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Ksar d'Esprit

The big grey gelding Ksar d'Esprit, one of a number of top horses ridden by former Olympian Bill Steinkraus, helped the U.S. win the team silver medal in jumping at the Rome Olympics, but he was known world-wide as a Puissance specialist, winning such events as the Lonsdale Puissance Championship (London) in 1960. Here he is jumping the Rotterdam Puissance wall, set at just over seven feet. His grandsire, Coq Gaulois, won the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris in 1920; his damsire, Ksar, is seen in the pedigrees of winners of all the top steeplechase races through sons Tourbillon and Formor, and through many daughters.

Photo by Ary Groeneveld in Riding and Jumping(William Steinkraus. Doubleday & Company, New York, 1961). By permission of author.

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