (GB)br.f. 1957 Sayajirao (GB) - Persian View (GB) by Persian Gulf (GB)9 - c
1961Lady Senator (GB)b/br.f. 1958 The Phoenix (GB) - Peace Terms (GB) by Flag of Truce (GB)13 - e
1962Shandon Belle (GB)br.f. 1959 Hook Money (USA) - Merlette (GB) by Devonian (GB)8 - f
1963Gazpacho (GB)b.f. 1960 Hard Sauce (GB) - Red Cloak (GB) by Big Game (IRE)22 - d
1964Royal Danseuse (GB)b.f. 1961 Prince Chevalier (FR) - Star Dancer (GB) by Arctic Star (GB)2 - f
1965Ardent Dancer (GB)b.f. 1962 Buisson Ardent (FR) - June Ball (IRE) by Ballyogan (GB)1 - n
1966Valoris (FR)b.f. 1963 Tiziano (GB) - Vali (FR) by Sunny Boy (FR)5 - h
1967Lacquer (GB)b.f. 1964 Shantung (FR) - Urshalim (GB) by Nasrullah (IRE)3 - c
1968Front Row (GB)b.f. 1965 Epaulette (GB) - Panaview (GB) by Panaslipper (IRE)42
1969Wenduyne (GB)b.f. 1966 Moutiers (FR) - Djidda (FR) by Free Man (FR)1 - t
1970Black Satin (GB)br.f. 1967 Linacre (GB) - Panaview (GB) by Panaslipper (IRE)42
1971Favoletta (GB)b/br.f. 1968 Baldric (USA) - Violetta (ITY) by Pinza (GB)3 - c
1972Pidget (GB)gr.f. 1969 Fortino (FR) - Primlace (GB) by Chamossaire (IRE)3 - d
1973Cloonagh (IRE)b.f. 1970 High Hat (GB) - Zoom (GB) by Zucchero (IRE)10 - c
1974Gaily (USA)br.f. 1971 Sir Gaylord (USA) - Spearfish (USA) by Fleet Nasrullah (USA)11
1975Miralla (IRE)ch.f. 1972 Allangrange (IRE) - Miralife (GB) by Miralgo (GB)11 - e
1976Sarah Siddons (FR)b.f. 1973 Le Levanstell (GB) - Mariel (GB) by Relko (GB)9
1977Lady Capulet (USA)gr.f. 1974 Sir Ivor (USA) - Cap and Bells (USA) by Tom Fool (USA)1 - l
1978More So (IRE)br.f. 1975 Ballymore (IRE) - Demare (GB) by Pardao (GB)19
1979Godetia (USA)ch.f. 1976 Sir Ivor (USA) - Native Glitter (USA) by Native Dancer (USA)6 - a
1980Cairn Rouge (IRE)b.f. 1977 Pitcairn (IRE) - Little Hills (IRE) by Candy Cane (GB)1 - l
1981Arctique Royale (IRE)b.f. 1978 Royal and Regal (USA) - Arctic Melody (GB) by Arctic Slave (IRE)23
1982Prince's Polly b.f. 1979 English Prince (IRE) - Suspicious Polly by Above Suspicion (GB) 17 - b
1983L'Attrayante (FR)b/br.f. 1980 Tyrant (USA) - Camerata (FR) by Klairon (FR)20 - a
1984Katies (IRE)b/br.f. 1981Nonoalco (USA) - Mortefontaine (FR) by Polic (FR)7 - f
1985Al Bahathri (USA)ch.f. 1982 Blushing Groom (FR) - Chain Store (USA) by Nodouble (USA)9 - e
1986Sonic Lady (USA)b.f. 1983 Nureyev (USA) - Stumped (GB) by Owen Anthony (GB)B3
1987Forest Flower (USA)ch.f. 1984 Green Forest (USA) - Leap Lively (USA) by Nijinsky (CAN)2 - n
1988Trusted Partner (USA)ch.f. 1985 Affirmed (USA) - Talking Picture (USA) by Speak John (USA)9 - f
1989Ensconse (USA)b.f. 1986 Lyphard (USA) - Carefully Hidden (USA) by Caro (IRE)21 - a
1990In the Groove (GB)b.f. 1987 Night Shift (USA) - Pine Ridge (GB) by High Top (IRE)1 - k
1991Kooyonga (IRE)ch.f. 1988 Persian Bold (IRE) - Anjuli (IRE) by Northfields (USA)19
1992Marling (IRE)b.f. 1989 Lomond (USA) - Marwell (IRE) by Habitat (USA)14 - c
1993Nicer (IRE)gr.f. 1990 Pennine Walk (IRE) - Everything Nice (IRE) by Sovereign Path (GB)3 - e
1994Mehthaaf (USA)b.f. 1991 Nureyev (USA) - Elle Seule (USA) by Exclusive Native (USA)4 - m
1995Ridgewood Pearl (GB)ch.f. 1992Indian Ridge (IRE) - Ben's Pearl (IRE) by Tap on Wood (IRE)14 - a
1996Matiya (IRE)b.f. 1993 Alzao (USA) - Purchasepaperchase (GB) by Young Generation (IRE)16 - c
1997Classic Park (GB)b.f. 1994 Robellino (USA) - Wanton (GB) by Kris (GB)1 - u
1998Tarascon (IRE)b.f. 1995 Tirol (IRE) - Breyani (IRE) by Commanche Run (GB)13 - e
1999Hula Angel (USA)b/br.f. 1996 Woodman (USA) - Jode (USA) by Danzig (USA)1 - s
2000Crimplene (IRE)ch.f. 1997 Lion Cavern (USA) - Crimson Conquest (USA) by Diesis (GB)1 - h
2001Imagine (IRE)b.f. 1998 Sadler's Wells (USA) - Doff the Derby (USA) by Master Derby (USA)4 - n
2002Gossamer (GB)b.f. 1999 Sadler's Wells (USA) - Brocade (USA) by Habitat (USA)14 - a
2003Yesterday (IRE)b.f. 2000 Sadler's Wells (USA) - Jude (GB) by Darshaan (GB)9 - c
2004Attraction (GB)b.f. 2001 Efisio (GB) - Flirtation (GB) by Pursuit of Love (GB)B3
2005Saoire (GB)ch.f. 2002 Pivotal (GB) - Polish Descent (IRE) by Danehill (USA)1 - g
2006Nightime (IRE)ch.f. 2003 Galileo (IRE) - Caumshinaun (IRE) by Indian Ridge (IRE)20 - c
2007Finsceal Beo (IRE)ch.f. 2004 Mr. Greeley (USA) - Musical Treat (IRE) by Royal Academy (USA)22 - d
2008Halfway to Heaven (IRE)gr.f. 2005Pivotal (GB) - Cassandra Go (IRE) by Indian Ridge (IRE)3 - d
2009Again (IRE)b.f. 2006Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Cumbres (FR) by Kahyasi (IRE)1 - u
2010Bethrah (IRE)b/br.f. 2007Marju (IRE) - Reve d'Inman (FR) by Highest Honor (FR)1 - p
2011Misty for Me (IRE)b.f. 2008Galileo (IRE) - Butterfly Cove (USA) by Storm Cat (USA)16 - h
2012Samitar (GB) b.f. 2009Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Aileen's Gift (IRE) by Rainbow Quest (USA)2 - f
2013Just the Judge (IRE)b.f. 2010Lawman (FR) - Faraday Light (IRE) by Rainbow Quest (USA)10 - c

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