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  Railway Stakes

1851 - Present
6 furlongs on turf for 2 year olds at the The Curragh, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1851Indian Warrior (IRE) ch.c. 1849Napier (GB) - Jeanette (IRE) by Birdcatcher (IRE)3
1852 No Race
1853Ariadne (IRE) b.f. 1851 Birdcatcher (IRE) - Caroline (IRE) by Drone (IRE)16
1854 No Race
1855Fireblast (IRE) br.c. 1853 Simoom (IRE) - Mrs. Johnson (IRE) by Barkston (IRE)--
1856Blight (IRE) br.c. 1854 Simoom (IRE) - Laelia (GB) by Sheet Anchor (GB)22
1857Darling (GB) b.f. 1855 Annandale (GB) - Birdcatcher Mare (IRE) by Birdcatcher (IRE)23
1858Drogheda (IRE) b.c. 1856 Mountain Deer (GB) - Juanita Perez (IRE) by Melbourne (GB)3
1859Glory (IRE) b.g. 1857 Bandy (IRE) - Mrs. Geoghegan (IRE) by De Vere (IRE)17 - a
1860The Lawyer (GB) br. c. 1858The Libel (GB) - Hampton Mare (GB) by Hampton (GB) 2B25
1861Socrates (GB) b.c. 1859 West Australian (GB) - Birdcatcher Mare (IRE) by Birdcatcher (IRE)23
1862The Plover (IRE) b.c. 1860 Grey Plover (IRE) - Alice Grey (IRE) by Mercury (IRE)3
1863Union Jack (IRE) b. c. 1900Suspender - Gloriola by Minting (GB)10 - a
1864Zisca (GB) b. f. 1862Prime Minister (GB) - Plague Royal (GB) by Mildew (GB)13 - a
1865Monitor (IRE) b.g. 1863 Gunboat (IRE) - Darling (GB) by Annandale (GB)23
1866Master Willie (GB) ch. c. 1977 High Line (GB) - Fair Winter (GB) by Set Fair (GB)4 - j
1867Uncas (GB) b. c. 1865Stockwell (GB) - Nightingale (IRE) by Mountain Deer (GB)1 - o
1868Melody (GB) b. f. 1888 Tynedale (GB) - Glee (GB) by Adventurer (GB)3 - j
1869Sarsfield (IRE) ch.c. 1867 Yorkminster (GB) - Brass (sister) (IRE) by Freney (IRE)1 - o
1870Richard the First (IRE) ch.c. 1868 Master Richard (GB) - Weatherwise (IRE) by Weatherbit (GB)2 - r
1871Maid of Perth (GB) b. f. 1869 Scottish Chief (GB) - Lady Dot (GB) by The Cure (GB)9 - b
1872Queen of the Bees (IRE) b.f. 1870 Knight Of St. Patrick (GB) - Queen Bee (IRE) by Harkaway (IRE)16 - f
1873Lady Patricia (GB) b.f. 1871 Lord Clifden (GB) - Lady Langford (GB) by Sir Hercules (IRE)2 - b
1874Wild Duck (IRE) b.f. 1872 Uncas (GB) - Nu (GB) by Orpheus (GB)19
1875Maelstrom (GB) br.c. 1873 Blair Athol (GB) - Terrific (GB) by Touchstone (GB)20 - a
1876Mayfield (IRE) b.f. 1874 Hillingdon (GB) - Pimpernel (IRE) by Beadsman (GB)16
1877Athy (IRE) b/br.f. 1875 Knight Of The Garter (GB) - Gazelle (IRE) by Ivan (GB)23
1878Shinglass (IRE) ch.c. 1876 Stockinger (GB) - Lady Lynbury (IRE) by Coroner (IRE)52
1879Sibyl (GB) ch.f. 1877 Speculum (GB) - Dryad (GB) by Cape Flyaway (GB)2 - l
1880Barcaldine (IRE) b. c. 1878Solon (IRE) - Ballyroe (IRE) by Belladrum23
1881Melliflor (IRE) b.c. 1879 Uncas (GB) - Queen Of The Bees (IRE) by Knight Of St. Patrick (GB)16 - f
1882Peace (IRE) b. f. 1880Xenophon (IRE) - Armistice by Artillery (GB)3
1883Grecian Bend (IRE) b/br.f. 1881 Victor (GB) - Maid Of Athens (IRE) by Solon (IRE)24
1884Kilcreene (IRE) ch.c. 1882 Arbitrator (IRE) - Niniche (GB) by Swordsman (GB)9 - c
