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  Irish Two Thousand Guineas

1921 - Present
Compiled by Nigel Pullen and Anne Peters
1 mile (1600 meters), 3-year-olds, The Curragh, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1921Soldennis (IRE)ch.c. 1918 Tredennis (GB) - Soligena (GB) by Soliman (GB)4 - f
1922Spike Island (IRE)b.c. 1919 Spearmint (GB) - Molly Desmond (IRE) by Desmond (GB)14 - c
1923Soldumeno b.c. 1920 Diadumenos (IRE) - Sunbridge (GB) by Bridge of Earn (GB)19 - b
1924Grand Joy (GB)ch.c. 1921 Grand Parade (IRE) - Amoureuse (GB) by St. Amant (GB)21
1925St. Donagh (GB)b.c. 1922 Roi Herode (FR) - Simon Tit (GB) by Simon Square (GB)14 - a
1926Embargo (GB)br.c. 1923 Argosy (IRE) - Elland (GB) by Marco (GB)15 - a
1927Fourth Hand (GB)br.c. 1924 Tetratema (IRE) - Queen's Double (GB) by Bachelor's Double (IRE)3 - c
1928Baytown (IRE)gr.c. 1925 Achtoi (GB) - Princess Herodias (GB) by Poor Boy (FR)15 - d
1929Salisbury (GB)b.c. 1926 The Boss (IRE) - Rhodesian Mare (GB) by Rhodesian (GB)2 - m
1930Glannarg (GB)gr.c. 1927 Argosy (IRE) - Glannagalt (GB) by Senseless (GB)14 - f
1931Double Arch (GB)b.c. 1928 Arch-Gift (GB) - Twincat (GB) by Bachelor's Double (IRE)14 - d
1932Lindley br.c. 1929 Spion Kop (IRE) - Teplitz by Corcyra (GB)4 - i
1933Canteener (IRE)gr.c. 1930 Son and Heir (IRE) - Charming Bride (IRE) by Fowling-Piece (GB)8 - d
1934Cariff (IRE)br.c. 1931 Achtoi (GB) - Carnlough (IRE) by Cygnus (GB)2 - c
1935Museum (GB)b.c. 1932 Legatee (GB) - Imagery (GB) by Gainsborough (GB)26
1936Hocus Pocus (GB)br.c. 1933 Mascot (GB) - Henna Girl (GB) by Kwang-Su (GB)14 - f
1937Phideas (GB)b.c. 1934 Pharos (GB) - Imagery (GB) by Gainsborough (GB)26
1938Nearchus (GB)b.c. 1935 Lemnarchus (GB) - Mizzenette (GB) by Silvern (GB)9
1939Cornfield b.c. 1936 Trigo (IRE) - Arena by Foxlaw (GB)4 - f
1940Teasel ch.c. 1937 Pharian (GB) - Chardon (GB) by Aldford (GB)12 - g
1941Khosro (GB)b.c. 1938 Sir Cosmo (IRE) - Straight Sequence (GB) by Stratford (GB)22
1942Windsor Slipper (GB)b.c. 1939 Windsor Lad (IRE) - Carpet Slipper (IRE) by Phalaris (GB)5 - h
1943The Phoenix (GB)b.c. 1940 Chateau Bouscaut (FR) - Fille de Poete (GB) by Firdaussi (IRE)16 - a
1944*Slide On (GB)b.c. 1941 Bobsleigh (GB) - Ojala (GB) by Buen Ojo (ARG)31
1944*Good Morning (GB)b.c. 1941 Sir Cosmo (IRE) - Morning Dew (GB) by Blandford (IRE)13 - b
1945Stalino (GB)br.c. 1942 Stardust (GB) - I5nkling (GB) by Son-in-Law (GB)13 - a
1946Claro (GB)b.c. 1943 Colombo (GB) - Clovelly (GB) by Mahmoud (FR)3 - e
1947Grand Weather (GB)b.c. 1944 Dastur (GB) - Morning Dew (GB) by Blandford (IRE)13 - b
1948Beau Sabreur (GB)ch.c. 1945 His Highness (GB) - Mashaq (GB) by Massine (FR)3 - b
1949Solonaway (IRE)b.c. 1946 Solferino (IRE) - Anyway (IRE) by Grand Glacier (GB)21 - a
1950Mighty Ocean (IRE)ch.c. 1947 Coup de Lyon (GB) - Fylgia (IRE) by Felicitation (IRE)4 - k
