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  Australian Jockey Club Oaks

1885 - Present
Compiled by Vicki Turner. Updated by Patricia Erigero
Run over 2400 metres* or 1 1/2 miles, for 3 year old fillies at Randwick, Sydney, New South Wales

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1885Uralla1882 b. f.Chester-Moonstone-Blair Athol11-b
1886Crossfire1883 br. f.Goldsbrough-Powder-Blinkhoolie7-a
1886Tamarisk1883 b. f.Chester-Guelder Rose-KingstonC10
1887Lava1884 br. f.Chester-Etna-MaribyrnongC8
1888Pearl Shell1885 br. f.Musket-Pearl Ash-Lord Clifden4-o
1889Spice1886 ch. f.Chester-Cinnamon-Goldsbrough3-j
1890Prelude1887 b. f.Martini Henry-Phillina-Bonnyfield3-h
1891Corvette1888 b. f.Martini Henry-Lady Vivian-Strathconan20-a
1892Trieste1889 br. f.Chester-Tempe-Somnus1-o
1893Bessie Macarthy1890 b. f.Ingomar-Florence Macarthy-Macaroni5-j
1894Acmena1891 b. f.Martini Henry-Acme-Chester13-b
1895-1921No Race
1922Vodka1918 b. f.Buckwheat-Lager-Maltster1-c
1923All Wheat1919 br. f.Buckwheat-Red Wheat-Maltster13-a
1924Valdoona1920 b. f. Valais-Padoona-St. Alwyne3-a
1925Meenah1921 ch. f.Bowman-Monarda-Birkenhead1-t
1926Valicare1922 b. f.Valais-Courante-Malster7-d
1927Persuasion1923 br. f.The Welkin-Flowery Speech-Cicero2-o
1928Justify1924 b. f.Archery-Taringamutu-Charlemagne II17-b
1929Loquacious1925 br. f.Magpie-Charleville-Charlemagne II10-d
1930Gay Ballerina1926 br. f.Lord Quex-Lady Ball-DemosthenesC19
1931Tantrum1927 br. f.Rosewing-Pomace-Polycrates5-h
1932Gallantic1928 b. f.Heroic-Esther-Santry16-d
1933Roman Spear1929 b. f.Spearhead-Royal Romance-Comedy King2-s
1934Leila Vale1930 ch. f.Heroic-Maltgilla-Malt King32
1935Limyris1931 br. f.Limond-Pomyris-Pommern3-l
1936Cereza1932 ch. f.Heroic-Rhea-Lomond14-b
1937Sal Volatile1933 br. f.Salmagundi-Voleuse-MagpieC21
1938Sweet Myra1934 ch. f.Buoyant Bachelor-Myra‚s Miss-Tippler7-f
1939Early Bird1935 b. f.The Buzzard-Early Girl-Seremond8
1940Climax1936 ch. f.Excitement-Miss Jean-Magpie18
1941Session1937 b. f.Marconigram-Manumit-Manna1-n
1942Whisper Low1938 br. f.Beau Pere-Aissa-Herbalist7-d
1943Flying Shuttle1939 br. f.Double Remove-Box On-Magpie10-d
1944Flight1940 b. f.Royal Step-Lambent-Tractor1-n
1945Ribbon1941 ch. f.Talking-Advance Australia-March Along5-a
1946Rose Bay1942 br. f.Le Grand Duc-Nahu-Baralong5
1947Sweet Chime1943 br. f.Le Grand Duc-Korimako-Magpie5-d
1948Jalna1944 ch. f.Dhoti-Gallantic-Heroic16-d
1949Persist1945 ch. f.Macarthur-Grail Girl-Burnewang13-b
1950Elusive1946 b. f.Brueghel-Questionable-Marconigram12-g
1951True Course1947 br. f.Midstream-Urunalong-Magpie2-d
1952Wayside Bloom1948 br. f.Wayside Inn-Sunbloom-Beau Pere1-i
1953Waterlady1949 ch. f.Midstream-Best Wishes-Agincourt2-g
1954Edelweiss1950 b. f.Cragsman-Bintali-Burhan Ali1-s
1955Sabah1951 ch. f.Empyrean-Rezan-The BuzzardC1
1956Evening Peal1952 br. f.Delville Wood-Mission Chimes-Le Grand Duc10-d
1957Sandara1953 ch. f.Sandastre-Aloof-Regular Bachelor13-b
1958Gay Satin1954 br. f.Rock and Rye-All Satin-Brueghel16-f
1959Chicola1955 ch. f.Empyrean-Libyan Lass-Caithness1-n
1960Pique1956 br. f.Summertime-Sweet Nymph-Neptune3-e
1961Wenona Girl1957 ch. f.Wilkes-Golden Chariot-Golden Sovereign5
1962Indian Summer1958 ch. f.Edmundo-Condenser-Al Wassat8-j
1963Arctic Star1959 b. f.Arctic Explorer-Sadiya-High Peak2-e
1964Jane Hero1960 ch. f.Persian Book-Golden Jane-Melhero4-l
1965Light Fingers1961 ch. f.Le Filou-Cuddlesome-Red Mars20-a
1966Dual Quest1962 br. f.Robber Prince-Dual Vista-Palm Vista28
1967Farmer‚s Daughter1963 br. f.Agricola-Geneve-Relic4-d
1968Lowland1964 br. f.Agricola-Impeccable-Sabaean22-b
1969Flying Fable1965 ch. f.Snark-Miss Pilot-Bold Buccaneer23-a
1970Gay Poss1966 ch. f.Le Filou-Sweet Time-Summertime8
1971Waikiki1967 gr. f.Sovereign Edition-Blue Breeze-Gabador4-b
