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  Irish Phoenix Stakes

1902 - Present
6 furlongs for 2 year old colts and fillies, geldings excluded, on turf at The Curragh, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1902Bushey Belle (IRE) b/br.f. 1900 Bushey Park (GB) - Lady Atheling (IRE) by Atheling (GB)1 - o
1903Cape Solitaire (GB) ch.f. 1901 Cap Martin (GB) - Sweet Silence (GB) by Retreat (GB)1 - b
1904Abelard (IRE) b/br.g. 1902 Bushey Park (GB) - Pet Vixen (IRE) by Philammon (IRE)23
1905Athleague (IRE) b.c. 1903 Perigord (GB) - Outcry (GB) by Rosicrucian (GB)14 - d
1906Lalla Rookh (IRE) b.f. 1904 Hackler (GB) - Lady Gough (IRE) by Lord Gough (GB)6 - a
1907Americus Girl (IRE) ch. f. 1905Americus (USA) - Palotta (IRE) by Gallinule (GB)9 - c
1908Glenesky (IRE) b.c. 1906 Lesterlin (IRE) - Stella (IRE) by Necromancer (GB)22 - a
1909Lady Edgar (IRE) br.f. 1907 Sir Edgar (IRE) - Moyvalley (IRE) by Blitz (GB)52
1910Clonbern (IRE) ch.c. 1908 Clonmell (GB) - Rhoda B. (USA) by Hanover (USA)26
1911Far and Wide (IRE) bl.f. 1909 Fariman (IRE) - Haulbowline (IRE) by Torpedo (IRE)2 - n
1912Happy Fanny (GB) b.f. 1910 Fowling-piece (GB) - Ejector (GB) by Victor Chief (GB)3 - d
1913Courier Belle (IRE) b.f. 1911 Sir Edgar (IRE) - King's Letter (GB) by King's Messenger (GB)4 - b
1914St. Cuimin (IRE) b.c. 1910 St. Monans (GB) - Verdant Isle (IRE) by Pilot (GB)19 - a
1915Vera Cruz (IRE) ch.f. 1913 Fariman (IRE) - Rosalie (IRE) by General Symons (GB)4 - c
1916The Banshee (IRE) b.f. 1914 His Majesty (GB) - Bannagroe (IRE) by St. Aidan (GB)22 - a
1917Bonnie Dance (IRE) b.c. 1915 Lomond (GB) - Lawn Dance (GB) by Common (GB)26
1918Guilded Vanity (IRE) ch.f. 1916 Orby (GB) - Vain Glory (GB) by Wildfowler (IRE)9 - e
1919Blue Dun (GB) ch. f. 1917Corcyra - Blue Tit by Wildfowler (GB)6 - d
1920Double Tip (IRE) br.c. 1918 Bachelor's Double (IRE) - Obsequious (GB) by St. Serf (GB)20 - b
1921Bridgemount (IRE) b.f. 1919 Bridge Of Earn (GB) - Mountain Mint (IRE) by Spearmint (GB)14 - b
1922Rabona (IRE) b/br.f. 1920 Roi Herode (FR) - Lady Lachine (GB) by Dark Ronald (GB)22 - d
1923Dawson City (IRE) b.c. 1921 Spearmint (GB) - Clancare (IRE) by Desmond (GB)14
1924Pons Asinorum (IRE) br.c. 1922 Tredennis (GB) - Bridge At Midnight (IRE) by Bridge Of Earn (GB)4 - i
1925Allets (IRE) b.f. 1923 Athlone (IRE) - Land Lady (IRE) by Oppressor (IRE)7 - e
1926Archway (IRE) ch.c. 1924 Arch-gift (IRE) - Linger Longer Lucy (GB) by Avington (GB)2 - t
1927Athford (IRE) b. c. 1925Blandford (IRE) - Athasi (IRE) by Farasi (GB)22 - a
1928Trigo (IRE) b. c. 1926Blandford (IRE) - Athasi (IRE) by Farasi (GB)22 - a
1929Confetti (IRE) gr.f. 1927 Tetratema (IRE) - Confey (GB) by Polymelus (GB)8 - c
