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  Grave Matters: Hanover Shoe Farm, Hanover, Pennsylvania

Photos by Liz Martiniak. ©Liz Martiniak 2002; all rights reserved.

Rosalind's grave
Tar Heel's grave
Titan Hanover's grave
Star's Pride's grave
Billy Direct's grave

Top left to right: Rosalind, Tar Heel, Titan Hanover graves
Bottom Row, left to right: Star's Pride, Billy Direct

HANOVER SHOE FARMS near Hanover, Pennsylvania was founded in the 1920s by Lawrence Sheppard, who at the time was making a comfortable fortune as the head of the Hanover Shoe Company. The farm has bred, and continues to breed some of the nation's greatest harness racers. Located across the road from the farm's main entrance, is a little plot of land where some of the breed's most noted stallions and broodmares are buried. They include: STAR'S PRIDE, Kentucky Futurity champion and sire of eight Hambletonian winners and ten winners of the Kentucky Futurity; TAR HEEL, Little Brown Jug champion and leading pacing sire; BILLY DIRECT, World Champion pacer; SUPER BOWL, winner of the Trotting Triple Crown in 1972, the last horse to date to do so, and a leading sire; ALBATROSS, champion pacing colt and leading sire; ROSALIND, Hambletonian and Kentucky Futurity-winning filly of 1936; and BRENNA HANOVER, the dam of multiple champion pacer Bret Hanover and his champion full sister Bonjour Hanover. Also here are: Trotting Triple Crown winner AYRES and his dam ARPEGE; GUY McKINNEY, winner of the first Hambletonian in 1926; MR. McECELWYN, Kentucky Futurity winner; HANOVER'S BERTHA, winner of the Kentucky Futurity; World Champion trotting stallion TITAN HANOVER and his second dam JUSTISSIMA; international champion trotting mare ELMA, and HOOT MON, Hambletonian and Kentucky Futurity champion. PETER MANNING, the gelded speedster of the teens who set his record of 1:56 3/4 in 1921, is also laid to rest here. -- L.M.

Albatross (c. 1968-1998)
Armbro Nesbit (1970-1977)
Arpege (f. 1955-1979)
Ayres (c. 1961-1990)
Barbara Direct (f. 1947-1975)
Barbet Hanover (1958-1983)
Beryl Hanover (1947-1973)
Billy Direct (c. 1934-1947)
Brenda Hanover (f. 1938-1965)
Brenna Hanover (f. 1956-1974)
Brief Romance (1961-1992)
Bullet Hanover (1957-1982)
Cassin Hanover (1954-1979)
Columbia Hanover (1952-1975)
Crysta Hanover (f. 1971-1993)
Dean Hanover (c. 1934-1960)
Descent (1975-1996)
Delicious (1960-1984)
Dillon Axworthy (c. 1910-1939)
Elma (f. 1960-1991)
Exclusive Way (1972-1993)
Flicka Frost (1954-1980)
Goddess Hanover (f. 1943-1969)
Guy McKinney (c. 1923-1944)
Hanover's Bertha (f. 1927-1944)
Helen Hanover (f. 1927-1947)
Hickory Smoke (c. 1954-1981)
Hollidee Hanover (1983-1996)
Hoot Mon (c. 1944-1965)
JD's Bret (1973-1998)
Joan Genessee (f. 1954-1976)
Justissima (f. 1915-1940)
Knight Dream (1945-1977)
Ladykin Hanover (f. 1974-1997)
Laurita Hanover (f. 1959-1982)
Lucy Hanover (f. 1967-1998)
Miss Bertha Hanover (f. 1926-1945)
Miss Laura (f. 1952-1976)
Mr. McElwyn (c. 1921-1944)
Nibble Hanover (1936-1968)
Noble Gal (f. 1968-1992)
Peter Manning (g.)
Ritzy Hanover (1959-1982)
Romola Hanover (1957-1979)
Rosalind (f. 1933-1950),
Rose Scott (f. 1918-1940)
Sampson Hanover (c. 1947-1972)
Spencer Scott (c. 1937-1947)
Spry Hanover (1964-1989)
Star's Pride (c. 1947-1977)
Super Bowl (c. 1969-2000)
Tar Heel (c. 1948-1982)
The Old Maid (f. 1945-1965)
Titan Hanover (c. 1942-1966)
Tyler B (1977-1990)
Volga E (1913-1940)
Wendy Hanover (f. 1966-1998)

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