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1921 - Present
Compiled by Gianfranco Iodice
2400 meters (1 - 1/2 miles), for 3-year-olds and upwards at San Siro, Milan

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1921Priapob. c. 1918Signorino - Pry by Meddler4-f
1922Scopasb. c. 1919Sunstar - Spring Chicken by Gallinule4-k
1923Giovanna Dupréb. f. 1920Durbar - Giottina by Galeazzo 20-a
1924Stella d'Italiab. f. 1921Munibe - Sigma by Signorino2-w
1925Majorch. c. 1922Lally - Medana by Galeazzo 3-a
1926Giambolognab. c. 1921Prince Palatine - Giampietrina by Signorino 20-a
1927Cercingolich. c. 1923Burne Jones - Coté304 by Magellan19-c
1928Erbabr. f. 1925Havresac II - Ellera by Icy Wind9-h
1929Erbabr. f. 1925Havresac II - Ellera by Icy Wind9-h
1930Fantasiob. c. 1927Sagacità - La Fornarina by Lally 8-c
1931Ilariobr. c. 1928Androclus - Regina Romae by Wool Winder 1-m
1932Niccolò Pisanoch. c. 1929Galloper Light - Neroccia by Harry of Hereford 4-r
1933Ellob. c. 1930Havresac II - Ellera by Icy Wind 9-h
1934Ostiach. f. 1931Asterus - Olba by Kibwesi 16-c
1935Piladech. c. 1930Captain Cuttle - Piera by Wool Winder 1-j
1936Chiloneb. c. 1933Asterus - Kilted Kitty by Swynford14-c
1937Milazzoch. c. 1934Ortello - Misty Moon by Lemonora 1-m
1938Ursoneb. c. 1935Cavaliere d'Arpino - Duet by Great Sport 3-j
1939Lafcadioch. c. 1936Apelle - Luna Park by Allenby 22
1940Bellinib. c. 1937Cavaliere d'Arpino - Bella Minna by Bachelor's Double 2-d
1941Zuccarelloch. c. 1938Ortello - Flumigela by Michelangelo 2-c
1943Traùch. c. 1939Cavaliere d'Arpino - Talma by Papyrus 1-n
1944Ernoch. c. 1940Oleander - Enna by Ortello 9-h
1945Alleatach. f. 1941El Greco - Alena by Sagacity 7-f
1946Fanteb. c. 1942Nesiotes - Farnesiana by Michelangelo 2-c
1947Teneranib. c. 1944Bellini - Tofanella by Apelle 6-d
1948Astolfinach. f. 1945Niccolò dell'Arca - Aspertina by Ortello7-f
1949 Tie Grifoneb. c. 1943Vezzano - Ulrika Eleonora by Papyrus 3-j
1949 Tie Antonio Canale ch. c. 1946 Torbido - Acquaforte by Blenheim 4-f
1950Balestrinab. f. 1947Torbido - Balestriera by Solario 22-d
1951Daumierb. c. 1948Niccolò dell'Arca - Donatella by Mahmoud 14-c
1952Caran d'Achech. c. 1949Zliten - Circignana by Donatello 4-p
1953Normanb. c. 1948Norseman - Macreuse by Massine 1-l
1954Normanb. c. 1948Norseman - Macreuse by Massine 1-l
1955Ribotb. c. 1952Tenerani - Romanella by El Greco 4-l
1956Tissotb. c. 1953Tenerani - Tiepoletta by Niccolò dell'Arca 16-h
1957Ismonech. c. 1954Sky High - Indigofera by Navarro 1-l
1958Nagamich. c. 1955Nimbus - Jennifer by Hyperion 22-a
1959Sedanb. c. 1955Prince Bio - Staffa by Orsegnio 19-b
1960Rio Marinch. c. 1956Traghetto - Cira by Cranach 4-c
1961Molvedob. c. 1958Ribot - Maggiolina by Nakamuro 16-b
1962Mistib. c. 1958Medium - Mist by Tornado 7-d
1963Soltikoffb. c. 1959Prince Chevalier - Aglae Grace by Mousson 11-e
1964Veronesech. c. 1960Le Haar - Pointe Seche by Bozzetto 12
1965Atillach. c. 1961Alcide - Festoon by Fair Trial 1-w
1966 Marco Viscontich. c. 1962Antonio Canale - Magonza by Traghetto 4-j
1967Ruysdaelb. c. 1964Right Royal - Rossellina by Tenerani 4-l