1885Ashplant (IRE) b.c. 1883 Umpire (IRE) - Cecropia (GB) by Cecrops (GB)2 - h
1886Kildare (IRE) ch. c. 1825Regent (GB) - Jannette (GB) by Camillus (GB)2-i
1887May Moon (IRE) ch.f. 1885 Philammon (IRE) - May Day (IRE) by Uncas (GB)B1
1888St. Kieran (IRE) b.c. 1886 Arbitrator (IRE) - Querida (GB) by King John (GB)9 - c
1889Meliboeus (IRE) b.c. 1887 Arbitrator (IRE) - Queen Of The Bees (IRE) by Knight Of St. Patrick (GB)16 - f
1890Eyrefield (IRE) ch.c. 1888 Favo (GB) - Solesky (GB) by Thunder (GB)12
1891Christabel (IRE) b.f. 1889 Kendal (GB) - Chrysalis (GB) by Lecturer (GB)16 - f
1892Baccarat (IRE) b.c. 1890 King Of Trumps (GB) - Bounce (IRE) by Victor (GB)16
1893Gazetteer (IRE) ch.c. 1891 Gallinule (GB) - Award (IRE) by Solon (IRE)27
1894Angelus (IRE) b.c. 1892 Kendal (GB) - Vesper Bell (IRE) by Balfe (GB)20 - b
1895Winkfield's Pride (IRE) ch.c. 1893 Winkfield (GB) - Alimony (GB) by Isonomy (GB)9 - e
1896General Peace (IRE) br.c. 1894 Gallinule (GB) - Moira (IRE) by Victor (GB)12 - d
1897Sabine Queen (IRE) b.f. 1895 Hackler (GB) - The Sabine (IRE) by Xenophon (IRE)2 - b
1898Oppressor (IRE) br.c. 1896 Gallinule (GB) - Moira (IRE) by Victor (GB)12 - d
1899Rapine (IRE) ch.f. 1897 Carnage (IRE) - The Sabine (IRE) by Xenophon (IRE)2 - b
1900Gogo (IRE) br.f. 1898 Town Moor (GB) - Eudocia (IRE) by Philammon (IRE)13 - b
1901St. Brendan (IRE) br.c. 1899 Hackler (GB) - Court Card (GB) by Royal Hampton (GB)14
1902Fariman (IRE) b.c. 1900 Gallinule (GB) - Bellinzona (IRE) by Necromancer (GB)9 - d
1903Jean's Folly (GB) br.f. 1901 Ayrshire (GB) - Black Cherry (GB) by Bendigo (IRE)3 - o
1904Sir Daniel (GB) ch.c. 1902 Winkfield (GB) - Woollahra (GB) by Albert Victor (GB)4 - j
1905Juliet (IRE) b.f. 1903 Troubadour (GB) - Miss Carden (IRE) by Kendal (GB)3 - h
1906Electric Rose (IRE) br.f. 1904 Lesterlin (IRE) - Arc Light (GB) by Prism (IRE)26
1907Twenty-Third (IRE) ch.c. 1905 Wildfowler (IRE) - Kosmos (IRE) by Atheling (GB)3
1908Bachelor's Double (IRE) ch.c. 1906 Tredennis (GB) - Lady Bawn (IRE) by Le Noir (GB)21 - a
1909Trepida (IRE) ch.f. 1907 Grebe (GB) - Palotta (IRE) by Gallinule (GB)9 - c
1910Cigar (IRE) ch.c. 1908 Morganatic (GB) - Smoke (GB) by Wolf's Crag (GB)4 - g
1911Simon Lass (IRE) b/br.f. 1909 Simontault (GB) - Kilkenny Lass (IRE) by Lesterlin (IRE)21 - a
1912Flax Meadow (IRE) b.c. 1910 Bushey Park (GB) - Filatrice (IRE) by Hackler (GB)8 - j
1913King's Common (GB) ch.c. 1911 William Rufus (GB) - Miss Common (GB) by Common (GB)3 - h
1914 No Race
1915Shining More (IRE) b. f. 1913Oppressor (IRE) - Lady Strathmore (GB) by QueenĠs Birthday (GB)8 - a
1916Durazzo (IRE) b.g. 1914 White Eagle (GB) - Dodona (GB) by Springfield (GB)1 - w
1917Lady Earn (IRE) ch.f. 1915 Bridge Of Earn (GB) - Lest Cairn [sister] (IRE) by Lesterlin (IRE)15 - a
1918Confey (GB) b.f. 1916 Polymelus (GB) - Strathvaich (GB) by Love Wisely (GB)8 - c
1919Blue Dun (GB) ch. f. 1917Corcyra - Blue Tit by Wildfowler (GB)6 - d
1920Shanganagh (IRE) b.c. 1918 Saxham (GB) - Shanganagh Lass (IRE) by General Peace (IRE)1 - g
