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  Family B-2: Maggie Lauder

Like several other half-bred families, an early mare in this family -- Red Ribbons -- was listed in the General Stud Book (Volume VIII), and later expunged because her female line could not be traced. Red Ribbons was bred by G. Wilson in 1839; she was by the Velocipede son Valparaiso, sent after the 1839 breeding season to the U.S. Her dam was listed as Maggie Lauder, by Orville son Dinmont (1812), "...whom old Tom Dawson, the famous trainer at Middleham, said he remembered seeing run in Scotland." Dawson had owned Red Ribbons from 1857 until her death in 1859, having bred her daughter, Lincoln's Inn (1857), who was listed in Volume X of the GSB, but removed, along with her half-sister Gros de Naples in the second edition, because they were "believed to be half-bred."

The family included a number of good flat racers, and some jumpers, all descending from Full Cry, the 1854 daughter of Red Ribbons, by Sir Tatton Sykes, a "strong, useful-looking bay mare on short legs, but wide and roomy," purchased at a bloodstock sale at Reading in 1860-61 by Lord Feversham of Duncombe Park at Helmsley, Yorkshire. Her offspring, which included the colt Gone Away, a winner of the Thirsk Cup and two other races, were all bred at Duncombe Park, and Feversham also bred all the produce of her prolific daughter, Queen of Diamonds, a winner of four hunters' flat races, who continued the family line.

Queen of Diamonds, purportedly the only half-bred mare ever covered by the great stallion St. Simon (she came up barren), produced twelve foals, mostly to the cover of Lowlander and Galopin (sire of St. Simon), seven of them winners. Alice Maud, by Loiterer, won four races; Rough Diamond, by Lowlander won a small race, and his brother, Bransdale, won ten steeplechases, and sister, Queen of the Dale won nine races. Put to Galopin, she dropped Galloping Queen, a winner of eight races; Benvenuto, winner of the Epsom Grand Prize, worth £2,120, who was sent to South Africa around 1894 and later shipped to the U.S.; Queen of the Riding, a winner of one good race (see Hulcot, below); and the unraced Queen of Hearts (see King Crow, below).

Queen of the Dale won nine races, including the Great Lancashire Handicap, for Feversham in thirty-three starts over five seasons. At Duncombe Park she bred twelve foals, five of them winners. Her son Worsthorne, by Minting, won six races and later was a sire of hunters in Nottinghamshire; son Uncle Sol, by Florizel II, won three races and was later a hunter sire in Yorkshire; Cliviger, a brother to Worsthorne, won seven races, but died early at age six; Rievalux, by St. Angelo, won the Wynyard Plate and the Lowther Stakes and two other races. Her daughter Foxtones, by Galopin son Grafton, won six of her eight races, and placed in the Prince of Wales' nursery stakes. Foxstones was a broodmare in the Cranborne, Salisbury, stud of George Thursby and then at Sir John Thursby's Blink Bonny Stud in Malton, Yorkshire, where she produced five winners, including Blowing Stone (11 races); Slinkaway (2 races), Harestones (2 races), Mintstone (a winner in Italy), and Red Vixen, who won a race in England and then was purchased to South Africa where she won a number of races.

Queen of Diamond's daughter Galloping Queen won the Portland Plate at Doncaster, the Subscription Stakes and Harewood Handicap at age five, and six other races in her twenty-nine starts. She bred six winners for Leopold de Rothschild at Leighton Buzzards, Bucks. Son Cottesloe, by Crafton, won the Staffordshire Foal Plate; Gunilda won the Fitzwilliam Stakes and two other races; Quisisana won two races; Lador won a race worth £262 and after one season at stud in England was sold to Argentina as a stallion. Galloping Queen's daughter Gualala won one race and placed second in the Tathwell Plate in her five starts as a juvenile, and was sold to Belgium, where, for R. Visart de Bocarme, she produced two good flat race winners in Guatemala and Guadalguivir, and Guadeloupe, sent back to England, won two hurdle races. Galloping Queen's daughter Rubra, by Martagon, one won race in thirteen starts at ages two and three, and in the stud at Leighton Buzzard bred Rubicond, winner of the Wolverhampton Foal Plate.

Notable Descendants

King Crow
King Crow

Goldseeker b.c. 1923
(Picacero - Popinjay by Sand Apple)
Bred at Haras Ascot and raced by Condal Racing Stable, owned by Sr. Mitre, the owner of La Nacion, Goldseeker was one of the year's best three-year-olds in Argentina, other than the overwhelmingly great Macon. He won nine races that year, including the Polla de Potrillos (2000 guineas), the Clasico R. Chevalier, the Clasico General Luis Maria Campos, the Clasico Clausura, the Clasico Coronel M.F. Martinez, the Clasico Buenos Aires, the Clasico Benito Villaneuva, and the Clasico Rio Uruguay; he ran second to the champion Macon in the Gran Premio Carlos Pellegrini. In 1928 he won three races, the Clasico Pueyrredon, the Clasico A.A. Bullrich, and the Clasico General Belgrano. In all he had 13 wins in 21 starts, three seconds, and two thirds. He died in training. His sire, Picacero (1912, by Bridge of Canny), was a moderately successful sire in Haras Argentino, which was co-owned by Mitre, and was second on the leading sire's list in 1926, the year of Goldseeker's big successes. Additional information on this horse was provided by Victoria Duggan, Argentine Thoroughbred Gallery.