1972Gossiper1968 b. f.Convamore-Panrita-Pan II3-d
1973Analie1969 b. f.Sovereign Edition-Nalei-Beau Diable20-c
1974Leilani1970 b. f.Oncidium-Lei-Summertime8-k
1975Sufficient1971 gr. f.Minor Portion-Jahanara-Byland11-f
1976How Now1972 b. f.In the Purple-Fair Diana-Faux TirageA10
1977Surround1973 gr. f.Sovereign Edition-Micheline-Le Filou4-d
1978Invade1974 b. f.Bold Minstrel-Miss Macbeth-Le Filou1-k
1979Valley of Georgia1975 br. f.Century-Sudi-Gala Performance6-e
1980Lowan Star1976 ch. f.Biscay-Ursula Lauderdale-Claude1-m
1981November Rain1977 br. f.Estaminet-Clystalla-Pia Star1-w
1982Sheraco1978 ch. f.Lord Dudley-Chellissa-Khalkis8-k
1983Starzaan1979 ch. f.Zamazaan-Bellota-Oakville20
1984La Souvronne1980 b. f.Sovereign Edition-La Couronne-Blakeney11-d
1985Our Sophia1981 b. f.Noble Bijou-Mellition-Mellay2-b
1986Just Now1982 gr. f.Semipalatinsk-Tautina-Lumley Road19-c
1987Bounding Away1983 gr. f.Biscay-Who Can Say-Sovereign Edition23-a
1988Savana City1984 b. f.New Regent-Lady O‚War-Jim French8-f
1989Research1985 b. f.Imperial Prince-Outing-Boucher2-r
1990Domino1986 b. f.Grosvenor-Tupelo Honey-Vice Regal2-b
1991Triscay1987 ch. f.Marscay-Tristram Lady-Sir Tristram16-b
1992My Brilliant Star1988 br. f.Copper Kingdom-Centida-Century2-e
1993Mahaya1989 ch. f.Sir Tristram-Concia-First Consul8
1994Alcove1990 ch. f.El Qahira-Brigette-Brigand14-a
1995Circles of Gold1991 ch. f.Marscay-Olympic Aim-Zamazaan22-b
1996Kenbelle1992 b. f.Kenmare-Gilt Kingdom-Tattenham3-o
1997Danendri1993 b. f.Danehill-Stormy Exchange-Storm Bird19
1998On Air1994 b. f.Mi Preferido-Kaoru Flight-Kaoru Star14-b
1999Grand Archway1995 ch. f.Archway-Mean Eyes-Al Ameen2-g
2000Coco Cobanna1996 b. f.Casual Lies-Cobanna-Star Way11
2001Rose Archway1997 ch. f.Archway-Nazaan-Zamazaan1-n
2002 Republic Lass b/br.f. 1998 Canny Lad - Swift Seasons (USA) by Cox's Ridge (USA) A - 4
2003 Sunday Joy b.f. 1999 Sunday Silence (USA) - Joie Denise by Danehill (USA) 16 - c
2004 Wild Iris b.f. 2000 Spectrum (IRE) - Wild Violet by Archregent (CAN) 2 - d
2005 Dizelle b.f. 2001 Zabeel (NZ) - Danelagh by Danehill (USA) 10
2006 Serenade Rose b.f. 2002 Stravinsky(USA) - Rose of Tralee by Sadlers Wells (USA) 19 - b
2007 Rena's Lady br.f. 2003 Arena (AUS) - Boisterous Lady (AUS) by Rivotious (USA) 7 - d
2008 Heavenly Glow ch.f. 2004 Spinning World (USA) - Starsphere (AUS) by Celestial Bounty (IRE) 5
2009 Daffodil (NZ) b.f. 2005 No Excuse Needed (GB) - Spring (NZ) by Oreilly (NZ) 11 - d
2010 Once Were Wild (AUS) dkb/br.f. 2006 Johannesburg (USA) - Wildesong (AUS) by Unbridled's Song (USA) 1 - n
2011 Absolutely (AUS) dkb/br.f. 2007 Redoute's Choice (AUS) - Catshaan (AUS) by Catrail (USA) 14
2012 Streama (AUS) b.f. 2008 Stratum (AUS) - Pensiama (AUS) by Sovereign Red (NZ) 21 - a

AJC Oaks History

Known as the AJC Oaks 1885-1894, AJC Adrian Knox 12F Stakes 1922-1959, AJC Adrian Knox Oaks Stakes 1960-1962, AJC Oaks 1963-1994, AJC Australian Oaks 1995-2001.
Run over 12 furlongs 1885-1894, 8 furlongs 1922-1945,10 furlongs 1946-1955, 12 furlongs 1956-1972, 2400 metres 1973 to the present day.
Group 1 status has been allocated since adoption of that ranking system in 1980.
No AJC Oaks, or equivalent race, was run between 1895 and 1921.

NSB-- "Non Stud Book" ("NTB" in Australian Stud Book) female lines not admitted into the Australian Stud Book because the pedigrees of the foundation mares were lost or otherwise unprovable. Herbert Wanklyn and A.F. Howarth compiled a list of such families in 1949, as did Douglas Barrie in the 1950s. These are different from the so-called Colonial families only in that they were not deliniated in the Bobinski and subsequent Shirai family tables.

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