1921Rachel (IRE) gr.f. 1919 Roi Herode (FR) - Sacrifice (IRE) by Symington (IRE)12 - d
1922Darragh (IRE) ch.g. 1920 Captivation (GB) - Latharna (IRE) by Kosmos Bey (IRE)5 - a
1923Vesington Star (IRE) b.c. 1921 Flying Orb (IRE) - Saxham Lass (GB) by Saxham (GB)9
1924Capture Him (IRE) b.c. 1922 Captivation (GB) - Himalaya (GB) by Mauvezin (FR)4 - i
1925Silver Lark (IRE) br.c. 1923 Silvern (GB) - Laverock (GB) by My Prince (GB)3 - j
1926Lavengro (IRE) b.c. 1924 Happy Warrior (GB) - Sunbridge (IRE) by Bridge Of Earn (GB)19 - b
1927Cardinal's Ring (IRE) br.c. 1925 Jackdaw (GB) - Bernsone (IRE) by Wax Bullet (GB)9 - d
1928Soloptic (IRE) ch.f. 1926 Soldennis (IRE) - Dark Eyes (IRE) by Captivation (GB)B4
1929Confetti (IRE) gr.f. 1927 Tetratema (IRE) - Confey (GB) by Polymelus (GB)8 - c
1930Sea Serpent (IRE) ch.c. 1928 Golden Myth (IRE) - Seabloom (IRE) by Spearmint (GB)14 - f
1931Rathlin Isle (GB) b.f. 1929 Sansovino (GB) - Glenmakerin (IRE) by Cygnus (GB)6 - f
1932Song of the Hills (IRE) ch. f. 1930Spion Kop - Cradle Song by Hurry On (GB)1 - l
1933Kyloe (IRE) b/br.f. 1931 Blandford (IRE) - Tabaris (IRE) by Roi Herode (FR)1 - m
1934Poor Jack (IRE) br.c. 1932 Poor Man (IRE) - Carrowdore (IRE) by Spion Kop (IRE)14
1935Hocus Pocus (IRE) br.c. 1933 Mascot (GB) - Henna Girl (GB) by Kwang-su (GB)14 - f
1936Burdock (IRE) ch.c. 1934 Soldennis (IRE) - Chardon (GB) by Aldford (GB)12 - g
1937Rosewell (IRE) b.c. 1935 Orwell (GB) - Bower Of Roses (GB) by Roseland (GB)3 - e
1938Bessbrook (IRE) b.f. 1936 Apron (GB) - Captivating Hack (IRE) by Captivation (GB)9
1939Monster Light (IRE) b.c. 1937 Sea Serpent (IRE) - Daylight (GB) by Galloper Light (GB)3 - i
1940Milady Rose (IRE) b.f. 1938 Knight Of The Garter (GB) - Rose Cygnet (IRE) by Cygnus (GB)31
1941Windsor Slipper (IRE) b.c. 1939 Windsor Lad (IRE) - Carpet Slipper (IRE) by Phalaris (GB)5 - h
1942Fabulous (GB) b.f. 1940 Hyperion (GB) - Nebular (IRE) by Bachelor's Double (IRE)14 - a
1943Arctic Sun (GB) br.f. 1941 Nearco (ity) - Solar Flower (GB) by Solario (GB)10 - c
1944Knight's Emblem (IRE) b.c. 1942 Knight's Caprice (IRE) - War Plume (IRE) by Happy Warrior (GB)7 - e
1945Linaria (IRE) ch.f. 1943 Turkhan (IRE) - Lindos Ojos (GB) by Buen Ojo (ARG)12 - c
1946Dublin Town (IRE) b.c. 1944 Windsor Slipper (IRE) - Solar Flower (GB) by Solario (GB)10 - c
1947Asylum (IRE) b.f. 1945 Fairhaven (GB) - Madam Jitters (IRE) by Concerto (GB)13 - b
1948Fair Edwine (IRE) ch.f. 1946 Fair Trial (GB) - Edvina (GB) by Figaro (GB)2 - e
1949Monseigneur (GB) ch.c. 1947 Straight Deal (GB) - Fatimite (GB) by Mahmoud (FR)14 - c
1950Ralootown (IRE) gr.c. 1948 Owenstown (GB) - Flying Berwick (GB) by Berwick (GB)16 - f
1951Stackallen Bridge (GB) br.c. 1949 The Pelican (FR) - Boldness (GB) by Bold Archer (GB)10 - d
1952Legend of Confey (GB) b.c. 1950 Preciptic (GB) - Lady Confey (IRE) by Legend Of France (FR)7
1953Tale of Two Cities (GB) b.c. 1951 Tehran (IRE) - Merida (FR) by Jock (FR)20 - a
1954Hugh Lupus (FR) b. c. 1952 Djebel (FR) - Sakountala (FR) by Goya (FR)19