Hulcot ch.c. 1897
(Crafton - Queen of the Riding by Galopin)
Bred and owned by Leopold de Rothschild, he won the Brocklesby Stakes at Lincoln, and placed four times in his six races as a juvenile. At age three, he won the Great Cheshire Handicap at Chester and placed four times in his eight starts. He won again at age four,in the Queen's Prize at Kempton, and finished second in the Derby Cup Handicap, and at age five in five starts he won the Long Course Trial Plate at Newmarket. He ran once in a seller at Northampton when age six, and after that was retired from the turf.

His sire, Crafton, was a son of Kisber. His dam, bred by Lord Feversham at Duncombe Park near Helmsley, Yorkshire, won a nursery stakes at Newmarket in her eight starts at ages two and three. She bred fifteen foals; she was the dam of two winners over fences, including Castesegna, who ran thirty-five times across country, winning five hurdle races and three steeplechases, and later produced Rosa Mohr, a winner two small over fences, whose daughter, Wisdom, was a winner of many prizes as a youngster at hunter shows. Queen of the Riding bred some winners on the flat, in addition to Hulcot; these included Pom Pom, winner of the Houghton Stakes; Corso, a winner of one race; and Range, by Carbine, who won a race in England and a £500 race in South Africa, where she was sent in 1906. Two other Queen of the Riding's offspring went to South Africa and won there: Queen of the Mist, and Boarscroft. Her daughter, the unraced Queen of the Fishes, bred by Rothschild, bred some winners, including Whiting, winner of the Prince of Wales' Nursery, and Nereid, dam of winnners on the flat.

King Crow c. 1894
(Crowberry - Queen of Hearts by Galopin)
King Crow was a successful handicapper in England whose six wins, worth £3,773, included the Manchester Cup, the Great Northern Handicap, and Northumberland Plate. He was bred and owned by Robert de Grey Vyner, whose stud was located at Fairfield, York. Vyner also had owned Minting, Lambkin, Minthe and Hagioscope. King Crow was later a sire in Yorkshire, mostly of hunters. An unraced daughter of his, Fine Champagne, out of a thoroughbred mare, sold at the Doncaster sales for 25 guineas to Mrs. Hugh Peel; she became the dam of Poethlyn, winner of the wartime Grand National at Gatwick in 1918, and, a year later, the Grand National at Aintree.

King Crow's sire, Crowberry, who stood at Fairfield Stud, had been a good racehorse, second in the Derby and in the Grand Prix de Paris. King Crow's dam, Queen of Hearts, an unraced product of Lord Feversham's stud, bred sixteen foals for him, ten of which were winners. In addition to King Crow, her best were daughters Pousette, by the Hermit son, Mark, and Saucy Queen, by St. David or Worcester. Pousette, sold to Major W.H. Fife, won thirteen steeplechases in her thirty-nine cross country races, and in the stud got Meriell, a winner of three steeplechases. Saucy Queen won ten small races and placed frequently between the ages of two and eight. Her daughter Queen of the Netherlands won two races and ran third in the Great Northern Handicap; her unplaced daughter Laughing Crow produced a winner in Formamint. Another daughter, Veroscope, by Hagioscope, won the Liverpool St. Leger at age five, and several other races between the ages of two and five.