1930Galapas (IRE) b.g. 1928 Prince Galahad (GB) - Majority (GB) by John O'gaunt (GB)13 - c
1931The Greek (IRE) ch.g. 1929 Greek Bachelor (IRE) - Quelle Vie (IRE) by By George! (IRE)21 - a
1932Cedarhurst (IRE) b.f. 1930 Tolgus (GB) - Smoke Lass (GB) by Black Jester (GB)21 - a
1933His Reverence (GB) b. c. 1893St. Simon (GB) - Miss Middlewick (GB) by Scottish Chief (GB)8-c
1934Smokeless (IRE) b. f. 1932 Prince Galahad (GB) - Smoke Lass (GB) by Black Jester (GB)21-a
1935Dancing Comet (IRE) b.g. 1933 Dancing Floor (GB) - Donati's Comet (IRE) by Flying Orb (IRE)19 - b
1936Phideas (GB) b. c. 1934 Pharos (GB) - Imagery (GB) by Gainsborough (GB)26
1937Knight's Caprice (IRE) bl.c. 1935 Knight Of The Garter (GB) - Gay Caprice (IRE) by Cygnus (GB)10 - b
1938New Comet (IRE) b.f. 1936 Sir Walter Raleigh (GB) - Donati's Comet (IRE) by Flying Orb (IRE)19 - b
1939Eyrefield (IRE) b.f. 1937 Vesington Star (IRE) - Phlox (GB) by Pharos (GB)2 - h
1940Enchantress (GB) gr.f. 1938 Gold Bridge (FR) - Sweet Fairy (IRE) by Milesius (IRE)2 - b
1941Fair Crystal (IRE) ch.c. 1939 Fairhaven (GB) - Crystalline (IRE) by Tetratema (IRE)15 - a
1942The Phoenix (IRE) b.c. 1940 Chateau Bouscaut (FR) - Fille De Poete (GB) by Firdaussi (GB)16 - a
1943Arctic Sun (GB) br.f. 1941 Nearco (ITY) - Solar Flower (GB) by Solario (GB)10 - c
1944Lady's View (IRE) br.f. 1942 Panorama (GB) - Girlish Fancy (GB) by Prince Philip (IRE)9 - c
1945Momentum (IRE) ch.c. 1943 Starmond (IRE) - Grisilla (GB) by Duncan Gray (GB)3 - l
1946Lady Kells (IRE) bbl.f. 1944 His Highness (GB) - Anyway (IRE) by Grand Glacier (GB)21 - a
1947The Web (IRE) br.c. 1945 Panorama (GB) - Caerlissa (GB) by Caerleon (GB)14 - c
1948Ballywillwill (IRE) br.c. 1946 Ballyogan (GB) - Lonely Lady (FR) by Dark Japan (FR)5 - c
1949Abadan (GB) b. c. 1947 Persian Gulf (GB) - Affair (GB) by Fair Trial (GB)14-c
1950Gold Cup (IRE) ch.f. 1948 Golden Cloud (GB) - Sure Shield (IRE) by Solenoid (IRE)2 - o
1951Windy City (GB) ch.c. 1949 Wyndham (GB) - Staunton (GB) by The Satrap (IRE)14 - d
1952Royal Duchy (IRE) b.f. 1950 Royal Charger (GB) - Dutchgirl (IRE) by Spion Kop (IRE)1 - n
1953Sixpence (IRE) ch.f. 1951 Ballyogan (GB) - Damians (IRE) by Panorama (GB)19
1954My Beau (USA) b. g. 1952 Beau Sabreur (GB) - Queen's Caprice (GB) by Coup De Lyon (GB)10-b
1955Sarissa (GB) ch.f. 1953 Luminary (GB) - Kilcarn Victory (IRE) by Coup De Lyon (GB)8 - c
1956Refined (GB) b.f. 1954 Abadan (GB) - Dolly's Brae (GB) by Dubonnet (GB)6 - d
1957Vestogan (IRE) ch.f. 1955 Ballyogan (GB) - Star Of Hope (IRE) by Vesington Star (IRE)29
1958Getaway (GB) b.c. 1956 Solonaway (IRE) - Fragilite (FR) by Prince Bio (FR)8 - k
1959Gigi (GB) br.f. 1957 Infatuation (GB) - Enagh (GB) by Nasrullah (IRE)10 - d