1951Signal Box (GB)ch.c. 1948 Signal Light (GB) - Mashaq (GB) by Massine (FR)3 - b
1952D.C.M. (GB)ch.c. 1949 Distingue (GB) - E.G.K. (GB) by Rentenmark (FR)14
1953Sea Charger (GB)ch.c. 1950 Royal Charger (GB) - Sea Flower (GB) by Walvis Bay (GB)5 - e
1954Arctic Wind (GB)br.c. 1951 Arctic Star (GB) - Cave of the Winds (GB) by Holywell (GB)11 - f
1955Hugh Lupus (FR)b.c. 1952 Djebel (FR) - Sakountala (FR) by Goya (FR)19
1956Lucero (GB)br.c. 1953 Solonaway (IRE) - Cuguan (GB) by Fair Trial (GB)29
1957Jack Ketch (GB)br.c. 1954 Abadan (GB) - Law (GB) by Son-in-Law (GB)1 - h
1958Hard Ridden (IRE)b.c. 1955 Hard Sauce (GB) - Toute Belle (FR) by Admiral Drake (FR)16
1959El Toro (GB)ch.c. 1956 Cagire (FR) - Early Milkmaid (GB) by The Solicitor (GB)12 - g
1960Kythnos (GB)b.c. 1957 Nearula (IRE) - Capital Issue (GB) by Straight Deal (GB)1 - i
1961Light Year (GB)ch.c. 1958 Chamier (IRE) - Spring Light (GB) by Signal Light (GB)5 - h
1962Arctic Storm (GB)br.c. 1959 Arctic Star (GB) - Rabina (GB) by Blanding (GB)2 - b
1963Linacre (GB)bl.c. 1960 Rockefella (GB) - True Picture (GB) by Panorama (GB)15 - a
1964Santa Claus (IRE)b.c. 1961 Chamossaire (IRE) - Aunt Clara (IRE) by Arctic Prince (IRE)3 - o
1965Green Banner gr.c. 1962 Palestine (IRE) - Fainne Oir by Golden Cloud (GB)5 - h
1966Paveh (GB)b.c. 1963 Tropique (FR) - Persian Shoe (GB) by Tehran (IRE)1 - p
1967Atherstone Wood (GB)b.c. 1964 Buisson Ardent (FR) - Reine des Bois (GB) by Bois Roussel (FR)5 - e
1968Mistigo (GB)ch.c. 1965 Miralgo (GB) - Flowing Lava (GB) by Krakatao (GB)14 - b
1969Right Tack (IRE)b.c. 1966 Hard Tack (GB) - Polly Macaw (IRE) by Polly's Jet (USA)10 - a
1970Decies b.c. 1967 Pardal (FR) - Reciprocate by Valerullah (GB)7 - e
1971King's Company (IRE)ch.c. 1968 King's Troop (GB) - Miss Stephen (GB) by Stephen Paul (GB)13 - e
1972Ballymore (IRE)b.c. 1969 Ragusa (GB) - Paddy's Sister (GB) by Ballyogan (GB)7
1973Sharp Edge (IRE)gr.c. 1970 Silver Shark (IRE) - Cutle (GB) by Saint Crespin (GB)11 - d
1974Furry Glen (IRE)b.c. 1971 Wolver Hollow (GB) - Cleftess (GB) by Hill Gail (USA)8 - d
1975Grundy (IRE)ch.c. 1972 Great Nephew (GB) - Word from Lundy (GB) by Worden (FR)8 - k
1976Northern Treasure (IRE)ch.c. 1973 Northfields (USA) - Place d'Etoile (GB) by Kythnos (GB)9 - e
1977Pampapaul (IRE)b.c. 1974 Yellow God (GB) - Pampalina (GB) by Bairam (FR)8 - d
1978Jaazeiro (USA)b.c. 1975Sham (USA) - Rule Formi (USA) by Forli (ARG)14 - f
1979Dickens Hill (IRE)ch.c. 1976 Mount Hagen (FR) - London Life (GB) by Panaslipper (IRE)11 - e
1980Nikoli (IRE)b.c. 1977 Great Nephew (GB) - Aliceva (IRE) by Alcide (GB)1 - k
1981Kings Lake (USA)b.c. 1978 Nijinsky (CAN) - Fish-Bar (FR) by Baldric (USA)8 - c
1982Dara Monarch (GB)b.c. 1979 Realm (GB) - Sardara (GB) by Alcide (GB)13 - e
1983Wassl (GB)b.c. 1980 Mill Reef (USA) - Hayloft (GB) by Tudor Melody (GB)6 - e
1984Sadler's Wells (USA)b.c. 1981 Northern Dancer (CAN) - Fairy Bridge (USA) by Bold Reason (USA)5 - h