1955Closed Shop (GB) br.g. 1953 Drawbridge (GB) - Lady Barter (GB) by Walvis Bay (GB)21 - a
1956Katty's Star (IRE) ch.f. 1954 Solar Slipper (GB) - Katushka (GB) by Colombo (GB)4 - l
1957Vestogan (IRE) ch.f. 1955 Ballyogan (GB) - Star Of Hope (IRE) by Vesington Star (IRE)29
1958Princess Marie (GB) br.f. 1956 Rockefella (GB) - Galina Talva (GB) by Chanteur (FR)13 - b
1959Le Levanstell (IRE) b.c. 1957 Le Lavandou (FR) - Stella's Sister (IRE) by Ballyogan (GB)7 - e
1960Travel Light (GB) ch.g. 1958 Royal Palm (IRE) - Croix De Lorraine (FR) by Tourbillon (FR)1 - k
1961Gay Challenger (IRE) b.c. 1959 Royal Challenger (IRE) - Thrilled (GB) by Niccolo Dell'arca (GB)1 - s
1962Turbo Jet (IRE) b. c. 1960 Polly's Jet (USA) - Spring Offensive (IRE) by Legend Of France (FR)25
1963Mesopotamia (IRE) b.f. 1961 Zarathustra (IRE) - Agar's Plough (IRE) by Combat (GB)10 - c
1964Ga-Greine (GB) ch.c. 1962 Preciptic (GB) - After The Show (GB) by Phideas (GB)8 - a
1965Glad Rags (IRE) ch. f. 1963 High Hat (GB) - Dryad (GB) by Panorama (GB)13 - b
1966Adrian's Path (GB) gr.c. 1964 Sovereign Path (GB) - Adria (FR) by Relic (USA)4 - j
1967Sans-Fin (IRE) b.c. 1965 Le Levanstell (IRE) - Karl's Pet (GB) by Albus Superbus (GB)14 - b
1968Sahib (USA) b/br.c. 1966 Sir Gaylord (USA) - Hide Out (USA) by Spy Song (USA)10 - a
1969Nijinsky (CAN) b. c. 1967Northern Dancer (CAN) - Flaming Page (CAN) by Bull Page (USA)8 - f
1970Minsky (CAN) ch.c. 1968 Northern Dancer (CAN) - Flaming Page (CAN) by Bull Page (USA)8 - f
1971Open Season (USA) ch.c. 1969 Sea Bird (FR) - Unity (GB) by Tudor Melody (GB)4 - i
1972Park Lawn (GB) ch.c. 1970 Lauso (FR) - Nellie Park (GB) by Arctic Prince (GB)26
1973Misty Bend (USA) b.f. 1971 Never Bend (USA) - Madam Pele (USA) by Hill Prince (USA)5 - f
1974Tender Camilla (IRE) b.f. 1972 Prince Tenderfoot (USA) - Camilla Edge (IRE) by Alcide (GB)3 - o
1975Niebo (USA) ch.c. 1973 Arts And Letters (USA) - Firey Angel (USA) by Nashua (USA)2 - n
1976Brahms (USA) bbr. c. 1997 Danzig (USA) - Queena (USA) by Mr. Prospector (USA)13 - d
1977Thunor (IRE) ch.c. 1975 Green God (IRE) - Hayrake (GB) by Galivanter (IRE)6 - e
1978Solar (CAN) ch.f. 1976 Halo (USA) - Sex Appeal (USA) by Buckpasser (USA)8 - f
1979Noble Shamus (IRE) b/br.c. 1977 Royal And Regal (USA) - Spice Road (USA) by Gallant Man (GB)1 - w
1980Lawmaker (USA) b.c. 1978 Round Table (USA) - Greek Victress (CAN) by Victoria Park (CAN)20 - a
1981Anfield (IRE) b.c. 1979 Be My Guest (USA) - Mother (GB) by Whistler (IRE)5 - e
1982Ancestral (IRE) b.c. 1980 Habitat (USA) - Ampulla (IRE) by Crowned Prince (USA)7
1983El Gran Senor (USA) b. c. 1981Northern Dancer (CAN) - Sex Appeal (USA) by Buckpasser (USA)8 - f
1984Moscow Ballet (USA) b.c. 1982 Nijinsky (CAN) - Millicent (USA) by Cornish Prince (USA)22 - d
1985Bermuda Classic (IRE) br.f. 1983 Double Form (IRE) - Minnie Tudor (IRE) by Tudor Melody (GB)14 - c
1986Polonia (USA) b.f. 1984 Danzig (USA) - Moss (USA) by Round Table (USA)9 - f
1987Flutter Away (IRE) b.f. 1985 Lomond (USA) - Flying Bid (IRE) by Auction Ring (USA)3 - n