1960Kathy Too (IRE) ch.f. 1958 Beau Sabreur (IRE) - Celestial Gold (GB) by Golden Cloud (GB)11 - a
1961Prince Poppa (IRE) ch.c. 1959 Princely Gift (IRE) - Papido (GB) by Torbido (ITY)26
1962Irish Chorus (IRE) b.f. 1960 Ossian (IRE) - Dawn Chorus (GB) by Rising Light (GB)14 - f
1963Right Strath (GB) ch.c. 1961 Right Boy (GB) - Royal Strath (GB) by Royal Charger (GB)1 - n
1964Adriatic Star (GB) b.c. 1962 Milesian (IRE) - Venarctic (IRE) by Arctic Star (GB)16 - f
1965Current Coin (GB) b. c. 1963 Hook Money (USA) - Frances (GB) by Mossborough (GB)4-i
1966Jadeite (GB) ch.f. 1964 Princely Gift (IRE) - Alare (GB) by Alycidon (GB)14 - c
1967Fatima's Gift (GB) ch.f. 1965 Hook Money (USA) - Corrine (GB) by Acropolis (GB)4 - i
1968Lord John (GB) br.c. 1966 Sovereign Lord (GB) - Janita (GB) by Tropique (FR)5 - e
1969Pianissimo (GB) gr.f. 1967 Fortino (FR) - Whispering (GB) by Whistler (IRE)13 - b
1970Areola (GB) ch.f. 1968 Kythnos (GB) - Alive Alivo (GB) by Never Say Die (USA)23 - a
1971Celtic Twilight (GB) b.f. 1969 Varano (GB) - Chevarctic (GB) by Arctic Star (GB)5 - h
1972Marble Arch (USA) ch.f. 1970 Bold Lad (USA) - De Cathy (USA) by Decathlon (USA)9 - f
1973Noble Mark (IRE) ch.f. 1971 On Your Mark (USA) - Noble Joan (GB) by Pall Mall (IRE)13 - e
1974Lady Seymour (GB)b.f. 1972 Tudor Melody (GB) - My Game (GB) by My Babu (FR)14 - c
1975National Wish (USA)b.g. 1973 National (USA) - Somebody's Wish (USA) by Determine (USA)9 - f
1976G2Cloonlara (USA) b.f. 1974 Sir Ivor (USA) - Fish-bar (FR) by Baldric (USA)8 - c
1977Perla (IRE) gr.f. 1975 Young Emperor (GB) - Gallissa (GB) by El Gallo (GB)5 - h
1978Kilijaro (IRE) b.f. 1976 African Sky (GB) - Manfilia (GB) by Mandamus (GB)11 - e
1979Smokey Lady (IRE) gr.f. 1977 Habitat (USA) - A.1. (GB) by Abernant (GB)7
1980Swan Princess (GB) b.f. 1978 So Blessed (GB) - Swan Ann (GB) by My Swanee (GB)9 - e
1981Achieved (IRE) ch. c. 1979 Thatch (USA) - Last Call (GB) by Klairon (FR)16 - c
1982Sweet Emma (IRE) b.f. 1980 Welsh Saint (GB) - Gang Plank (IRE) by Tower Walk (GB)22 - d
1983King Persian (IRE) ch.c. 1981 Persian Bold (IRE) - Naiad Queen (GB) by Pampered King (GB)2 - e
1984Aviance (IRE) ch.f. 1982 Northfields (USA) - Minnie Hauk (USA) by Sir Ivor (USA)8 - f
1985Roaring Riva (GB) b.c. 1983 Music Boy (GB) - Elton Abbess (GB) by Tamerlane (GB)1 - w
1986Minstrella (USA) gr. f. 1984 The Minstrel (CAN) - Flight Dancer (USA) by Misty Flight (USA)17-b
1987Digamist (USA) ch.c. 1985 Blushing Groom (FR) - Disconiz (USA) by Northern Dancer (CAN)14 - f
1988Superpower (GB) b. c. 1986 Superlative (IRE) - Champ D'avril (IRE) by Northfields (USA)5-j
1989Pharaoh's Delight (IRE) b.f. 1987 Fairy King (USA) - Ridge The Times (USA) by Riva Ridge (USA)A29
