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  Family B-24: Certe

This was a prolific and versatile family of flat racers, hurdlers, steeplechasers and winners of medals at hunter shows in Ireland and England. The taproot mare was by Sir Hercules, seen so frequently in half-bred families. Calcavella, by Burgundy, was probably bred by Richard Meredith of Salop; she produced three daughters useful in the breeding shed, all bred by Rice Meredith of Rathbride Manor, Co. Kildare. Her daughter Dagmar won the Kildare Hunt Cup at Puncestown at age six, and placed second in it at age eight. Her son Mickey won five steeplechases and a hurdle race; The Dane won two flat races for hunters, a hurdle race and a steeplechase; Duchess won a small steeplechase, and Castlenock, by the Solon son Philammon won nine races, including the Carlington Handicap, the Drayton Handicap, and the Croxteth Cup. Castlenock, a sixteen hand bay, was later a sire of good hunters, and won a silver medal at London in 1894. Dagmar's daughter Maia produced six winners of races on the flat and over fences, most bred by Rice Meredith: Master Joe by Grimston son Kineton won seven steeplechases, and Alvaston, by Primrose League, won three races and later was a stallion in Ireland.

Calcavella's daughter Cimeraire, bred by Meredith, dropped Georgina, by Roman Bee, who had been the best juvenile racehorse in Ireland and later a good sire of horses such as Soulouque, Cimaroon and Master Ned (Irish Derby). Georgina won a second in a small steeplechase at age five and then was retired to stud, producing eight winners, including: Rosenallis, winner of the 3 mile Brigade Cup and the Grand Military Steeplechase; Master George, a winner of eleven races; Xebee, winner of the Great Sandown Steeplechase and six other chases; and Sir George, winner of the Leopardstown Handicap, who later secured a silver medal and a first prize in the London shows of 1893 and 1894 and got a number of hunters and steeplechasers in Killarney. Georgina's daughter Ina won two flat races, three hurdle races and a steeplechase, and got winners over fences, including her daughter, Nesta. Another Georgina daughter, Corbally, bred by Meredith, won a steeplechase and received first prizes and a gold medal at various shows.

Another Calcavella daughter, Cimarhine, by Rapid Rhone, produced Queen Bee, by Roman Bee, whose son, Bill, won the Patriotic Stakes and five other races. Another Cimarhine daughter was Small Talk.

Notable Descendants

Chit Chat ch.g. 1893
(May Boy - Small Talk by Baldwin)
Chit Chat, bred by H.E. Linde, won the National Produce Stakes as a juvenile, and two other races on the flat. He went on to win three hurdle races and nine steeplechases in a twelve year career, including the Scottish Grand National. His sire, the half-bred May Boy (HB-1), won eleven races on the flat in Ireland and England, and the Auteuil Hurdle in France, and was later a popular and successful sire in Ireland before his export to Hungary.

Small Talk b.f. 1882
(Baldwin - Cimarhine by Rapid Rhone)
Bred by Rice Meredith, she was sold to Tommy Beasley, the eldest of five brothers who were steeplechase riders; he won the Grand National three times on different mounts, the Irish Derby three times, and the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris once. Small Talk ran unplaced as a four year old, but at age five won the four-mile Conyngham Cup, and three other steeplechases, and was placed second once. After that she was retired, and produced her first foal, Chatterbox, by the half-bred stallion Mayboy (HB-1), in 1888, for the noted trainer H.E. Linde of Eyrefield Lodge at the Curragh, for whom Beasley often rode. One of the early Linde-Beasley successes was Empress, winner of the 1880 Grand National. Chatterbox won four races, including the Baldoyle Derby, two Queen's Plates over 3 miles, and the Royal Whip over four miles, carrying 10 stone. Small Talk's daughter Prattle won four flat races, including the Purdysburn Stakes, and eight steeplechases; she was killed running in the Scottish Grand National. Small Talk's best son was Chit Chat. Her sire, Baldwin, was a son of Rataplan.

Descent Chart

Certe (f. 183-) by Sir Hercules
  Calcavella (f. c1855) by Burgundy
   Dagmar (ch.f. 1865) by Prizefighter
  | Mickey (b.c. 1875) by Roman Bee
  |  Maia (f. c1878) by Roman Bee
  |   Echidna (b.f. 1883) by Ascetic
  |   Favorina (ch.f. 1887) by Favo
  |   |  West Mersea (ch.f. 1899) by Childwick
  |   Master Joe (b.c. 1888) by Kineton
  |   Rainbow[Valentine] (ch.c. 1899) by Favo
  |   Sunshine (ch.c. 1892) by Conservator
  |   Alvaston (b.c. 1894) by Primrose League
  |   Mr. Brown (ch.c. 1896) by Bel Demonio
  |  Duchess (b.f. 1879) by Roman Bee
  | The Dane (ch.c. 1880) by Ben Battle
  |  Castlenock (b.c. 1884) by Philammon
   Cimeraire (f. c1866) by Rapid Rhone
  | Georgina (b.f. 1877) by Roman Bee
  |   Bowman (br.c. 1883) by Y. Toxophilite
  |   Rosenallis (b.c. 1884) by Favo
  |   Sir George (b.c. 1885) by Favo
  |   Ina (b.f. 1886) by Kingcraft
  |   | Nesta (br.f. 1899) by Veracity
  |   |  The Doctor IV (br.c. 1907) by Curable
  |   Derrylough (b.c. 1887) by Favo
  |   Master George (b.c. 1888) by Favo
  |   Athelstan (br.c. 1890) by Atheling
  |   Corbally (b.f. 1891) by Favo
  |   Xebee (b.c. 1892) by Torpedo
  |   Adel (b.f. 1893) by Atheling
   Cimarhine (f. 1867) by Rapid Rhone
    Queen Bee (f. 187-) by Roman Bee
    | Miss Bill (f. c1888) by Kineton
    | | Little Willie (b.c. 1898) by Mayboy
    | Bill (br.c. 1889) by Kineton
    Small Talk (b.f. 1882) by Baldwin
     Chatterbox (ch.c. 1888) by May Boy
     Prattle (ch.f. 1891) by May Boy
     Chit Chat (ch.c. 1893) by May Boy
     Whisper Low (b.f. 1895) by Primrose League
     Whisht (br.f. 1899) by Bushey Park

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