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1936 - Present
There were no championships awarded in any official manner until 1936, when Triangle Publications (publishers of Daily Racing Form and Morning Telegraph) conducted a poll of its staff, and Turf and Sports Digest conducted a poll from selected sports journalists. In 1950, these were joined by the votes of racing secretaries across the country, from tracks that were members of the Thoroughbred Racing Association. In 1954, the Thoroughbred Record instituted a scoring system based on points for stakes wins. In 1971, the Eclipse Awards were introduced, voted on by members of the National Turf Writers Association, as well as racing secretaries and some Daily Racing Form and Equibase staff. In 2007 the division was split in two by gender.

Twentieth Century
Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1936 Myrtlewood (4) b.f. 1932Blue Larkspur - *Frizeur (FR) by Sweeper II13-c
1947 Polynesian (5) br.c. 1942Unbreakable - Black Polly by *Polymelian (GB)14-a
1948 Coaltown (3) b.c. 1945Bull Lea - Easy Lass by *Blenheim II (GB)7-e
1949 Delegate (5) ch.g. 1944Maeda - Brides Veil by *Polymelian8-c
" Royal Governor (5)ch.g. 1944Pilate - Feathers by John P. Grier12-b
1950 Sheilas Reward (3)b.c. 1947Reaping Reward - Smart Sheila by Jamestown12-b
1951 Sheilas Reward (4)b.c. 1947Reaping Reward - Smart Sheila by Jamestown12-b
1952 Tea-Maker (9) dkb.g. 1943Only One - Tea Leaves by *Pharamond II (GB)9b
1953 Tom Fool (4)b.c. 1949Menow - Gaga by *Bull Dog (FR)3-j
1954 White Skies (5)ch.c. 1949Sun Again - Milk Dipper by Milkman1-o
1955 Berseem (5) dkb.c. 1950*Bernborough (AUS) - Little Priss by Sweep All8-f
1956 Decathlon (3) b.c. 1953Olympia - Dog Blessed by *Bull Dog (FR)21-a
1957 Decathlon (4) b.c. 1953Olympia - Dog Blessed by *Bull Dog (FR)21-a
1958 Bold Ruler (4)dkb.c.1954*Nasrullah (GB) - Miss Disco by Discovery8-d
1959 Intentionally (3) blk.c. 1956Intent - My Recipe by Discovery5-j
1965 Affectionately (5) dkb.f. 1960Swaps - Searching by War Admiral1-s
1966 Impressive (3) dkb/br.c. 1963*Court Martial (GB) - High Voltage by *Ambiorix (FR)8-c
1967 Dr. Fager (3)b.c. 1964Rough'n Tumble - Aspidistra by Better Self1-r
1968 Dr. Fager (4)b.c. .1964Rough'n Tumble - Aspidistra by Better Self1-r
1969 Ta Wee (3)dkb/br.f. 1966Intentionally - Aspidistra by Better Self1-r
1970 Ta Wee (4)dkb/br.f. 1966Intentionally - Aspidistra by Better Self1-r
1971 Ack Ack (5)b.c. 1966Battle Joined - Fast Turn by *Turn-to9-h
1972 Chou Croute (4)b.f. 1968Lt. Stevens - Witherite by Ky. Colonel2-d
1973 Shecky Greene (3)b.c. 1970*Noholme II (AUS) - Lester's Pride by Model Cadet13-c
1974 Forego (4) b.g. 1970*Forli (ARG) - Lady Golconda by Hasty Road9-f
1975 Gallant Bob (3)dkb/br.g. 1972Gallant Romeo - Wisp O'Will by New Policy2-p
1976 My Juliet (4)dkb/br.f. 1972Gallant Romeo - My Bupers by Bupers6-a
1977 What A Summer (4)gr.f. 1973What Luck - Summer Classic by Summer Tan17-b
1978 Dr. Patches (4)ch.c. 1974Dr. Fager - Expectancy by Intentionally16-a
" J. O. Tobin (4)dkb/br.c. 1974Never Bend - Hill Shade by Hillary3-m
1979 Star de Naskra (4)dkb/br.c. 1975Naskra - Candle Star by Clandestine10-b
1980 Plugged Nickle (3)b.c. 1977Key to the Mint - Toll Booth by Buckpasser3-l
1981 Guilty Conscience (5)b.c. 1976Court Ruling - Gracefully by *Gallant Man (GB)1-c
1982 Gold Beauty (3)b.f. 1979Mr. Prospector - Stick to Beauty by Illustrious1-g
1983 Chinook Pass (4)dkb/br.g. 1979Native Born - Yu Turn by *Turn-to (GB)2-h
1984 Eillo (4) ch.c. 1980Mr. Prospector - Barbs Dancer by Northern Dancer12-b
1985 Precisionist (4) ch.c. 1981Crozier - Excellently by *Forli (ARG)11-g
1986 Smile (4) dkb/br.c. 1982In Reality - Sunny Smile by Boldnesian8-a
1987 Groovy (4) ch.c. 1983Norcliffe - Tinnitus by Restless Wind6-a
1988 Gulch (4) b.c. 1984Mr. Prospector - Jameela by RambunctiousA4
1989 Safely Kept (3)b.f. 1986Horatius - Safely Home by Winning Hit4-m
1990 Housebuster (3) dkb/br.c. 1987Mt. Livermore - Big Deams by Great Above13
1991 Housebuster (4) dkb/br.c. 1987Mt. Livermore - Big Dreams by Great Above13
1992 Rubiano (5) gr/ro.c. 1987Fappiano - Ruby Slippers by Nijinsky II3-o
1993 Cardmania (7) dkb/br.g. 1986Cox's Ridge - L'Orangerie by J. O. Tobin1-w
1994 Cherokee Run (4)dkb/br.c. 1990Runaway Groom - Cherokee Dame by Silver Saber21
1995 Not Surprising (5)ch.g. 1990Medieval Man - Tenderly Calling by Always Gallant1-n
1996 Lit de Justice (6)gr/ro.c. 1990El Gran Senor - Kanmary (FR) by Kenmare (FR)9-f
1997 Smoke Glacken (3)gr/ro.c. 1994 Two Punch - Majesty's Crown by Magesterial1-n
1998 Reraise (3) b.g. 1995Danzatore - Get Us to Paris by Policeman (FR)22-b
1999 Artax (4) dkb/br.c. 1995Marquetry - Raging Apalachee by Apalachee14-a