1985Triptych (USA)b.f. 1982 Riverman (USA) - Trillion (USA) by Hail to Reason (USA)4 - n
1986Flash of Steel (IRE)b.c. 1983 Kris (GB) - Spark of Fire (IRE) by Run the Gantlet (USA)9 - f
1987Don't Forget Me (IRE)b.c. 1984 Ahonoora (GB) - African Doll (IRE) by African Sky (GB)1 - k
1988Prince of Birds (USA)ch.c. 1985 Storm Bird (CAN) - Special Key (USA) by Key to the Mint (USA)13 - b
1989Shaadi (USA)b.c. 1986 Danzig (USA) - Unfurled (USA) by Hoist the Flag (USA)20 - a
1990Tirol (IRE)br.c. 1987Thatching (IRE) - Alpine Niece (GB) by Great Nephew (GB)10 - c
1991Fourstars Allstar (USA)b.c. 1988Compliance (USA) - Broadway Joan (USA) by Bold Arian (USA)9
1992Rodrigo de Triano (USA)ch.c. 1989 El Gran Senor (USA) - Hot Princess (GB) by Hot Spark (IRE)20 - a
1993Barathea (IRE)b.c. 1990 Sadler's Wells (USA) - Brocade (USA) by Habitat (USA)14 - a
1994Turtle Island (IRE)b.c. 1991 Fairy King (USA) - Sisania (GB) by High Top (IRE)25
1995Spectrum (IRE) 2b.c. 1992 Rainbow Quest (USA) - River Dancer (IRE) by Irish River (FR)1 - l
1996Spinning World (USA)ch.c. 1993 Nureyev (USA) - Imperfect Circle (USA) by Riverman (USA)8 - f
1997Desert King (IRE)b.c. 1994 Danehill (USA) - Sabaah (USA) by Nureyev (USA)1 - k
1998Desert Prince (IRE)b.c. 1995 Green Desert (USA) - Flying Fairy (GB) by Bustino (GB)1 - s
1999Saffron Walden (FR)b.c. 1996 Sadler's Wells (USA) - Or Vision (USA) by Irish River (FR)9 - b
2000Bachir (IRE)b.c. 1997 Desert Style (IRE) - Morning Welcome (IRE) by Be My Guest (USA)7 - a
2001Black Minnaloushe (USA)b.c. 1998 Storm Cat (USA) - Coral Dance (FR) by Green Dancer (USA)20 - d
2002Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)b.c. 1999 Danehill (USA) - Offshore Boom (IRE) by Be My Guest (USA)10 - a
2003Indian Haven ch.c. 2000 Indian Ridge (IRE) - Madame Dubois (GB) by Legend of France (USA)2 - o
2004Bachelor Duke (USA)b.c. 2001 Miswaki (USA) - Gossamer (USA) by Seattle Slew (USA)5 - h
2005Dubawi (IRE)b.c. 2002 Dubai Millennium (GB) - Zomaradah (GB) by Deploy (GB)9 - e
2006Araafa (IRE)b.c. 2003 Mull of Kintyre (USA) - Resurgence (GB) by Polar Falcon (USA)7
2007Cockney Rebel (IRE)b.c. 2004 Val Royal (FR) - Factice (USA) by Known Fact (USA)8 - c
2008Henrythenavigator (USA)b.c. 2005Kingmambo (USA) - Sequoyah (IRE) by Sadler's Wells (USA)9 - b
2009Mastercraftsman (IRE)ch.c. 2006 Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Starlight Dreams (USA) by Black Tie Affair (IRE)21 - a
2010Canford Cliffs (IRE)b.c. 2007Tagula (IRE) - Mrs. Marsh (GB) by Mar ju (IRE)9 - f
2011Roderic O'Connor (IRE)b.c. 2008Galileo (IRE) - Secret Garden (IRE) by Danehill (USA)16 - c
2012Power (GB)b.c. 2009Oasis Dream (GB) - Frappe (IRE) by Inchinor (GB)1 - e
2013Magician (IRE)b.c. 2010Galilleo (IRE) - Absolutelyfabulous (IRE) by Mozart (IRE)9 - b
*1944: Dead-heat.

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