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  Family B-13: Judy Callaghan

This was primarily a family of flat racers in England. The taproot mare was Judy Callaghan, by Sir Hercules, who ran at age five, finishing third in two heats in the Pottery Stakes at Sandbach. She was in the stud of John Skerratt of Wheelock, Sandbach, Staffordshire, and produced thirteen live foals recorded by Prior, seven of which were winners, including Intrepid, a good stayer and later a sire of several winners. Most of them were by Accident, a son of Camel, who had been bred by Skerratt. With the exception of Madeline, by Orlando, her foals by other stallions were not of much use.

Judy Callaghan's daughter, Romance, won five of her nine races at age three (she ran unplaced in Sir Tatton Sykes' St. Leger), and at age five won the Grand Stand Plate, the Free Handicap, and the Bryn-y-Pys Handicap; she also won a race each year at ages six, seven, and eight. In the stud she produced Elastic John, who won a flat race and a steeplechase; Vivandiere, dam of Broxton, a winner of three steeplechases; and Heroine, dam of Oatcake, a winner that produced some winners.

Another Judy Callaghan daughter, Novelist, ran for E.S. Davenport at age three, winning four small races on the flat, and two hurdle races; sold to William Shirley, she won four races at age four, and three races at age five. In Shirley's stud she produced a series of colts, including Shropshire, a winner of seven races on the flat, and a steeplechase; Karslake, a steeplechase winner; Old Fashion, a winner on the flat and over fences, and Last of the Novelists, who won the Grand Annual Handicap and five other steeplechases.

Judy Callaghan's daughter Reality won one race between the ages of three and five, and placed third in the Liverpool Autumn Cup and two other races. Her daughter Meta won eleven races, including the Portland Plate, a £500 match, and three steeplechases. Another daughter, Maggie, won nine of her forty-three starts, including the Ayrshire Cup, in her four years on the turf. Maggie had eight winning youngsters, both on the flat and over fences.

Miss Judy Macan, Judy Callaghan's daughter of 1847, started once in the Foal Stakes at Warwick, and won it. Her daughter Briget Macguire, by Woolwich, won three races, and another daughter, Miss Skerratt won seven races and in the stud got a winner of steeplechases. Judy Callaghan's daughter Jewel produced East Lancashire to the cover of Rataplan. He won the Great Northern Handicap, the Lonesborough Cup, the Salford Borough Cup, and eleven other races, and was later a sire in Ireland.

Notable Descendants

Intrepid b.c. 1841
(Accident - Judy Callaghan by Sir Hercules)
Intrepid ran for his breeder, John Skerratt in distance races. He won thirteen of them, worth around £3,347, including the 1845 Chester Cup, the Shifnal Handicap, the Cheshire Stakes, the Newport Stakes, and the Wrexham Gold Cup. In the stud he got some winners. His sire, Accident (by Camel, from Miss Breeze, by Phantom), was also bred by Skerratt.

The Monk ch.c.. 1857
(Idle Boy - Madeline by Orlando)
The Monk, bred by B. Saxon, won eleven races, including Newmarket's October Handicap in 1861 and again in 1863, the Flying Dutchman's Handicap, and the St. Liz Handicap.

His sire, Idle Boy, bred in Ireland, was a useful son of Harkaway out of a Sir Hercules daughter, but his sire line petered out after a few generations. He stood at stud at Ashton Paddocks in Lancaster, and at Rawcliffe Paddocks in York. In 1856 he was 9th on the leading sires list. His dam, Madeline, by Orlando, placed third once at age three. She produced, in addition to The Monk, seven other winners: Monitress, winner of the Leamington Nursery and Leamington Stakes, and three other flat races, as well as three hurdle races; and Vortigern, winner of the Somersetshire Stakes, the Worcester Handicap, and four other races.

Descent Chart

 Judy Callaghan (b.f. 1835) by Sir Hercules
  Intrepid (b.c. 1841) by Accident
  Romance (br.f. 1843) by Accident
  |   Vivandiere (ch.f. 1858) by Rataplan
  |   | Broxton (ch.c. 1871) by Sunstroke
  |   Mare (f. 186-) by Barbarian
  |    Octavia (b.f. 1878) by Brown Bread
  |    Oatcake (bl.f. 1879) by Brown Bread
  Novelist (br.f. 1844) by Accident
  |   Shropshire (b.c. 1858) by Kohinoor
  |   Old Fashion [Nonpariel] (br.f. 1865) by Knight of Kars
  |   Last of the Novelists (b.c. 1866) by Glenalvon
  Reality (bl.f. 1845) by Accident
  |   Meta [Autumn rose] (br.f. 1855) by Flatcatcher
  |   Maggie (br.f. 1856) by Voltigeur
  |   | Caprera (b.c. 1865) by Carbineer
  |   | Number Nip (b.c. 1866) by Joey Jones
  |   | Flint Jack (b.c. 1869) by Joey Jones
  |   | Marion (br.f. 1870) by Kettledrum
  |   | Activity (br.f. 1872) by the Count
  |   | | Quick (gr.f. 1878) by Strathconan
  |   | |  Ronald McEagh (gr.c. 1890) by Child of the Mist
  |   | Helen Macgregor (br.f. 1878) by Macgregor
  |   | | Maid of Valetta (b.f. 1893) by Knight of Malta
  |   | | Rowanberry (b.c. 1894) by Crowberry
  |   | Two Skins (br.f. 1880) by Claremont
  |   |  Twincaster (f. 188-) by Muncaster
  |   |   The Reaper (b.c. 1895) by Bread Knife
  |   |   Lady Ormac (ch.f. 1899) by Ormac
  |   Eola [Gem] (br.f. 1861) by Wild Huntsman
  Miss Judy Macan (b.f. 1847) by Accident
  |   Miss Skerratt (b.f. 1864) by First Lord
  |    Master Skerratt (br.c. 1873) by Knight of Kars
  Jewel (b.f.1848) by Accident
  |   East Lancashire (ch.c. 1860) by Rataplan
  Madeline (b.f. 1849) by Orlando
     The Monk (ch.c. 1857) by Idle Boy
     Lady Superior (b.f. 1860) by Idle Boy
     |  Merry Monk (ch.c. 1868) by Defender
     Monitress (b.f. 1863) by Idle Boy
     Vortigern (b.c. 1865) by Lifeboat

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