1968Chicagob. c. 1964Fidalo - Grischuna by Ratification 4-l
1969Glaneuseb. f. 1966Snob - Glamour by Djebe 22-d
1970Bacucoch. c. 1964Rio Marin - Siora Margarita by Bozzetto 10
1971Weimarb. c. 1968Canisbay - Whopee by Anwar 16-h
1972Tierceronch. c. 1969Relko - Tadolina by Neckar 6-d
1973Sang Bleub. c. 1969 Right Royal - Royal Girl by Norseman 23-b
1974Authib. c. 1970Aureole - Virtuous by Above Suspicion 14-b
1975Laomedontech. c. 1972Raise a Native - Lost Message by Toulouse Lautrec 2-e
1976Infra Greench. f. 1972Laser Light - Greenback by Fric 3-c
1977Stateffch. c. 1974Pieces of Eight - Green Velvet by Epaulette 14-a
1978Stonech. c. 1975Moulton - Scala di Seta by Shantung 14-c
1979Scorpiob. c. 1976Sir Gaylord - Zambara by Mossborough 4-l
1980Pawimentb. c. 1974Mehari - Pytia by De Corte 13
1981Konigsstuhlb. c. 1976Dschingis Khan - Konigskronung by Tiepoletto 5-h
1982Friendswoodb. f. 1979Vaguely Noble - Summer Point by Summer Tan 14-a
1983Awaasifb. f. 1979Snow Knight - Royal Statute by Northern Dancer 22-b
1984Gold and Ivorybr. c. 1981Key to the Mint - Ivory Wand by Sir Ivor 13-c
1985St Hilarionb. c. 1982Sir Ivor - Fabulous Native by Le Fabuleux 10-a
1986Antheusb. c. 1982Northern Dancer - Apachee by Sir Gaylord 4-i
1987Tony Binb. c. 1983Kampala - Severn Bridge by Hornbeam19-b
1988Roakaradbr. c. 1985Akarad - Roncaglia by Molvedo 19-c
1989Assatisb. c. 1985 Topsider - Secret Assert by Graustark 1-s
1990Erdelistanbr. c. 1987Lashkari - Eunomia by Abdos 14
1991Passing Saleb. c. 1987No Pass No Sale - Reachout and Touch by Youth 3-e
1992Silvernesianb. c. 1989Alleged - Loot by Boldenesian 20
1993Misilro. c. 1988Miswaki - April Edge by The Axe 11-a
1994Landob. c. 1990Acatenango - Laurea by Sharpman 7-b
1995Court of Honourb. c. 1992Law Society - Captive Island by Northfields 10-c
1996Shantoub. f. 1993 Alleged - Shaima by Shareef Dancer 9-c
1997Caitanob. c. 1994Niniski - Eversince by Foolish Pleasure 14-f
1998Silver Patriarchgr. c. 1994Saddlers Hall - Early Rising by Grey Dawn 2-n
1999Sumatib. c. 1996Warning - Swell Time by Sadlers Wells9-f
2000Golden Snakech. c. 1996Danzig - Dubian by High Line 9-c
2001Kutubb. c. 1997In the Wings - Minnie Habit by Habitat 14-c
2002 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) b. c. 1999 Sadlers Wells - Urban Sea by Miswaki 9-h
2003 Ekraar (USA) b.c. 1997 Red Ransom (USA) - Sacahuista (USA) by Raja Baba (USA) 9-f
2004 Shirocco (GER) b.c. 2001 Monsun (GER) - So Sedulous (USA) by The Minstrel (CAN) 2-e
2005 Cherry Mix (FR) gr.c. 2001 Linamix (FR) - Cherry Moon (USA) by Quiet American (USA) 1-g
2006 Laverock (IRE) b.c. 2002 Octagonal (NZ) - Sky Song (IRE) by Sadler's Wells (USA) 1 - t
2007 Schiaparelli (GER) ch.c. 2003 Monsun (GER) - Sacarina (GB) by Old Vic (GB) 28
2008 No Race*
2009 Schiaparelli (GER) ch.c. 2003 Monsun (GER) - Sacarina (GB) by Old Vic (GB) 28
2010 Rainbow Peak b.g. 2006 Hernando (FR) - Celtic Fling (GB) by Lion Cavern (USA) 8 - c

Distance 1800 meters between 1921 and 1925.
Distance 2000 meters between 1926 and 1927.
Distance 2400 meters from 1928 to the present.

*No race due to strike

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