1988Honoria (USA) b.f. 1986 Danzig (USA) - Royal Honoree (USA) by Round Table (USA)16 - g
1989Armanasco (IRE) br.c. 1987 Ahonoora (GB) - For Going (IRE) by Balidar (IRE)13 - e
1990Time Gentlemen (GB) ch.c. 1988 Night Shift (USA) - Final Orders (USA) by Prince John (USA)22 - b
1991El Prado (IRE) gr.c. 1989 Sadler's Wells (USA) - Lady Capulet (USA) by Sir Ivor (USA)1 - l
1992Ivory Frontier (IRE) ch.c. 1990 Imperial Frontier (USA) - Ivory Home (IRE) by Home Guard (USA)13 - b
1993Polish Laughter (USA) b.c. 1991 Danzig Connection (USA) - Chuckle (USA) by Shecky Greene (USA)20 - a
1994Eva Luna (IRE) b.f. 1992 Double Schwartz (IRE) - Guess Again (ger) by Stradavinsky (IRE)14 - c
1995Flame of Athens (IRE) b.c. 1993 Royal Academy (USA) - Flame Of Tara (IRE) by Artaius (USA)2 - f
1996Daylight in Dubai (USA) ch.c. 1994 Twilight Agenda (USA) - Lady Godolphin (USA) by Son Ange (USA)21 - a
1997King of Kings (IRE) b. c. 1995 Sadler's Wells (USA) - Zummerudd (IRE) by Habitat (USA)7
1998Camargo (IRE) b.f. 1996 Brief Truce (USA) - You Make Me Real (USA) by Give Me Strength (USA)4 - i
1999Bernstein (USA) b.c. 1997 Storm Cat (USA) - La Affirmed (USA) by Affirmed (USA)1 - s
2000Honours List (IRE) b.c. 1998 Danehill (USA) - Gold Script (FR) by Script Ohio (USA)13 - a
2001Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) b. c. 1999 Danehill (USA) - Offshore Boom (IRE) by Be My Guest (USA)10-a
2002Hold That Tiger (USA) ch. c. 2000Storm Cat (USA) - Beware Of The Cat (USA) by Caveat (USA)8 - c
2003Antonius Pius (USA) b.c. 2001 Danzig (USA) - Catchascatchcan (GB) by Pursuit Of Love (GB)16 - b
2004Democratic Deficit (IRE) b.c. 2002 Soviet Star (USA) - Grandiose Idea (IRE) by Danehill (USA)9 - e
2005George Washington (IRE) b. c. 2003 Danehill (USA) - Bordighera (USA) by Alysheba (USA)5-g
2006Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) b. c. 2004Danehill (USA) - LĠon Vite (USA) by Secretariat (USA)4 - g
2007Lizard Island (USA) b.c. 2005 Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Add (USA) by Spectacular Bid (USA)5 - h
2008Mastercraftsman (IRE) ch.c. 2006 Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Starlight Dreams (USA) by Black Tie Affair (IRE)21 - a
2009Alfred Nobel (IRE) b.c. 2007 Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Glinting Desert (IRE) by Desert Prince (IRE)19 - b
2010Formosina (IRE) b.c. 2008 Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Scarlett Rose (GB) by Royal Applause (GB)4 - l
2011Lilbourne Lad (IRE) b.c. 2009 Acclamation (GB) - Sogno Verde (IRE) by Green Desert (USA)13 - c
2012Probably (IRE) b.c. 2010 Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Wedding Morn (IRE) by Sadler's Wells (USA)4 - n

1973 - 2002: Group III race; 2003 - Present Group II race

1851 - 1945: Called Railway Stakes
1946 - 1955: Called Railway Plate
1956 - Present: Called Railway Stakes

1851 - 1896: 6 furlongs
1897 - 1983: 6 furlongs-63 yards

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