Twenty-first Century
Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
2000 Kona Gold (6)b.g. 1994Java Gold - Double Sunrise by Slew o' Gold5-f
2001 Squirtle Squirt (3)dkb/br.c. 1998Marquetry - Lost the Code by Lost Code9-h
2002 Orientate (4) dkb/br.c. 1998Mt. Livermore - Dream Team by Cox's Ridge16 - g
2003 Aldebaran (5) b.c. 1998Mr. Prospector - Chimes of Freedom by Private Account8 - f
2004 Speightstown (6) ch.c. 1998Gone West - Silken Cat by Storm Cat9-b
2005 Lost in the Fog (3) dkb/br.c. 2002Lost Soldier - Cloud Break by Dr. Carter19 - b
2006 Thor's Echo (4) ch.g. 2002Swiss Yodeler - Helen of Troy ob Mr. Integrity 1 - i

Twenty-first Century: Champion Male Sprinter
Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
2007 Midnight Lute (4) (USA)dkb/b.c. 2003Real Quiet (USA) - Candytuft (USA) by Dehere (USA)3 - j
2008 Benny the Bull (5) (USA)dkb/br.c. 2003Lucky Lionel (USA) - Comet Cat (USA) by Birdonthewire (USA)16 - a

Twenty-first Century: Champion Female Sprinter
Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
2007 Maryfield (6) (CAN)b.f. 2001Elusive Quality (USA) - Sly Maid (USA) by Desert Wine (USA)22 - d
2008 Indian Blessing (3) (USA) dkb/br.f. 2005 Indian Charlie (USA) - Shameful (USA) by Flying Chevron (USA) 2 - b

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