Descent Chart

Maggie Lauder (f) by Dinmont
  Red Ribbons (ch.f. 1839) by Valparaiso
    Gros de Naples (b.f. 1848) by William le Gros
    Full Cry (b.f. 1854) by Sir Tatton Sykes
    | Gone Away (chc. 1866) by Cape Flyaway
    | Queen of Diamonds (ch.f. 1868) by King of Trumps
    |  Alice Maud (ch.f. 1877) by Loiterer
    |  Rough Diamond (ch.c. 1880) by Lowlander
    |  Bransdale (ch.c. 1881) by Lowlander
    |  Queen of the Dale (ch.f. 1884) by Lowlander
    |  |  Cliviger (br.c. 1893) by Minting
    |  |  Worsthorne (b.c. 1894) by Minting
    |  |  Foxstones (b.f. 1895) by Grafton
    |  |  | Blowing Stone (ch.c. 1800) by Amphion
    |  |  | Stinkaway (ch.f. 1901) by Juggler
    |  |  | Red Vixen (ch.f. 1904) by St. Frusquin
    |  |  | | Flush of Dawn (ch.f. 1915) by Suneager
    |  |  | Mintstone (b.c. 1907) by Minting
    |  |  | Harestone (b.c. 1908) by Minting
    |  |  Uncle Sol (b.c. 1898) by Florizel II
    |  |  Rievaulx (b.c. 1902) by St. Angelo
    |  Queen of Hearts (br.f. 1885) by Galopin
    |  |  Poussette (b.f. 1889) by Mark
    |  |  | Merriell [Violette] (ch.f. 1903) by Royal Hampton
    |  |  Beaumarchais (b.c. 1891) by Beauclerc
    |  |  Stonebow (ch.f. 1893) by Crowberry
    |  |  | Beau Monde (br.c. 1908) by Desmond
    |  |  King Crow (c. 1894) by Crowberry
    |  |  Veroscope (ch.f. 1896) by Hagioscope
    |  |  Queen of the Netherlands (ch.f. 1897) by Queen's Birthday
    |  |  | Bower Bird (ch.f. 1903) by Crowberry
    |  |  | Laughing Crow (ch.f. 1904) by Crowberry
    |  |  |  Formamint (b.f. 1909) by Minting
    |  |  Isaura (bl.f. 1898) by Kilwarlin
    |  |  | Jeanne la Folle [Once Again] (b.f. 1906) by Sir Visto
    |  |  | Queen of the Rye (f. 1911) by Pericles
    |  |  |  Bank Holiday II (c. 1916)
    |  |  |  Blaenor (c. 1917)
    |  |  Queen of the Lassies (b.f. 1901) by Isinglass
    |  |  Saucery (ch.f. 1903) by Worcester
    |  |  Saucy Queen (ch.f. 1904) by St. David
    |  |  Valet de Coeur (b.c. 1905) by Tarporley
    |  Galloping Queen (b.f. 1886) by Galopin
    |  |  Cottesloe (ch.c. 1897) by Crafton
    |  |  Gunilda (b.f. 1899) by Ladas
    |  |  Gualala (b.f. 1900) by Sir Hugo
    |  |  | Guatemala (b.f. 1906) by Master of the Horse
    |  |  | Guadalguivir (f. 1907) by Handicapper
    |  |  Quisiana (b.f. 1901) by Lactantius
    |  |  Lador (b.c. 1902) by Ladas
    |  |  Rubra (b.f. 1905) by Martagon
    |  |   Rubicond (b.c. 1909) by Ugly
    |  Benvenuto (br.c. 1888) by Galopin
    |  Queen of the Riding (b.f. 1889) by Galopin
    |    Castesegna (b.f. 1894) by Morglay
    |    | Rosa Mohr (ch.f. 1904) by Carlton Grange
    |    |  Wisdom (br.f. 1913) by Be Very Wise
    |    Queen of the Fishes (b.f. 1895) by Brag
    |    | Mollusc (b.f. 1903) by Great Shot
    |    |  Rifleman (c. 1818) by St. Martin
    |    | Whiting (br.c. 1905) by Diakka
    |    | Queer Fish (br.c. 1909) by Matchmaker
    |    | Nereid (f. 1914) by Lycaon
    |    |  Tranquillete (b.c. 1921) by Mediator
    |    |  Peacemaker (b.f. 1923) by Mediator
    |    |  Rossmore's Pride (b.c. 1924) by Athlone
    |    Hulcot (ch.c. 1897) by Crafton
    |    Pom Pom (b.c. 1899) by Carbine
    |    Range (b.f. 1903) by Carbine
    |    Luminosa (b.f. 1904) by Ladas
    |    |  Flashlight II (b.f. 1910) by Wild Bramble
    |    |  | Flash (b.f. 1922) by Picacero
    |    |  |  Skylight (ch.f. 1931) by Serio
    |    |  |   Fly Folly (ch.f. 1937) by Flinty's Folly
    |    |  |    Rumbeador (b. 1943) by Bilbaino
    |    |  Pink Bramble (b.f. 1911) by Wild Bramble
    |    |  | Scorpion (b. 1923) by Picacero
    |    |  Spinaway (b.f. 1912) by Wild Bramble
    |    |  | Aga Khan (ch. 1922) by Picacero
    |    |  Popinjay (b.f. 1914) by Sand Apple
    |    |  | Goldseeker (b.c. 1923) by Picacero
    |    |  Volunteer (b. 1915) by Wild Bramble
    |    King at Arms (b.c. 1906) by Orme
    |    Queen of the Mist (br.f. 1907) by Grey Leg
    |    Corso (b.c. 1910) by Mauvezin
    Lincoln's Inn (ch.f. 1857) by Knight of Avenel

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