1990Mac's Imp b.c. 1988 Imp Society (USA) - Flaming Reason (USA) by Limit To Reason (USA)8 - f
1991Bradawn Breever (IRE) b.g. 1989 Salmon Leap (USA) - Ozone (GB) by Auction Ring (USA)1 - g
1992Pips Pride (GB) ch.c. 1990 Efisio (GB) - Elkie Brooks (GB) by Relkino (GB)3 - o
1993Turtle Island (IRE) b. c. 1991 Fairy King (USA) - Sisania (GB) by High Top (IRE)25
1994Eva Luna (IRE) b.f. 1992 Double Schwartz (IRE) - Guess Again (GER) by Stradavinsky (IRE)14 - c
1995Danehill Dancer (IRE) b.c. 1993 Danehill (USA) - Mira Adonde (USA) by Sharpen Up (GB)22 - b
1996Mantovani (GB) b.c. 1994 Treasure Kay (GB) - Dream Of Spring (IRE) by Hello Gorgeous (USA)4 - r
1997Princely Heir (IRE) b.c. 1995 Fairy King (USA) - Meis El-reem (IRE) by Auction Ring (USA)16 - h
1998Lavery (IRE) b.c. 1996 Royal Academy (USA) - Lady Donna (GB) by Dominion (GB)10 - c
1999Fasliyev (USA) b.c. 1997 Nureyev (USA) - Mr. P's Princess (USA) by Mr. Prospector (USA)16 - h
2000Minardi (USA) b/br. c. 1998 Boundary (USA) - Yarn (USA) by Mr. Prospector (USA)2-f
2001Johannesburg (USA) b. c. 1999 Hennessy (USA) - Myth (USA) by Ogygian (USA)2-f
2002Spartacus (IRE) b.c. 2000 Danehill (USA) - Teslemi (USA) by Ogygian (USA)26
2003One Cool Cat (USA) b.c. 2001 Storm Cat (USA) - Tacha (USA) by Mr. Prospector (USA)5 - h
2004Damson (IRE) b. f. 2002 Entrepreneur (GB) - Tadkiyra (IRE) by Darshaan (GB)5 - b
2005George Washington (IRE) b. c. 2003 Danehill (USA) - Bordighera (USA) by Alysheba (USA)5 - g
2006Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) b. c. 2004Danehill (USA) - Lšon Vite (USA) by Secretariat (USA)4 - g
2007Saoirse Abu (USA) ch.f. 2005 Mr. Greeley (USA) - Out Too Late (USA) by Future Storm (USA)4 - k
2008Mastercraftsman (IRE) ch.c. 2006 Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Starlight Dreams (USA) by Black Tie Affair (IRE)21 - a
2009Alfred Nobel (IRE) b.c. 2007 Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Glinting Desert (IRE) by Desert Prince (IRE)19 - b
2010Zoffany (IRE) b.c. 2008 Dansili (GB) - Tyranny (GB) by Machiavellian (USA)1 - c
2011La Collina (IRE) ch.f. 2009 Strategic Prince (GB) - Starfish (IRE) by Galileo (IRE)19
2012Pedro the Great (USA) b.c. 2010 HenrytheNavigator (USA) - Glatisant (GB) by Rainbow Quest (USA)1 - e

1971 - 1978: Group II
1979 - Present: Group I

1902 - 1955: Called the Phoenix Plate, informally known as "the 1500"

1956 - Present: Called Phoenix Stakes

1902 - 1982: 5 Furlongs
1983 - Present: 6 Furlongs

1902 - 1981: Phoenix Park race course, Co. Dublin
1982: Leopardstown, Co. Dublin
1983 - 1990: Phoenix Park race course, Co. Dublin
1991 - 2001: Leopardstown, Co. Dublin
2002 - Present: The Curragh, Co. Kildare

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